Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Review - Severe Zero - Dead Air

Severe Zero - Dead Air

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9 out of 10

First of all - let's have a quick think about that name guys. Severe Zero? Surely, zero is absolute and therefore cannot be severe or anything else. perhaps I have too much time on my hands, but hey, I am on holiday after all. Sounding musically not dissimilar to the mighty Queens of the Stone Age, I have a lot of time for Severe Zero, despite the name. Dead Air features a no end of quirky radio fodder that really showcase the lively nature of the band who also remind me a little of early Feeder. Top track on the album is clearly "The Power It Gives" which unleashes a rifftastic assault the ears that I am happy to repeat time and time again. In fact, the more I listen to the whole album the more I think it is simply great, and despite the fact my mate reckons they are not that good looking, they sure as hell know how to play.

More Severe Zero please.


1. Weapons Grade
2. Global Disaster
3. Lack Of Trust
4. Falls Away
5. Hostile Takeover
6. Between Two Fires
7. Silence On The Radio
8. Finding Fragments
9. The Power It Gives
10. End Of The Way Forward
11. Reclaimer
12. Cash On Delivery

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