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Review - Walls Of Jericho - The American Dream

Walls Of Jericho - The American Dream

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7 out of 10

Motor City, the murder capital of America, home of Axel Foley. Detroit is well known for quite a few things. For most people in the metal/hardcore underground/scene etc then it's the home ground of Walls Of Jericho. A band that has been gradually building up their fan base for years, through an endless touring schedule and constantly releasing albums. In fact they have seen more than enough trends come and go and stuck to their guns through the musical climate.

"The American Dream" is the latest addition to their musical catalogue, and if you're familiar with WOJ then you will know what to expect already. In no way deviating from their tried and tested musical path but still managing to write music that doesn’t sound derivative or like it's going through the motions. And there is WOJ’s skill; taking the highly confined metalcore sound and keeping it sounding vital.

Opener "The New Ministry" explodes out of a melodic intro and sets up the rest of the album in pretty obvious style, but then they know how to write a quality breakdown and "II The Prey" follows on with this in mind. Breaking down into a chugging monster of a riff that will obviously destroy live. The album follows this musical route, switching between breakdown, up-tempo riffing and double bass back and forth until the albums surprising conclusion with "The Slaughter Begins", a piano and acoustic ballad of sorts showcasing the softer voice of Candace.

All in all it's WOJ with some new songs. But then that’s a lot better than most bands these days isn’t it. A solid and heavy effort.


1. The New Ministry
2. II The prey
3. The American Dream
4. Feeding Frenzy
5. I The Hunter
6. Famous Last Words
7. A Long Walk Home
8. III Shock Of The Century
9. Discovery Of Jones
10. Standing On Paper Stilts
11. Night Of A Thousand Torches
12. The Slaughter Begins

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