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Review - The James Cleaver Quintet - Ten Stages Of A Make Up

The James Cleaver Quintet - Ten Stages Of A Make Up

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8 out of 10

The hard-touring, hard-playing, own nose-breaking James Cleaver Quintet (who are actually a quartet) might be keeping up the old school punk tradition of the cool stage name, but their explosive, experimental hardcore sounds anything but dated. 'Ten Stages Of Make Up', released by On Dry Land (the all-encompassing DIY operation of Sam and Kirk, member and manager of Blakfish respectively), combine some of the most ferocious moments in the current wave of British hardcore with some its catchiest moments. Even on the most feedback-ridden sections there's something catchy to hang on to for those put off by the velocity and volume.

'Throne To The Lions' grinds shredded and shattered funk riffs into rapifire, tangled hardcore but almost pristine vocal harmonies break through the melee. 'The Shame' is The JCQ's poppiest song here, with about four choruses, but they still swap the 'quiet' half of the tried and tested quiet/loud dynamic for 'more loud'.

It's not easy listening by any stretch, though. 'I Do, You Do, We Do Voodoo' is a groovy missing link between lo-fi garage rock and grindcore, and while the clattering 'Pinks And Blues' can be traced back to Gallows and the like, the garage oddness and the sauciness is ramped up. The straight-up 'TNT' has fewer oddities than previous tracks, but 'Coming Of Age ' more than makes up for it. Electronic samples bubble up into sinister space rock, which then morphs into a blast of dark hardcore, augmented with fiery black metal growls and fuzzy music hall fadeout. If the songs here are the first six stages of a make up, we should definitely look forward to other four.


1. I Do, You Do, We Do Voodoo
2. Throne To The Lines
3. Pinks And Blues
4. The Shame
5. TNT
6. Coming Of Age

Review - Aspen Sails - Maud

Aspen Sails - Maud

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7 out of 10

As Aspen Sails, Cheltenham-based duo Charles Johns and Bertie Telezynski have been collecting good vibes from the tiniest webzines to 6Music and Xfm, with their melodious modern folk - with clever finger picking in the style of light-of-touch cult indie legends Owls and American Football on the side.

The gentle acoustic riffs and harmonies that wind together on 'So Pretty' and 'Comfort' are nowhere near as wimpy as two folk singers singing about pretty girls could be. They have an edge much like the Sons Of Noel & Adrian, Laura Marling or My First Tooth, with harmonies occasionally becoming punky chants. 'Forest', while not without hints to pastoral trad folk, is driven by an angsty riff and a story about "shakin' my bones and breakin' my bones till my girl gets come".

While 'Withering' is aptly titled and the most forgettable song here, the closing 'Mourning Cloak', despite its sober title is ultimately uplifting and full of warmth. It's easy to submerge into the "I'm not alone" refrain, lush harmonies and twinkling guitars as, not for the first time, Johns and Telezynski combine their melodies and voices to stirring effect.


1. So Pretty
2. Forest
3. Withering
4. Comfort
5. Mourning Cloak

News - From First To Last - Cashing Out

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From First To Last have added a new song called "Cashing Out" to their MySpace page.

News - Places and Numbers EP Download

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You can download Places and Numbers’ new EP "Wake The Dead" at a price of your choice here:

Review - David Bowie - David Bowie (Deluxe Edition)

David Bowie - David Bowie (Deluxe Edition)

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8 out of 10

Hardcore Bowie-philes will be overjoyed to hear the mono and stereo versions of the Dame's 1967 debut album, here packaged with contemporaneous singles and unreleased goodies. The rest of us, if we're interested at all, may only register its existence if we happen upon an old copy of Mojo magazine at the dentist's in a few months' time and then only because the review will contain a sarcastic mention of The Laughing Gnome. It's the hardcore who'll be laughing, though, as this oh-yeah-another-desperate-cash-in release contains many a golden moment and more than a couple of genuinely beautiful tracks; There Is A Happy Land, for instance, with its deceptively easy-listening accompaniment to Bowie as a heart-rending gatekeeper, standing between children and adulthood ('Mother calls and we don't hear / there's lots more things to do. . .'). When I'm Five occupies a similar space, wherein he sings of going to school and marrying his Mum (little kids say things like that in all their innocence - these days such a song would probably have the singer on the sex offenders register).

In these days of X-Factory clones and I-love-you, you-love-me, look-at-my-tits lyrical tedium, it takes a 30 year-old album written and arranged by a nineteen year-old with the help of the Observer Book of Music to remind us of the true artistry, graft and craft of song writing and the genuinely uplifting beauty it creates. And it's possibly the only album to list amongst its influences both Anthony Newley and Pink Floyd. Discarding it as a Vaudevillian aberration would be a tragedy.


Disc 1
1. Uncle Arthur
2. Sell Me A Coat
3. Rubber Band
4. Love You Till Tuesday
5. There Is A Happy Land
6. We Are Hungry Men
7. When I Live My Dream
8. Little Bombardier
9. Silly Boy Blue
10. Come And Buy My Toys
11. Join The Gang
12. She’s Got Medals
13. Maid Of Bond Street
14. Please Mr. Gravedigger
15. Uncle Arthur (Mono)
16. Sell Me A Coat (Mono)
17. Rubber Band (Mono)
18. Love You Till Tuesday (Mono)
19. There Is A Happy Land (Mono)
20. We Are Hungry Men (Mono)
21. When I Live My Dream (Mono)
22. Little Bombardier (Mono)
23. Silly Boy Blue (Mono)
24. Come And Buy My Toys (Mono)
25. Join The Gang (Mono)
26. She’s Got Medals (Mono)
27. Maid Of Bond Street (Mono)
28. Please Mr. Gravedigger (Mono)
Disc 2

1. Rubber Band (Single Version)
2. The London Boys
3. The Laughing Gnome
4. The Gospel According To Tony Day (Mono)
5. Love You Till Tuesday (Single Version)
6. Did You Ever Have A Dream
7. When I Live My Dream (Single Version - Mono)
8. Let Me Sleep Beside You
9. Karma Man
10. London, Bye, Ta Ta
11. In The Heat Of The Morning
12. The Laughing Gnome (Single Version - 2010 Stereo Mix)
13. The Gospel According To Tony Day (Single Version - 2010 Stereo Mix)
14. Did You Ever Have A Dream (Single Version - 2010 Stereo Mix)
15. Let Me Sleep Beside You
16. Karma Man (Stereo Mix)
17. In The Heat Of The Morning (Stereo Mix)
18. When I’m Five
19. Ching-A-Ling
20. Sell Me A Coat (Remix - Mono)
21. Love You Till Tuesday (BBC "Top Gear" 18/12/67 Mono)
22. When I Live My Dream (BBC "Top Gear" 18/12/67 Mono)
23. Little Bombardier (BBC "Top Gear" 18/12/67 Mono)
24. Silly Boy Blue (BBC "Top Gear" 18/12/67 Mono)
25. In The Heat Of The Morning (BBC "Top Gear" 18/12/67 Mono)

Friday, 29 January 2010

News - Oh Me! Oh My! It’s Boys With X-Ray Eyes!

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Boys With X-Ray Eyes will release their EP "Oh My! How We Terrify" on the 22nd of March.

Track Listing:

1. Hot Rod
2. Electro The Human Lightning Bolt
3. The Great Thunder
4. The Weatherman
5. Sickest Bar In Town
6. Oh My! How We Terrify

News - Brigade Have Fun In The April Showers

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Brigade have the following shows coming up:


News - Threshold Cover Supermassive Black Hole

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Threshold will release a new digital single on the 1st of February, it will be a cover of the Muse track "Supermassive Black Hole".

Commented Richard West: ""Supermassive Black Hole" was such a huge hit for MUSE, it’s become a modern classic and it’s still in the top ten of the UK rock charts after 150 weeks..! I hope MUSE enjoy THRESHOLD’s reworking of their song, we’ve stayed fairly true to the original but with some added THRESHOLD heaviness."

News - Artist Vs Poet: Pre-Order Favorite Fix Today

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Submitted: "Artist Vs Poet is excited to announce their upcoming album Favorite Fix is now available for pre-order. There are a total of 4 unique pre-order packages including exclusive t-shirts, posters, bracelets and more! Each pre-order package also includes a free instant download of their newly released song, Car Crash. Check out all the pre-order packages here (

If you’d like to get a taste of their upcoming album, check out their newly released songs "Car Crash" and "Damn Rough Night" on their MySpace."

News - Their Called Broken Links, We Don’t HAVE Broken Links

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Broken Links play the following live dates:

Jan 29th - The Railway Inn, Winchester
March 27th - The Bitter End, Romford
April 3rd - 10th - German tour

April 24th - The Joiners, Southampton (EP launch)
May 8th - Blue Cat Cafe, Stockport
May 10th - The Cavendish Arms, London
May 29th - Soul Cellar, Southampton
Nov 28th - The Brook, Southampton

News - A Message From Circa Survive

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Submitted: "A Message From Circa Survive:

greetings all,

over the past week or so we’ve been going through the mixing process for our new album and things are sounding amazing. (we’ll talk more about that soon) in other news we’ve been rehearsing everyday and with that said are so excited to announce our first shows of 2010. in addition to what’s already familiar we’ll be playing a few new songs, so this should be a blast...can’t wait to dance and sing with all of you, its been far too long.

join us.


Thursday, 28 January 2010

Review - Billy Wallace - The Road Spit Me Out

Billy Wallace - The Road Spit Me Out

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10 out of 10

Usually when I put off reviewing an album for ages it’s for one of two reasons. Either I’m really busy and I’m not finding time to review anything, or I don’t think I’m going to like it and I don’t want to have to listen to it. The Road Spit Me Out by Billy Wallace falls into neither of these categories. I’ve been putting off reviewing it because I just can’t stop listening to it, and I don’t want to lose the excuse I have to do so.

On first listen it’s good. Certainly good enough to make me want to listen to it again. On the hundredth odd listen it’s evolved into something truly wonderful. Band members going solo seems to be all the rage at the minute, and it’s sad to say that not all of them manage to transpose their writing talents onto the solo stage - the ever more wonderful Chuck Ragan being one notable exception. I have to admit I’ve not heard Billy’s old band (The Wading Girl) before, though I want to now, but this album more than stands as a future classic in its own right.

Billy plays southern country blues with just a hint of jazz, ranging from maudlin ballads to rambunctious sing-alongs, recorded in a variety of basements and bedrooms across Virginia and Ohio. It’s rough and ready and raw and frankly it’s bloody wonderful. It’s only improved by the long list of friends Billy has to help him out, playing a range of instruments from a trombone and flugelhorn to a mandolin and viola, by way of the trusty old guitar and banjo. It reminds me a bit of some of the R Crumb songs from the American Splendor soundtrack, if that means anything to anyone... Oh and the packaging is awesome too. I think this is my (belated) album of last year.


1. When I Go
2. The Road Spit Me Out
3. St. James
4. Lover, I am Overwhelmed
5. Different Drum
6. Wrecking Ball Blues
7. Lady Manhattan
8. Compass
9. When We Run Out of Money

Review - Fight Like Apes - Fight Like Apes and the Mystery of the Golden Medallion

Fight Like Apes - Fight Like Apes and the Mystery of the Golden Medallion

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8 out of 10

Is "loveable spiky off the wall pop" an acceptable genre description? Because it describes Fight Like Apes’ sound pretty much to a tee. The funny thing is though; I always like them more than I think I’m going to, if that makes sense. I get a bit "meh" about Fight Like Apes CDs when I get them and shuffle them to the bottom of the pile, then eventually have to listen to them and actually think "ooh actually this is really good".

They also appear to encourage me to use "speech marks" in my reviews.

Anyway, if you haven’t heard them already Fight Like Apes play the above described style of music. It’s kind of like a poppier McLusky with a lady singing, and occasionally screaming. And proper screaming too, not calculated screaming like what metal bands do - full on "shit, is she in actual pain?" screaming. And keyboards that sound a bit like they could be in an 80s movie training montage.

This (re-released debut) album comes in rather a nice package, especially if you don’t already own anything by Fight Like Apes. As well as the album (which is great, incidentally) you get a bunch of tracks from EPs the band has released over the last year or so and a couple of remixes (actually one "mix" and one "remix" - what’s the difference?) which are fine if you like such things. There’s also a song which is only about 6 seconds long, and a cover of a McLusky classic.


CD 1:
1. Something Global
2. Jake Summers
3. Tie Me Up With Jackets
4. Digifucker
5. Lend Me Your Face
6. Battlestations
7. Do You Karate?
8. Megameanie
9. I’m Beginning to Think You Prefer Beverley Hills 90210 to Me
10. Lumpy Dough
11. Recyclable Ass
12. Snore Bore Whore

CD 2:
1. Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues
2. Knucklehead
3. Telephone the Real Ham Jackson
4. Canhead
5. This is Like the Time Jody Didn’t Know What Cunnilingus Was
6. Snore Bore Whore (Spherical Mix)
7. Battlestations (Jape remix)

News - Boys Like Girls UK News

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Boys Like Girls release their new album "Love Drunk" on the 26th of April through Columbia Records.

UK tour dates:

Monday 15th February - London O2 Academy Islington
Wednesday 17th February - Birmingham O2 Academy 3
Thursday 18th February - Manchester Roadhouse
Friday 19th February - Glasgow

News - Jesse Barrera (ex-My American Heart) Solo Album

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Jesse Barrera (ex-My American Heart) will release his new album "Love In Technicolor" in early 2010 and you can view the artwork here:

News - Places and Numbers (ex-Gatsby’s American Dream)

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Places and Numbers (Bobby Darling ex-Gatsby’s American Dream) has signed to Equal Vision Records. The new EP "Waking the Dead" will be released soon. More details as we get them.

News - Scouting For Girls Spring Tour

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Scouting For Girls have announced a 22-date tour in April to coincide with the release of their second album, "Everybody Wants To Be On TV", which is released on the 12th of April.

19th April - Savoy Theatre, Cork
20th April - Dolans, Limerick
21st April - Mandela Hall, Belfast
23rd April - Olympia Theatre, Dublin
24th April - TF Royal, Castlebar
28th April - Royal Centre, Nottingham
29th April - University, Liverpool
30th April - O2 Academy, Birmingham
2nd May - City Hall, Newcastle
3rd May - HMV Picture House, Edinburgh
4th May - Academy, Glasgow
6th May - O2 Academy, Leeds
7th May - Apollo, Manchester
8th May - Empress Ballroom, Blackpool
10th May - O2 Academy, Sheffield
11th May - Oasis, Swindon
12th May - Colston Hall, Bristol
14th May - Solent, Bournemouth
15th May - Pavilions, Plymouth
16th May - Guildhall, Portsmouth
19th May - HMV Hammersmith Apollo, London
24th May - Centre, Brighton

Tickets go on sale to Wolfcub members through the band’s official website,, at 6pm on February the 1st, and then on general sale from 9am on February the 5th. Tickets for all shows will be £22.50, and £24.50 for London.

News - Weatherbox Loves A Bit Of Christpunching...

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Weatherbox will be releasing "Christpuncher" as a 7" vinyl and through iTunes very soon.

Track Listing:

1. Broken Glowsticks
2. The Bullets

News - BrokeNCYDE Are Not Playing Warped Tour

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BrokeNCYDE will not be playing Warped Tour this year:

For those of you that have been wondering.

I know, it SUCKS!!!
I guess BC13 got a little too CRUNK last year and they were too afraid to book us again. HAHA!

Don’t worry tho, we got some BIG THINGS planned for the near future..."

MySpace blog:

News - Angels & Airwaves - Love

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Angels & Airwaves new album "Love" has the following track listing:

Side 1:

The Flight of Apollo
Young London
Epic Holiday

Side 2:

Et Duct Mundum Per Luce
Soul Survivor (2012)
Clever Love
Letters to God Pt. 2
Fragments and Fictions
Some Origins of Fire

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

News - Amely Signs With Fearless Records

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Amely have signed to Fearless Records. The band are currently in the studio with producers Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount recording their debut EP which is set to be released somewhere between spring and summer of this year.

News - Sigur Ros On Indefinite Break

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Sigur Ros are on an "indefinite break" while lead singer Jonsi works on his solo career.

"Yes we are on a break at the moment. Everybody in the band is having babies." - Jonsi

News - Sunny Day Real Estate Confirm London Show

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Sunny Day Real Estate have confirmed they will be playing the following show in the UK:

22nd April - London - Forum
0844 847 2405 / 0871 230 5595

Support is still to be confirmed but tickets will go on sale on Friday the 29th of January at 10am.

Says Mendel, "I don't think any of us really ever considered, much less believed it possible, that we would ever get together and make music again, so it is incredible that we're getting a chance to come over to the UK and play. We are genuinely grateful that there exists a large enough store of goodwill toward the band to allow us to finally make it over there, and we plan on doing anything we can to make it a memorable trip."

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

News - Why Not Join The Polar Bear Club?

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Polar Bear Club start their tour of the UK in February with support coming from Shook Ones and Title Fight across the following dates:

13-Feb DUBLIN THE EXCHANGE (all ages matinee show 2pm doors)

24-Feb VIENNA B72

News - LYU Join The A Loss For Words / All Or Nothing Tour

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LYU will be opening up for A Loss For Words and All Or Nothing on their upcoming tour in March:

March 3rd - Chantry Social - Canterbury
March 4th - The Unit - Southampton
March 5th - Blues Loft - High Wycombe
March 6th - The Macbeth - London
March 7th - Fighting Cocks - Kingston
March 8th - Sound Bar - Birmingham
March 9th - The Cockpit - Leeds
March 10th - Harrys Bar - Stoke
March 11th - The Tunnels - Aberdeen
March 12th - The Capitol - Glasgow
March 13th - Cit Cit Club - Bridlington
March 14th - Trillians - Newcastle
March 15th - Retro Bar - Manchester
March 16th - The Central - Nottingham
March 17th - The Shed - Liecester

News - Soilwork Reveal Their New Album Title...

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Soilwork have issued the following news update with regard to the title of their upcoming new album:

"What up people? After a long but intense absence, I’m back giving you a little report on what’s going on in the SOILWORK camp. We have just wrapped up the last songs on the new record and I have a constant smile on my face. The title of the new album will be "THE PANIC BROADCAST".

I’m so stoked to record this new album and I feel it’s gonna be quite a challenge for everybody in the band. So how’s it sounding? Here’s my personal take: I feel it’s bigger than life to use an old cliché, but seriously, if any of you for some reason have missed some of that intricate riffing that made SOILWORK unique, won’t have to wait very long. I feel this record is very playful and we’re not cutting down on anything, no "is this too much information" -consideration, no "less is more", just pure musical joy with no boundaries, THAT’S to me what it’s all about. Obviously there’s gonna be some surprises like always but giving every member of this band the freedom to go apeshit, will make this record a heavy and naturally catchy one. More solos? -Check, Insane riffing?-Check, Melodic vocals?-Check, Screamy vocals?-Check, Progressive keyboards?-Check, Best metal drummer in the world?-Check, will Flink dance while recording his bass tracks, like they were nothing?-Check. Drums are being recorded in Asheville NC, since past saturday. Keep your eyes open for an online studio report, join us and watch every step of the new album taking form! "THE PANIC BROADCAST" IS UPON US!
Cheers / Speed"

News - Straight Lines Tour With InMe and The Automatic

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Straight Lines have announced a headline tour and dates with InMe and The Automatic.

9 Feb Moho Live, Manchester
10 Feb Sheffield Uni, Sheffield
11 Feb Waterfront, Norwich
12 Feb Square, Harlow
13 Feb Engine Rooms, Brighton

16 Feb Birmingham Academy, Birmingham
17 Feb Masque, Liverpool
18 Feb Rock City, Nottingham
20 Feb Cockpit, Leeds
22 Feb Swansea Hall, Swansea
23 Feb Enterprise, London
24 Feb Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff
25 Feb Twist, Colchester
27 Feb Night N Day, Manchester
28 Feb Fibbers, York

2 Mar 12 Bar, Swindon
4 Mar Cavern, Exeter
5 Mar Princess Pavilion, Falmouth
6 Mar Orange Box, Yeovil
7 Mar Guild Hall, Gloucester
8 Mar 02 Academy, Oxford
9 Mar Arts Centre, Colchester
11 Mar Roadmenders, Northampton
12 Mar Sugarmill, Stoke
13 Mar Adelphi, Hull
14 Mar 02 Academy, Liverpool

Monday, 25 January 2010

Review - Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) - What It Takes To Move Forward

Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) - What It Takes To Move Forward

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8 out of 10

So let's be original here:

[Insert obligatory joke/complaint about long band name and song titles].


[Insert reference to real "emo"]


Now that's done, let's begin.

Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) cannot be described as "easy-listening". This is an album that requires 100% attention (no more than that exists - take note football managers). It's also an album that I couldn't listen to in one sitting to start with. This could say more about me than anything else, but I found myself having to digest it in chunks. Some of the songs on this album have more originality and different ideas within them than entire albums so you need time to work this over in your head.

It's unlikely that How To Make Love Stay will be ousted from the position of "Opening track that best sums up the entire album" in the non-existent awards I regularly dole out in my head. If you find yourself drawn in by this track then you are in for a treat, let it take you down the rabbit hole into a musical world that is rarely created, and rarely done so as well. What follows is a long, challenging and rewarding album that deserves careful listening and many, many repeats. I was told by a friend that any album needs to be listened to six times before you can form a concrete opinion on it. I knew from first listen that I liked this album, but equally I wasn't rushing to listen to it again, and part of me didn't know why I liked it. Objectively, Keith Latinen's slurred, lispy vocals are weak and seem grating, the pacing of the tracks is all over the shop and the songs are often drawn out and slow burning. But subjectively, I was hooked on Latinen's lazy delivery, similar as it is to Davey von Bohlen's vocal style in the Promise Ring. I've also eventually realised after two decades of life, that songs don't need to be 3 minute pop-wonders, and that listening and being forced to pay attention makes the listening experience all the richer.

You want to learn that lesson as well? Well listen to this album.

However, I can see this album being lauded by a few and dismissed by as many. It smacks of a cult classic, an album that will be unappreciated in its own time. This would be a shame, because it needs to be heard.

Tracks like Keep What You Have Built Up Here have the intensity of a Moneen but give off the impression that they were put through a 1990s filter. I guess nostalgia is a funny thing, luckily I don't fall prey to it because I have only got into bands like Mineral and American Football in the last couple of years and while these comparisons are somewhat accurate, Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) have an unmistakably 'modern' sound to them. It would be unfair to call them a throwback, as to me this sounds like musical progress. Perhaps neo-emo might be appropriate, but then I hate genres, and I probably sound like a cock, so we can dismiss that.

So to sum up, this is a good album, expect to feel slightly ambivalent towards it to start with, but put the effort in and it will reward you more than sufficiently.

And don’t call it neo-emo. That's retarded.


1. How To Make Love Stay
2. Keep What You Have Built Up Here
3. What Means Safe
4. It Happened Because You Left
5. Rally The Troops! Poke Holes In Their Defenses! Line Our Coffers With Their Coffins!
6. It's A Plague And You're Invited
7. Everything Is Connected And Everything Matters (A Temporary Solution To A Permanent problem)
8. The Next Step To Regaining Control
9. With Your Greatest Fears Realised, You Will Never Be Comforted
10. I Am A Snail, And You Are A Pace I Can Never Match
11. An Idea Is A Greater Monument Than An Idea

Review - Throats - Throats

Throats - Throats

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9 out of 10

The PR sheet speaks the truth here. I remember seeing Throats years ago at an all-dayer in Reading. They were just kids making a racket. A shambolic mess. But those kids have, on the strength of this self titled debut album, gained a love for tone, amassed a pretty sweet record collection and actually progressed over the course of the previous recordings. Ratcheted up the blasting and fast and thrown in a whole load of aggro as well. They are also responsible for the best use of a Converge influence. Rather than aping them, Throats manage to mix grind, hardcore, crust, d-beat and doom into one cohesive sound, much like Converge do.

From the crashing chords of "Wake" and then the blasting chaos of "My Hands Are Cold" the album never lets up. It's over inside of 20 minutes and you need to press play again.

Defiantly one of my favourite albums so far this year. And it's only the beginning.


1. Wake
2. My Hands Are Cold
3. Fuck Life
4. Failgiver
5. Something Low From This Way Comes
6. Oaken / Wait

Review - John Nolan - Height

John Nolan - Height

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4 out of 10

It seems like a long time ago that I first heard of John Nolan. As the guitarist/singer/song-writer of Long Island legends Taking Back Sunday I was enamoured with his work, when he left, I like many fans, eagerly awaited what he would do next. Sure Taking Back Sunday became a different band afterwards, but you could tell it was still TBS, John Nolan took a huge leap in a different direction. Straylight Run were not, nor could they ever be, compared to Taking Back Sunday, they were their own band, an indie-piano pop group who, despite critical acclaim, lacked the commercial success that afflicted TBS in the post-Nolan years.

With Straylight Run still active, a solo album from Nolan seems slightly unexpected, but this is not a TBS to Straylight Run style departure, this is clearly the music that Nolan has grown into and that he wants to play. It is eerily close to Straylight Run, though without the prominent piano that dominated Straylight's debut album. First single, Til It's Done To Death is a sure fire winner, that has echoes of The Needles, The Space-era Straylight Run. It's a good single with a solid hook, it deserves to get radio play, and with a new video in the offing, it should do well on MTV.

Unfortunately, that is the best this album can produce. It is ultimately a disappointing album. Nolan is still a talented song writer, but he displays that only in flashes on Height. I can only assume that Nolan has tried to make an obtuse indie album, but all he has succeeded in doing is creating one that is devoid of any memorable features, save for a few lyrical flourishes. Screaming Into The Wind makes use of guttural throat noises as an instrument, sparse drumming and distorted synth, but seems to forget that a song needs some form of hook. When Nolan goes back to his trusty acoustic guitar, it sounds too much like a Straylight Run b-side album. Nolan's attempted experimental nature on this album often seems forced and out of place, the awkward synth line in I Don't Believe You sums this up better than I could in words. Often the experimental nature of the songs detract from the basic song and leave you wishing that Nolan would have scaled back the production a touch, or at least that the producer would have told him to calm down with the instruments or layers.

Nolan has unfortunately created what is a poor album, not just by his high standards, but just fundamentally, a poor album. Nolan would have been better suited either going for an acoustic singer-songwriter album or assembling a band that did not sound as similar to Straylight Run.


1. End Of The Beginning
2. Til It's Done To Death
3. It Takes A Long Time
4. Screaming Into The Wind
5. I Don't Believe You
6. Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand
7. Here I Am
8. Keep Calm And Carry On
9. I Won't Ever Be There
10. Not To Let Go

Review - The Safety Fire - Sections

The Safety Fire - Sections

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4 out of 10

Again, with the syncopated double bass and triplet picking. It's becoming more than tedious now. The Safety Fire uses this technique so much. Alongside lots more double bass, polyrhythm, solo's left right and centre, breakdowns, melody and atmospheric quiet passages. Everything a modern metal band needs in their diet.

It's played impressively tight but then everybody else is playing this sort of thing. I don't mean to be harsh but it' far too sterile and generic, which is a pretty bad word to use to describe technical music but nowadays it seems quite a regular occurrence.


1. Sections
2. DMB
3. Sululary
4. Spoilage
5. Aphasic

Review - Heights - The Land, The Ocean, The Distance

Heights - The Land, The Ocean, The Distance

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3 out of 10

Heights are pretty young. They look quite young. They have a member called Tom Green as well. This has gained them a further mark on this review. That's as good as they do though.

It kicks of pretty nicely with this huge, minor key riff. Nice lead over the top. The vocals come in on a disgustingly, down tuned riff. So far so good. Once you have heard that pattern the third time round it sort of sucks the enjoyment out of it. They chuck in some quieter parts here and there and the vocalist has a pretty good scream on him but that derivative and repetitive structure holds it all back. The melodic singing breaks it slightly but sounds forced more often than not.

Kids don’t get dynamics nowadays.


1. Empires
2. Paint The Sky
3. Worlds Apart

Review - Amorth - Await Me Now

Amorth - Await Me Now

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3 out of 10

Due to some technical issue this CD is broken because each track starts and then abruptly stops before skipping to the next one. This meant I had to go on MySpace to listen to them.

This means I have to look at lots of Flash and pictures of the band and read moronic comments while listening.

Amorth obviously love Killswitch Engage and you can tell one of them loves death metal but that is tempered by another's love for melodic thrash - so you get modern metal as the finished product. I hate this sort of thing, you might like it.


1. Dear Betrayal
2. Await Me Now
3. Shake The Earth
4. Closer To The End
5. Created To Kill
6. Biting The Bullet
7. Infection
8. Take it Or Leave It
9. The Consummation
10. Time For Change

News - General Fiasco - Ever So Shy

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General Fiasco will release their new single "Ever So Shy" on the 8th of March. Their album "Buildings" follows on the 22nd of March.

Live dates:

27 January BRISTOL, The Old Firestation - Skins House (with Goldhawks and Morning Parade)
12 February LONDON, Relentless Garage - HMV Next Big Thing Festival (with Band of Skulls and Birds of Tokyo)
8 March MANCHESTER, Sound Control 0161 832 1111
10 March LONDON, Islington O2 Bar Academy 0844 477 2000
11 March SOUTHAMPTON, Joiners 0870 264 3333
13 March BIRMINGHAM, O2 Academy 3 0844 477 2000
15 March GLASGOW, King Tuts 0844 499 9990
17 March AUSTIN US, Latitude 30 - SXSW Festival

News - The Sunshine Underground - Nobody’s Coming To Save You

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The Sunshine Underground’s new album "Nobody’s Coming To Save You" will be released through City Rockers /EMI on the 1st of February.

Track Listing:

1. Coming To Save You
2. Spell It Out
3. We've Always Been Your Friends
4. In Your Arms
5. A Warning Sign
6. Change Your Mind
7. Any Minute Now
8. Here It Comes
9. One By One
10. The Messiah

Live dates:

Mon 01 Sunderland Independent
Tues 02 Newcastle 02 Academy
Wed 03 Glasgow ABC
Fri 05 Manchester Ritz
Sat 06 Liverpool O2 Academy 2
Mon 08 Preston 53 Degrees
Tues 09 Sheffield Plug
Wed 10 Stoke Sugarmill
Fri 12 Derby The Venue
Sat 13 Coventry Kasbah
Tue 16 Southampton University
Wed 17 Brighton Digital
Thurs 18 London Koko (NME Awards show)
Fri 19 Leeds O2 Academy

News - We Are The Ocean In-Store Signings

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We Are The Ocean have just announced a bunch of in-store signings across the country next week. In addition to these signings the band will also play an in-store performance at the legendary Banquet Records in Kingston on Saturday February 13th.

In-store signings:

1st Feb - Reflex, 23 Nun St , NEWCASTLE , NE1 5AG (5pm)
2ND Feb - Avalanche, 34 Dundas St , GLASGOW , G1 2AQ (4.30pm)
3rd Feb - Crash, 35 The Headrow, LEEDS , LS1 6PU (5pm)
4th Feb - Spillers, 36 The Hayes, CARDIFF, CF10 1AJ (5pm)

In-store signing and Performance

13th Feb - Banquet Records, Kingston , LONDON (6pm)

News - Introducing...Paper Tongues

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Paper Tongues from Charlotte, North Carolina are set to release their debut album through A&M/Octone featuring their first single called "Ride To California" in the UK soon. More details when we get them.

News - Hayseed Dixie: Killer Grass

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Hayseed Dixie will be releasing their new album called "Killer Grass"on the 8th of February. They will be giving away a free track ahead of its release in the form of "Norfolk Girl" which will be available to download for 2 weeks from today at

Tour dates:

Mon 22nd Feb BELFAST, Spring & Airbrake
Wed 24th Feb ABERDEEN, Lemon Tree
Thu 25th Feb INVERNESS, Ironworks
Fri 26th Feb BANCHORY, Woodend Barn
Sat 27th Feb GLASGOW, ABC
Sun 28th Feb DUNDEE, Fat Sams
Mon 1st March EDINBURGH, Picture House
Tue 2nd March NEWCASTLE, Academy 2
Thu 4th March NOTTINGHAM, Rock City
Fri 5th March CLEETHORPES, Beachcomber
Sat 6th March PRESTON, 53 Degrees
Sun 7th March HOLMFIRTH, Picturedome
Tue 9th March LEICESTER, Y Theatre
Wed 10th March BATH, Komedia
Thu 11th March BRIDGWATER, The Palace
Fri 12th March TAVISTOCK, The Wharf
Sat 13th March BRIDPORT, The Electric Palace
Sun 14th March FALMOUTH, Princess Pavilion
Tue 16th March BOURNEMOUTH, V Club
Wed 17th March CAMBRIDGE, Junction
Thu 18th March ST. ALBANS, Alban Arena
Fri 19th March WOLVERHAMPTON, Robin 2
Sat 20th March HULL, The Piper Club
Sun 21st March DONCASTER, The Dome
Mon 22nd March LONDON, The Tramshed

News - Skindred Confirm Tour Supports + New Single

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Skindred have announced that the supports for their forthcoming UK tour will be Forever Never, Laruso, Cars on Fire, Panic Cell, The Dead Formats and Revoker.

Their new single "You Cant Stop It" will be released on the 8th of March through Bieler Bros Records.


9th Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms (with Forever Never/Floors and Walls)
10th Derby, The Royal (with Laruso / Forever Never)
11th Colchester, Arts Centre (with Forever Never / Revoker)
12th Woking, The Quake Club (with Forever Never)
13th Prestatyn, Hammerfest Festival
15th Preston, 53 Degrees (with Forever Never / The Dead Formats)
16th Edinburgh, Studio 24 (with Panic Cell / Forever Never)
17th York, Duchess (with Laruso / Forever Never)
18th Birmingham, Academy 2 (with Cars on Fire/Forever Never)
19th Newport, TJ"s (with Forever Never / Revoker)
20th Dublin, Academy (with Forever Never)
21st Belfast, Limelight (with Forever Never)
22nd Carlisle, Brickyard (with Forever Never / Revoker)
23rd Reading, Sub 89 (with Forever Never)

News - The Soul Survivor Is Beverley Knight

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Beverley Knight’s new single will be "Soul Survivor" featuring Chaka Khan that is coming out on the 8th of March through Hurricane Records.

Beverley plays the following dates in April:

Thursday 1st April - Hull City Hall (£22.50)
Friday 2nd April - Rhyl Pavilion (£18.50)
Sunday 4th April - York Opera House (£25.00/£21.50)
Monday 5th April - Manchester Lowry (£25.00/£21.50)
Wednesday 7th April - London Royal Albert Hall (£32.50/£27.50/£25.00/£22.50/£20.00)
Thursday 8th April - Leamington Spa Assembly Rooms (£22.50)

Tickets available from

Friday, 22 January 2010

News - Story Of The Year Postpone UK Tour

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Submitted: "Due to issues beyond their control Story Of The Year are sorry to announce that the upcoming UK/European tour is postponed until further notice. All tickets will remain valid for the rescheduled shows - so hold onto your tickets. New show details will be issued as soon as possible."

News - The New Cities UK Tour

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The New Cities have the following tour dates:

Friday 22nd 02 Academy 2, Sheffield
Saturday 23rd 02 Academy, Newcastle
Monday 25th 02 ABC 2, Glasgow
Tuesday 26th 02 Academy 2, Birmingham
Thursday 28th 02 Academy, Oxford
Saturday 30th 02 Academy, Islington

Monday 1st CLWB Ifor Bach, Cardiff
Tuesday 2nd Roadhouse, Manchester
Thursday 4th Scopitone Club, Paris

News - Talons Support Johnny Foreigner

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Talons have been confirmed to support Johnny Foreigner on their tour in February. The dates will be followed by a headline tour in March.

01.02 - Edinburgh, Cabaret Voltaire
02.02 - Manchester, Ruby Lounge
03.02 - Sheffield, Harley
05.02 - Birmingham, Hare and Hounds
09.02 - London, KCLSU

News - Go Radio Join The Fearless Records Family

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Go Radio have signed to Fearless Records. You can read the band’s blog on MySpace about the recent news here:

News - Alesana’s "The Emptiness" Streaming Now

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Alesana’s latest album "The Emptiness" is streaming now on MySpace music:

News - Before Their Eyes Are Untouchable

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Before Their Eyes has just launched a new MySpace page with two brand new songs ("Sing to Me" and "Bulletproof") off their upcoming Rise Records album "Untouchable" which will be released on the 9th of March.

Track Listing:

1. Hey Dude!
2. Sing To Me
3. Not Alone
4. Love Is Misery
5. My Match, Your Fire
6. Start With Today (Feat. Kristen Williams)
7. Bulletproof
8. Finding A Way
9. Rick Vs Nick
10. Hell Or High Water
11. Start With Today (Acoustic)

Pre-order "Untouchable" here:

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Review - Various - Souvaris + Sincabeza - Clown Jazz

Various - Souvaris + Sincabeza - Clown Jazz

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7 out of 10

A cross-channel work, then, between Nottingham (Souvaris) and Bordeaux (Sincabeza). England has the edge, I feel, with Souvaris' raid on Tortoise fairly leaping from the speakers. Pleasing and surprising, since my last experience of the band (in a live situation, admittedly) had me thinking Mogwai thoughts. No matter - there's plenty to enjoy in the well-worked couple on offer, here. The two tracks work as a single entity, with Hello, Antelope being particularly bounce-worthy.

France throws Devo's kitchen sink at their three tracks, creating a new-noise wave vibe which sounds promising but proves ultimately tiring. Sincabeza have their moments, however and in le flesh they would be un grand fromage, no doubt. They provide punch rather than promenade, a punkier antidote to Souvaris' more gentle energies.


1. Souvaris - 'Great Scott'
2. Souvaris - 'Hello, Antelope'
3. Sincabeza - 'Bacalacola'
4. Sincabeza - 'Facile à Compter'
5. Sincabeza - 'Malalido'

Review - Japanese Voyeurs - That Love Sound + Blush (Single)

Japanese Voyeurs - That Love Sound + Blush (Single)

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4 out of 10

There really aren't that many good band names around, are there? Japanese Voyeurs' own PR hollers that the band 'should've been born twenty years ago', which gives you an idea of what the band sound like and how desperate the PR machine was to find something good to say about them. What they do, they do well enough and if the reported reformation of Soundgarden suddenly turns another generation onto check shirts and quiet-loud-quiet-loud songs, the 'Voyeurs are in the right place. Good luck with that.

Blush has a touch of PJ Harvey and Sonic Youth to go with the dollop of Mudhoney, otherwise it's further poking at Kurt's corpse, only this time with a female vocalist who goes from squeaky to shrieky. Live is, hopefully, where the band really shine and they're not afraid of a bit of work; touring from Brighton to Inverness this month. On the strength of this single, that work ethic is going to come in handy.


1. That Love Sound
2. Blush

Review - Mirrorkicks - Anything (Single)

Mirrorkicks - Anything (Single)

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2 out of 10

My neutered cat has more balls than this music, and she died just before Christmas. The band have made it onto the XFM evening playlist, though. That's a good thing, right? Forgive me if I couldn't care less. Eminently forgettable, murky pop-rock that trots gamely towards the Wembley arena stage and gets as far as the always-full bit of free parking in the industrial estate outside. Brian Molko and Perry Farrell feed better songs than this to their gimps. After you've kicked your mirror, loves, spend less time Twitter-ing and Facebook-ing and more time on your SONGS.


1. Anything (Radio Edit)
2. Think Fast

Review - After The Ordeal - The End Never Comes (Single)

After The Ordeal - The End Never Comes (Single)

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4 out of 10

This young band have already appeared at Download. Alright, it was on a video screen, but come on - don't let your lip curl without having given them a listen, at least. . .

. . .OK, I've given them a listen. Bright, tight, adequately airbrushed Hollywood rock from the UK. That's it - if your iTunes library resembles the broadcast schedule for Nickelodeon, you'll be removing your pants already. Their PR is at pains to describe them as a metal band - they have supported such devil-horn waving lunatics as Gary Numan, Ash and Feeder, so what's your problem? They fit with latter pair, and I Believe In You has a distinct System Of A Down whiff about it. Unfortunately, there's as much eau de Attack! Attack! as well, which is a shame.


1. The End Never Comes
2. Into The Dark
3. I Believe In You

Review - The Exhibition - 4 Track Demo EP

The Exhibition - 4 Track Demo EP

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5 out of 10

You'd expect a band from Barnsley to be no easy listen and so it is with The Exhibition. Darker than Doves, sounding like the Arctic Monkeys a few years down the line, after they've really let themselves go. 'Shoegaze' has been mentioned in connection with the band - I can only think this is the kind of shoe gazing one does if one doesn't wish to have one's face filled in. Otherwise, Slowdive it most definitely isn't. A singularly dour Yorkshire vocal tops a frenetic pile-up of indie riffage which could have come from any point in the last fifteen years. So, nothing spectacular or new, then, but as I said - this is Barnsley. Take it or leave it.


1. The Boy and the Tearaway
2. Bright New Worlds
3. Things That Hide In The Dark
4. Reaction

News - Dear Reader, This Is Dear Superstar

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Dear Superstar will be hitting the road this February / March supporting Heaven’s Basement:

Wed 24 Feb - Club Revolution - Peterborough
Thurs 25 - The Hop - Wakefield
Fri 26 Feb - Kico Club - Bolton
Tues 2 Mar - O2 Academy - Bristol
Fri 5 Mar - Rock City - Nottingham
Sat 6 Mar - Night Owls - Cheltenham
Sun 7 Feb - Little Civic - Wolverhampton
Tues 9 Mar - Musician - Leicester
Wed 10 Mar - O2 Academy - Birmingham
Thurs 11 Mar - Engine Rooms - Brighton
Fri 12 Mar - The Forum - Hatfield University Of Hartfordshire
Sat 13 Mar - O2 Academy - Oxford

News - Could This Be Stereophonics

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Stereophonics’ new single "Could You Be The One" will be released on the 15th of February through Mercury Records.

Stereophonics UK tour dates are:

Mon 1st NEWCASTLE, Arena
Fri 5th NOTTINGHAM, Arena
Tue 9th SHEFFIELD, Arena
Wed 10th LONDON, O2
Thu 11th LONDON, Wembley Arena

Saturday 5th - Headline Cardiff City Stadium

News - Slayer Announces Rescheduled Dates

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Slayer has announced the rescheduling of their UK concert trek. The dates will kick off on the 26th of May at the 02 Academy in Leeds, with the band playing seven headline shows, ending with two in London. All tickets for the original shows are valid, and The Haunted will remain as main support on all dates.

May 2010
26th Leeds O2 Academy 0844 477 2000
27th Glasgow Barrowland 0871 230 7131
29th Birmingham O2 Academy 0844 477 2000
30th Manchester O2 Academy 0161 832 1111
31st Nottingham Rock City 0871 3100 000

June 2010
2nd London HMV Forum 0844 847 2405
3rd London HMV Forum 0844 847 2405

News - Hit The Turin Brakes!

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Turin Brakes have announced they will be giving away a free digital track, ahead of the release of their forthcoming album, "Outbursts" (out Monday 1st March). The track "Apocolips", which is taken from the album, will be available for 2 weeks from Thursday 21st January at Turin Brakes will also be releasing a new single "Sea Change", on Monday 22nd February.

Live dates:

Tue 9th March BIRMINGHAM, Glee Club *
Wed 10th March BRISTOL, St. Georges **
Thu 11th March OXFORD, Academy 2 ***
Sat 13th March MANCHESTER, Academy ***
Sun 14th March YORK, Duchess **
Tue 16th March GATESHEAD, Sage ***
Wed 17th March SHEFFIELD, City Hall **
Fri 19th March EDINBURGH, Cabaret Voltaire *
Sat 20th March GLASGOW, Classic Grand *
Sun 21st March NOTTINGHAM, Rescue Rooms *
Tue 23rd March SOUTHAMPTON, Brooks University TBC
Wed 24th March MILTON KEYNES, Stables ***
Fri 26th Mach LONDON, Shepherds Bush Empire ***
Sat 27th March BRIGHTON, Concorde 2 **

* Over 18's only
** Over 14's only
*** All ages

News - William Fitzsimmons Single (Including Kanye West Cover)

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William Fitzsimmons releases his new single "I Don't Feel It Anymore / Heartless (Kanye West cover)" in the UK on the 8th of February through Naim Edge. It will be a digital release and also a 7" too.

News - If This Is Plan B, What Happened To Plan A?!

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Plan B’s album "The Defamation of Strickland Banks" will be released on the 5th of April.

Tour dates:

Thu 8th Apr Anson Rooms, Bristol
Fri 9th Apr Oxford Academy
Sat 10th Apr Birmingham Academy 2
Sun 11th Apr Brighton Concorde 2
Tue 13th Apr Classic Grand, Glasgow
Wed 14th Apr Cockpit, Leeds
Thu 15th Apr Manchester Academy 2
Fri 16th Apr Shepherds Bush Empire, London

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

News - This Ain’t A Scouting For Girls Song

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Scouting For Girls release their new single "This Ain't A Love Song" on the 29th of March through Epic Records. Their sophomore album "Everybody Wants To Be On TV" will follow on the 12th of April.

A full UK headline tour will be announced shortly.

News - The Blackbirds Are Expatriates...

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Expatriate will release their new single "Blackbird" on the 1st of March. Their debut album "In the Midst of This" will come out on the same day.

News - Audio Bully - Higher Than The Eiffel

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Audio Bully’s new album "Higher Than The Eiffel" will be released on the 29th of March, their single "Only Man" will come out prior to this on the 22nd of February.

March Tour Dates:

Monday 8th - Sheffield, Academy 2
Tuesday 9th - Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
Wednesday 10th - Oxford, Academy
Thursday 11th - Manchester, Moho Live
Friday 12th - Crewe, The Box
Saturday 13th - Glasgow, King Tuts
Monday 15th - Bristol, Thekla
Tuesday 16th - London, Scala
Wednesday 17th - Birmingham, Academy 2
Thursday 18th - Cambridge, The Junction
Friday 19th - Margate, The Westcoast
Saturday 20th - Brighton, Concorde 2

News - Tubelord - Stacey’s Left Arm Remix EP

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Submitted: "Tubelord, are set to release the second single from their stunning debut album 'Our First American Friends'. The track is titled 'Stacey’s Left Arm' and will be made available on limited edition cassette and digitally on the 22nd of February. Backing up the single will be remixes by Dubstep artist Bass Clef ( and electronic musician/audiovisual artist Scrubber Fox (

Live dates:

27th Limerick - Baker Place, Ireland
28th Dublin - Academy 2, Ireland
29th Cork - The Quad, Ireland
30th Belfast - Auntie Annies, UK
20th Hitchin - Club 85, UK
23rd Cardiff - Arts Institute, UK
24th London - Borderline, UK
25th Reading - Oakford, UK
26th Middlesbrough - Westgarth Social Club, UK
27th Newcastle - Head Of Steam, UK
28th Leeds - Brudenell Social Club, UK
01st Oxford - Jericho, UK
03rd Brighton - Freebutt, UK
04th Bristol - Start The Bus, UK
05th Leicester - Firebug, UK
06th Kingston - Hippodrome, UK (New Slang club night)"

News - Fightstar: Be Human (Deluxe Edition)

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Fightstar will re-release their latest album "Be Human" as a deluxe edition CD/DVD on the 1st of March. The package will have all new artwork, and includes five new tracks plus a live DVD entitled "Fightstar: Unplugged at the PictureDrome".

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

News - Four Year Strong Album Pre-Order

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Four Year Strong have launched the pre-order for their new album "Enemy of the World" which is out on the 9th of March. Check out the store here for various bundle deals:

News - Twin Atlantic Sell Out Hometown Show!

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Twin Atlantic’s previously announced headline tour has seen some changes, as a result of the band's late inclusion on the Enter Shikari European tour some dates have had to be rescheduled. The revised dates in full, are below.

Original tickets for all dates marked with an asterisk will remain valid for the new dates.

Their hometown show at the ABC in Glasgow (1250 cap) has already sold out in advance.

Frontman, Sam McTrusty, is elated with the news. "I think being a band for two and half years and selling 1250 tickets 3 weeks before the show speaks volumes. The future of this band is very exciting right now and this is just the beginning."

01 - SHEFFIELD O2 Academy 2 - (0844 477 2000 /
02 - LEEDS Cockpit - (0113 245 4650 /
03 - MANCHESTER Night & Day - (0161 832 111 /
04 - NEWCASTLE Digital - (08444 771 000 /
08 - NOTTINGHAM Rock City * - (0871 3100 000 /
09 - BIRMINGHAM Academy 3 * - (0844 477 2000 /
10 - SOUTHAMPTON Joiners * - (0238 8022 5612 /
12 - CARDIFF Clwb Ifor Bach * - (08444 999 999 /

03 - LONDON Borderline * - (08448 472 465 /

News - The Purge Starts With Immolation

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Immolation have just posted a brand new song called "The Purge" online on their MySpace page.

Commented Ross Dolan: "It was a unanimous decision to choose "The Purge" as the first song off of "Majesty and Decay" to debut to the world. It is the first song on the record and we think it really sets the tone for the rest of the album. "The Purge" is an extremely aggressive and angry song that really has so many elements to it, and it is the perfect opening track as well because it takes the listener through some of the many moods and feelings contained within the album. It is a very extreme song in many ways and showcases all of the classic IMMOLATION elements. Lyrically the song takes the concept we started developing on "World Agony" and expands upon it, taking it to the next level in a very extreme way. We really liked the idea behind "World Agony" and wanted to expand upon it, so when we began the process of writing lyrics for the new record while in the studio, I had the title and a loose concept for "The Purge" and we expanded upon it. "The Purge" is a condemning song that takes an ugly look at mankind and forces us to open our eyes and accept responsibility for our actions. It is a very dark song with lots of emotion that I think will grab the listener right from the opening notes."

The song comes off the bands upcoming record "Majesty And Decay" which will be released on the 8th of March through Nuclear Blast Records.

News - Crime In Stereo - Drugwolf

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Crime In Stereo have unveiled a track titled "Drugwolf" on their MySpace page from their forthcoming new album "I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone" which is due out on the 23rd of February through Bridge Nine Records.

News - These Monsters Official Release

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The debut album from These Monsters called "Call Me Dragon" will officially be release on the 1st March in the UK and 10th May throughout Europe through Brew Records.

Monday, 18 January 2010

News - The Stopmotion Men Ask What Now?

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The Stopmotion Men will release their EP "What Now?" on the 19th of February.

News - Mirrorkicks Will Do Just About Anything...

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Mirrorkicks’ new single "Anything" will be released on the 1st of February through Fruit Pie Records. Their debut album will follow in March.

Live dates:

27th January - Hare and Hounds, Birmingham
28th January - Roehampton University, London
1st February - Kasbah, Coventry
2nd February - Water Rats, London
5th February - The Westcoast, Margate

News - Alcoholic Faith Mission - Third Album Details

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Alcoholic Faith Mission will release their new album "Let This Be The Last Night We Care" on the 8th of March through Pony Records.

Live dates:

March 27th - Camden Barfly, London
March 30th - Wilmington Arms, London

News - Sylosis To Support Fear Factory

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Sylosis have been confirmed as main support to Fear Factory on their upcoming UK tour.

Says guitarist Josh Middleton:

'We're really excited to be going on tour with Fear Factory. It'll be cool to see Dino back on stage with Burton. Gene Hoglan is also one of our heros so it'll be awesome to share some beers'


News - Rinoa - An Age Among Them

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Rinoa will release their album "An Age Among Them" on the 15th of March through Eyesofsound.

Track Listing:

1. Past Maidens
2. This Land Will Hold Their Wings
3. Sol Winds
4. Fires In The Distant North
5. An Empty Canvas
6. This Is Our View
7. Memory
8. The Gates

The album was recorded and produced by Jonny Renshaw of Devil Sold His Soul and is for fans of Mogwai, Envy, Mono and This Will Destroy You.

News - God Is An Astronaut Announce UK Tour Dates

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God Is An Astronaut have announced a handful of UK dates for February.

16- SHEFFIELD - Corporation | 7.00pm | £8
17 - LONDON - ICA | 8.00pm | £10
18 - LEICESTER - Sumo | 8.00pm | £10
19 - BIRMINGHAM - Academy 3 | 6.30pm | £7
20 - LEEDS - Brudenell Social Club | 8.00pm | £9
21 - MANCHESTER - Islington Mill | 7.00pm | £8
22 - EDINBURGH - Bongo Club | 7.30pm | £8.50
23 - GLASGOW - Oran Mor | 7.30pm | £8.50

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Review - Nakatomi Plaza - Ghosts

Nakatomi Plaza - Ghosts

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9 out of 10

Nakatomi Plaza is dead. This CD is a self released swansong, and I can only assume a fitting epitaph to the band. I say I can only assume, because somehow until now Nakatomi Plaza have managed to pass me by. I remember hearing a song (The Ghost Intrigue, I believe) on a No Idea compilation a while back and being rather impressed, but I never quite got around to following it up.

When I saw the name Nakatomi Plaza on the review list I figured I’d give it a go, since I remembered the name from somewhere. It’s now (after a good few listens) firmly ensconced on my top punk rock albums of 2009 list, along with things like Off With Their Heads, Balance and Composure (only an EP, but still) and Friends of Friends. Slightly discordant, anthemic girl / boy vocal punk rock with nods to fellow NY luminaries Latterman, Small Brown Bike, Pretty Girls Make Graves, At The Drive-In and even Fugazi, as well as some guitar lines and (almost) solos that wouldn’t be that out of place on an Iron Maiden album.

If you like punk rock then go to the website below and buy this record. Fuck Simon Cowell, fuck Rage Against the Machine, fuck the Christmas fucking number one and let a great band that did everything right and made some amazing music know that they will be sorely missed.

Nakatomi Plaza is dead. Long live Nakatomi Plaza.


1. Bomb Shelter
2. The Ghost Intrigue
3. Artificial Light
4. Pigs Will Pay (Redux)
5. Guards
6. It Came from Outside
7. 4017
8. Requiem
9. Words
10. Song for Al
11. The Finish Line

Review - Firenote - Firenote

Firenote - Firenote

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7 out of 10

Some things are inevitable. The sky will be blue tomorrow, the tides will turn and hard rock will never die. Following off from where Europe and the Scorpions left off, the Finnish five piece Firenote have delivered their debut album "Firenote"; which starts off with the aptly titled anthem "Firenote". Personally, I think that all bands should have a song that summarises their manifesto and lets the listener know exactly what is about to happen. Motorhead did it...and if it's good enough for Lemmy!

The subject matter isn't too important - going fast, breaking rules, stealing hearts - this ain't Keats. But the riffs are there, fist pumping stadium sized drums are present, the classical keyboards add a certain timeless (mainly 80's) quality and singer Ricky does a great Geoff Tate (Queensryche) impression. This is great hard rocking stuff that would have any classic rock fan shaking their fist inside their tasselled biker jacket.

The power ballads are done well, although it seems like they are part of a three part trilogy - "My Love Will Never Die" is followed by "Don't Ever Fall In Love" and completed by "Love Me Or Let Me Live". This band knows love, or not....I'm not to sure.

For me, it's all about the final song "She Stole My Speedo's". Now, I'm not sure if this was a last minute song added at the end, or it's a joke or if they are fanatical swimmers. Who cares!? It has the lyric:

"Plenty of time to the Olympics - Like Phelps I'm counting on my juice mix".

I take back what I said about Keats. He was a soppy wuss, Firenote havn't got time to woo - they've got Speedo's with white stripes....and beer...and guitars! Rock on!


1. Firenote
2. Danger
3. Sara La Fountain
4. Speed Freak
5. My Love Will Never Die
6. Don't Ever Fall In Love
7. Love Me Or Let Me Live
8. Mayday
9. Suddenly
10. Heartbreaker
11. She Stole My Speedos

Review - Mean Streak - Metal Slave

Mean Streak - Metal Slave

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7 out of 10

NWOBHM - such a definitive period in the timeline of heavy metal. Iron Maiden, Saxon and Judas Priest were the leaders of the pack with Diamond Head and Angel Witch following at the back. It wasn't exactly the catchiest descriptive term, but more people refer to this period as "N'wobum" than the initial's actual meaning (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal...idiot).

Mean Streak exist in a world (Sweden) where the wave is still new and couldn't give a toss about your Vampyric Weekender's or Collections of Animals. This is a metal studded fist straight into your lugholes. Imagine Saxon's Biff singing with Judas Priest and you're nearly there. Less Blue Oyster Bar, more northern working men's club.

Not straying from the original blueprint drawn up by Judith the Saxon Maiden, Mean Streak have enlisted Frederick Nordstrom (At The Gates, Opeth, In Flames) to mix their new album "Metal Slave". And instead of sounding played out and tired, there is a fresh punchy sound to the album.

This isn't going to win over any snobby indie kids or minimalist techno fans - Mean Streak don't need the posers and it's certainly better than Judas Priest's last "Nostradamus" effort. Only comment is that the title track "Metal Slave" is a touch too Maiden and now singer Andy La Guerin sounds more like Blaze Bayley than Biff Byford. Oh well, can't have them all.


1. Whom The Gods Love Die Young
2. Battle Within
3. Eyes Of A Stranger
4. The Seventh Sign
5. Raise Your Hands
6. Rock City
7. Sin City Lights
8. Carved In Stone
9. Metal Slave
10. Sinners and Saints

Friday, 15 January 2010

News - Enter Shikari - Tribalism

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Enter Shikari are releasing a new CD called "Tribalism" which includes B-sides, remixes and live tracks on the 22nd of February.

Track Listing:

1. Tribalism
2. Thumper
3. All Eyes On The Saint
4. We Can Breathe In Space
5. Insomnia (Live at Brixton ’07)
6. Juggernauts - Nero remix
7. No Sleep Tonight - Qemists remix
8. Wall - High Contrast remix
9. No Sleep Tonight - Mistabishi remix
10. Juggernauts - Blue Bear remix
11. No Sleep Tonight - Rout remix
12. No Sleep Tonight - Lights Go Blue remix
13. Havoc A (Live ’09)
14. Labyrinth (Live ’09)
15. Hectic (Live ’09)

Aside from the standard CD release of "Tribalism", a VERY limited edition box set edition- containing; "Tribalism" CD album, "Live At Rock City" CD album, t-shirt, poster, sticker and two button badges - of the release will be sold via the band’s own webstore at

Live dates:

Saturday 6th Feb - BLACKPOOL - Empress Ballroom
Sunday 7th Feb - GLASGOW - Barrowlands
Monday 8th Feb - GLASGOW - King Tuts (SOLD OUT)
Tuesday 9th Feb - MIDDLESBROUGH - Empire
Thursday 11th Feb - BOURNEMOUTH - O2 Academy
Friday 12th Feb - LONDON - Hammersmith Apollo

(support on all dates - except King Tuts - The King Blues).

News - Kasabian the Impaler

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Kasabian will release their new single "Vlad the Impaler" on the 15th of February. The track is taken from the album "West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum" which is out now.

News - Welcome To Saturday With Ocean Colour Scene

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Ocean Colour Scene release their new single "Magic Carpet Days" on the 25th of January with their album "Saturday" following on the 1st of February. Both are released through Cooking Vinyl Records.

"Saturday" track listing:

1. 100 Floors Of Perception
2. Mrs Maylie
3. Saturday
4. Just A Little Bit Of Love
5. Old Pair Of Jeans
6. Sing Children Sing
7. Harry Kidnap
8. Magic Carpet Days
9. The Word
10. Village Life
11. Postal
12. What's Mine Is Yours
13. Fell In Love On The Street Again
14. Rockfield

Live dates:

Tue 2nd Feb OXFORD, O2 Academy BO: 0844 477 2000
Wed 3rd Feb BOURNEMOUTH, O2 Academy BO: 0844 477 2000
Fri 5th Feb DERBY, Assembly Rooms BO: 0871 310 0000
Sat 6th Feb LIVERPOOL, O2 Academy BO: 0844 477 2000
Sun 7th Feb COVENTRY, Kasbah BO: 0247 655 4473
Tue 9th Feb SHEFFIELD, O2 Academy BO: 0844 477 2000
Wed 10th Feb MIDDLESBOROUGH, Empire BO: 0164 225 3553
Thu 11th Feb GLENROTHES, Rothes Hall BO: 0871 220 0260
Sat 13th Feb WICK, Assembly Rooms BO: 0195 560 3911
Sun 14th Feb INVERNESS, Ironworks BO: 0871 789 4173
Mon 15th Feb ABERDEEN, Music Hall BO: 0871 220 0260
Wed 17th Feb EDINBURGH, Picture House BO: 0871 220 0260
Thu 18th Feb EDINBURGH, Picture House BO: 0871 220 0260
Fri 19th Feb STIRLING, Albert Hall BO: 0871 220 0260
Sat 20th Feb MONTROSE, Town Hall BO: 0844 477 1000
Mon 22nd Feb BRADFORD, St George's Hall BO: 0870 735 5000
Tue 23rd Feb BLACKBURN, King Georges Hall BO: 0870 735 5000
Wed 24th Feb STOKE, Victoria Hall BO: 0870 735 5000
Fri 26th Feb READING, Hexagon BO: 0870 735 5000
Sat 27th Feb LOUGHBOROUGH, University BO: 0150 963 5000
Sun 28th Feb CAMBRIDGE, Exchange BO: 0870 735 5000
Tue 2nd March LINCOLN, Engine Shed BO: 0871 310 0000
Wed 3rd March CARDIFF, Coal Exchange BO: 0292 023 0130
Thu 4th March ST. ALBANS, The Alban Arena BO: 0172 784 4488
Sun 7th March BELFAST, Mandela Hall BO: TBC

News - Seasick Steve Limited Edition Mini-Album

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Seasick Steve will release a limited edition mini-album called "Songs for Elisabeth" on the 8th of February through Atlantic Records.

Track Listing:

1. 8 Ball (originally from the album 'Cheap')
2. Walkin' Man (from 'I Started Out With Nothing.')
3. My Donny (from 'Dog House Music')
4. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (from 'Cheap')
5. Just Like A King (from 'I Started Out With Nothing.')
6. My Home (Blue Eyes) (from 'Man From Another Time')
7. Ready For Love (new song)

News - Piebald Catalog Re-Issued

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Rise Records will be re-issuing Piebald’s out-of-print catalog. "Piebald: First Ten Years" will be a three volume set, each volume containing two discs; the set will compile the band’s first three full-lengths (When Life Hands You Lemons, If It Weren’t For Venetian Blinds, It Would Be Curtains For Us All and We Are The Only Friends We Have), all of their EPs, b-sides and live tracks. Volume I is expected in late April, while Volumes II and III will be released in May and June respectively.

News - Flogging Molly: Live At The Greek Theatre

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Flogging Molly will release "Live At The Greek Theatre" on the 1st of March on CD / DVD. The show was recorded at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, California on the 12th of September 2009.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

News - He’s Got A Tiny Temper Don’t You Know, This Tinie Tempah Kid

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Tinie Tempah’s new single "Pass Out" will be released on the 1st of March through Parlophone Records.

Live dates:

12 Feb O2 Academy Birmingham
13 Feb O2 Academy Leeds
14 Feb ABC Glasgow
15 Feb O2 Academy Liverpool
17 Feb Manchester Academy
18 Feb O2 Academy Bristol
19 Feb UEA Norwich
20 Feb O2 Academy Oxford
21 Feb Shepherds Bush Empire London
24 Feb Nottingham Rock City
26 Feb 53 Degrees Preston
28 Feb Spring and Airbrake, Belfast
31 Feb Leas Cliff Hall Folkestone

News - Sylosis Announce UK Tour

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Sylosis have announced a UK tour for February / March.

Says guitarist Josh Middleton:

"The Dragonforce tour which we have just finished was amazing, and now we can't wait to get out on tour again. We were obviously all very disappointed when we had to cancel these shows back in October, so it's great that we have been able to reschedule them so soon. We are going back into the studio now for a few weeks to finish the new record, which I have to say we are massively excited about, and then straight back out on the road"

Tue 23 READING FACE BAR 0118 956 8188
Wed 24 LIVERPOOL BARFLY 0844 847 2424
Thu 25 LEEDS RIOS 0844 414 2182
Fri 26 COLCHESTER THE TWIST 01206 562453
Sun 28 CARDIFF BARFLY 0844 847 2424

Tue 02 WINCHESTER RAILWAY INN 0844 477 1000
Wed 03 YORK THE DUCHESS 0844 477 1000
Fri 05 GLASGOW CLASSIC GRAND 0141 847 0820
Sat 06 CREWE THE BOX 0871 230 0010
Sun 07 BRISTOL THE CROFT 0117 987 4144
Tue 09 DERBY VICTORIA INN 01332 740 091
Thu 11 MANCHESTER SUB 61 0870 264 3333
Sat 13 HITCHIN CLUB 85 01462 434 801
Sun 14 PETERBOROUGH MET LOUNGE 01733 571 616

Their album "Conclusion Of An Age" is out now on Nuclear Blast Records.

News - Sick Of It All Are All Over The Shop...

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Sick Of It All have announced a number of live dates during the upcoming months. Apart from a few selected headlining shows, the band will be on the road with Dropkick Murphys in January/February 2010 followed by a UK run with AFI.

Dropkick Murphys / Sick Of It All
23.01. Montpellier - Le Rockstore (France)*
25.01. Milano - Alcatraz (Itlay)
26.01. Solothurn - Kofmehl (Switzerland)*
27.01. München - Zenith (Germany)
28.01. Paris - Olympia (France)
29.01. Antwerp - Lotto Arena (Belgium)
30.01. Offenbach - Stadthalle (Germany)
31.01. Amsterdam - Heineken Music Hall (Netherlands)
02.02. Berlin - Arena (Germany)
03.02. Hamburg - Sporthalle (Germany)

* = Sick Of It All headlining shows

AFI / Sick Of It All
03.04. Plymouth - White Rabbit*
04.04. Bristol - Croft*
05.04. Nottingham - Rock City
06.04. London - Brixton O2 Academy
07.04. Glasgow - ABC
08.04. Manchester - Academy
10.04. Tunbridge - Wells Forum*
11.04. Newcastle - O2 Academy
12-04. Birmingham - O2 Academy

* = Sick Of It All headlining shows

Sick Of It All at festivals 2010:
29.06. Borlänge - Love And Peace Festival (Sweden)
02.07. Roitzschjora - With Full force (Germany)

News - Heaven’s Basement Hit The Road

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Heaven’s Basement will be touring with Dear Superstar throughout February and March on the following dates:

Feb 2010
24th Peterborough, Club Revolution
25th Wakefield, The Hop
26th Bolton, Kico Club
27th Edinburgh, Studio 24
28th Inverness, Madhatters

March 2010
02nd Bristol, 02 Academy
05th Nottingham, Rock City
06th Cheltenham, Night Owl
07th Wolverhampton, Loose Lucee’s (Formerly Little Civic)
09th Leicester, The Musician
10th Birmingham, 02 Academy
11th Brighton, Engine Room
12th Hatfield Forum - Uni of Hertfordshire
13th Oxford, 02 Academy

Tickets from available from 0845 230 5595.

News - Are You Taking The Piss? It’s Really NOT Tropical.

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Is Tropical are set to release their debut single "When O’When" through Hitclub Records on the 18th of January.

Is Tropical and Egyptian Hip Hop have announced a joint UK headline tour in January and February:

Full dates are:

Is Tropical (~) and Egyptian Hip Hop (*)

Thurs 28th Jan - Start The Bus, Bristol * ~
Fri 29th Jan - Bungalow & Bears Sheffield ~
Fri 29th Jan - Soundcontrol, Manchester *
Sat 30th Jan - Stealth Vs Rescued, Nottingham * ~
Thurs 4th Feb - Stag’s Head, London *
Fri 5th Feb - Kraak Gallery, Manchester * ~
Sat 6th Feb - A Nation Of Shopkeepers, Leeds * ~
Sun 7th Feb - Captains Rest, Glasgow * ~
Mon 8th Feb - Mojo, Liverpool ~
Fri 19th Feb - Bungalow & Bears, Sheffield *
Sat 20th Feb - Evol at Korova, Liverpool *

Review - The Mission District - Just Don’t Feel The Same (Single)

The Mission District - Just Don’t Feel The Same (Single)

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6 out of 10

You may have seen Montreal based 5 piece The Mission District on their recent UK tour, their infectious blend of dance, pop and rock trekked across the country in November. A debut album ’Youth Games’ is due, and ’Just Don’t Feel The Same’ is taken from it.

The intro suggests that this song is perfect for the live environment, a simple beat ideal for fists pumping the air. The chorus is repetitive but not to the point of tedium, again it’s simple but effective, remarkably easy to sing along to. The airy bridge seems to unnaturally extend the song, though it gives the song a brief period of respite that all the most popular dance songs seem to have. Despite the easily accessible tune it just doesn’t stick in the head as you’d like and this is the songs Achilles heel. Quite why the vocals need slight distortion is beyond me, it suggests a certain futurism, but you can’t shake the feeling that Cher has wrecked this effect for everyone.

This is a reasonable attempt at the booming dance rock genre; however, it is hard to see The Mission District conquering the charts.


1. Just Don’t Feel The Same

News - Have You Ever Heard Of JLS?!

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JLS will release their new single called "One Shot" on the 22nd of February.

Arena tour dates for December:

FRI 03 Liverpool Echo Arena 0844 8000 400
SAT 04 Cardiff International Arena 029 2022 4488
MON 06 Bournemouth International Centre 0844 576 3000
TUE 07 Birmingham LG Arena 0844 338 8000
THU 09 London The O2 0844 856 0202
FRI 10th London The O2 0844 856 0202
SAT 11 Nottingham Trent FM Arena 0844 4124 624
MON 13 Glasgow SECC 0844 499 9990
TUE 14 Aberdeen AECC 0844 499 9990
THU 16 Manchester MEN Arena 0844 847 8000
FRI 17 Sheffield Arena 0114 256 5656
SAT 18 Newcastle Metro Radio Arena 0844 493 6666
MON 20th Manchester MEN Arena 0844 847 8000
TUE 21st Birmingham LG Arena 0844 338 8000
WED 22 London Wembley Arena 0844 815 0815

News - Rachael Dadd - Moth In The Motor

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Rachael Dadd’s new mini-album "Moth In The Motor" will be out on the 15th of February.

Submitted: "The limited edition (300 pressings) 10" vinyl will come with a hand-painted sleeve using a variety of lino-cuts created by Rachael herself. Every single sleeve will be different. The vinyl labels have also been hand painted, and every pressing will be hand numbered. Even the sleeve material is handmade. Every pressing will include a free digital version of the album, a bonus track, and a gorgeous stop motion animation. You can pre-order yours now by visiting our shop ( For those of you without a turntable, fear not, the album will be available digitally too from 15th Feb."

Rachael Dadd will be on tour with Alessi’s Ark on the following dates across the UK:

Feb 3rd - The Wilmington Arms - London
Feb 6th - Union Chapel (midday gig) - London
Feb 10th - Moles - Bath
Feb 11th - Buffalo Bar - Cardiff
Feb 12th - The Cube - Bristol
Feb 16th - The Haymakers - Cambridge
Feb 18th - The Birdcage - Norwich
Feb 21st - Nation of Shopkeepers -Leeds
Feb 22nd - Bungalows and Bears -Sheffield
Feb 24th - The Basement - York
Feb 26th - Album Launch & Exhibition at Cafe Oto - London
Feb 28th - Hamptons -Southampton

News - In The Hollows Split With Pala

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In The Hollows will release a split 10" / digital EP with Pala later this year through Mightier Than Sword Records. The band’s self-titled EP is out now.

News - Everything Remains With Eluveitie

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Eluveitie’s new album "Everything Remains (As It Never Was)" will be released on the 22nd of February through Nuclear Blast Records.

News - Arsis: Starve For The Devil

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Arsis’ new album "Starve For The Devil" will be released on the 8th of February through Nuclear Blast Records.

News - Vivian Girls UK Tour Starts Today

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Vivian Girls are on tour of the UK for the next couple of weeks starting today:

14-Jan Brighton - Freebutt
15-Jan Oxford - Jericho Tavern
16-Jan Birmingham - Academy 3
17-Jan Manchester - Deaf Institute
18-Jan Liverpool - Korova
20-Jan Glasgow - Captains Rest
21-Jan Newcastle - The Cluny
22-Jan Leeds - Brudenell Social Club
23-Jan Norwich - Arts Centre
24-Jan Southampton - Joiners Arms
25-Jan London - Trinity Centre Hall
26-Jan London - Hoxton Bar and Grill

Their latest album "Everything Goes Wrong" is out now through In The Red.

News - Kate Nash Reveals Details Of Album Two...

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Kate Nash’s new album, produced by Bernard Butler is finished with songs such as "Do-Wah Do", "Paris", "Kiss That Girl" and "Don’t You Wanna Share The Guilt" set to feature. When we get more details like release date, title etc we’ll be sure to post them on the site.

News - Fat Olive’s New Single Out Now

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Fat Olive have released their double A-side single "Vaquero / Awake" this week and it’s available through iTunes and all major download sites.

News - All Time Low - MTV Unplugged (Full Stream)

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You can stream the new "MTV Unplugged" set by All Time Low on Rhapsody ( and preview videos from the Unplugged taping on (

The CD is out now through Hopeless Records (

News - No Consequence / No Made Sense - March Tour

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No Consequence and No Made Sense will be touring together through Monday 1st March and Sunday 7th March. More details as we get them.

News - Walter Schreifels Debut Solo Album

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Submitted: "Big Scary Monsters Records (Kevin Devine, Talons, Pulled Apart By Horses) are delighted to announce that they’ll be releasing the debut solo album from Rival Schools/Quicksand/Gorilla Biscuits man, Walter Schreifels in April.

The 10 track album, ’An Open Letter To The Scene’, which includes covers of CIV’s ’Don’t Gotta Prove It’ and ’Society Sucker’ by Agnostic Front, will be released around the world by a number of awesome labels, including Academy Fight Song in the US and Arctic Rodeo in Germany.

’Arthur Lee’s Lullaby’, the opening track from the record, is this weeks installment in BSM’s 52-part ’10 Collection subscription series. Get it now by signing up for just £15 at

Walter, who is currently touring Australia, will be hitting Europe this spring."

News - You Are Under The Alphabeat Spell

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Alphabeat will be releasing their new album "The Spell" through Polydor Records on the 1st of March with new single "Hole In My Heart" out on the 22nd of February.

The group will be supporting Lady Gaga on her Monster Ball tour around the UK:

18-Feb-10 Manchester MEN Arena
22-Feb-10 Belfast Odyssey Arena
24-Feb-10 Liverpool Echo Arena
26-Feb-10 London O2 Arena
27-Feb-10 London O2 Arena
1-Mar-10 Glasgow SECC
3-Mar-10 Cardiff International Arena
4-Mar-10 Newcastle Metro Radio Arena
5-Mar-10 Birmingham LG Arena
7-Mar-10 Sheffield Arena
8-Mar-10 Nottingham Trent FM Arena

Tickets are available from or via the 24hr hotline 08444 775 775.

News - The Soul Man; Lemar

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Lemar will release his new single "The Way Love Goes" on the 14th of February with a greatest hits called "The Hits" following on the 1st of March.

"The Hits" Track Listing:

2. 50/50

News - Tom McRae Free Download

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Submitted: "Tom McRae has announced that he will be giving away a free track leading up to the release of his forthcoming album, The Alphabet of Hurricanes (due for release on Monday 22nd February 2010). Out of the Walls, will be available for 2 weeks only from Thursday 14th January at

Live dates:


Mon 22nd Newcastle Academy 2
Tues 23rd Leeds Brudenell Club
Weds 24th & 25th Glasgow King Tut's
Sat 27th Manchester Club Academy
Sun 28th Liverpool Academy 2


Mon 1st Nottingham Rescue Rooms
Tues 2nd Birmingham Glee Club
Thurs 4th Cambridge Junction
Fri 5th Oxford Academy
Sat 6th Brighton Concorde
Sun 7th Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
Sun 14th Belfast Spring & Airbrake
Tues 16th Bristol Academy 2
Weds 17th London Scala

Tickets for all shows are on sale now."

News - It’s Raining Creed...

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Creed’s latest single is "Rain" which will be released on the 15th of February through Virgin Records. Head on over to our Multimedia section ( to check out the video for the single.

News - Cosmo Jarvis And The Crazy Screwed Up Lady

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Cosmo Jarvis’ new digital single will be "Crazy Screwed Up Lady" released on the 14th of March through Wall of Sound.

Live dates supporting Sunshine Underground as follows:

1st Feb - Sunderland, Independent
2nd Feb - Newcastle, Academy 2
3rd Feb - Glasgow, ABC
5th Feb - Manchester, Ritz
6th Feb - Liverpool, Academy 2
8th Feb - Preston, 53 Degrees
9th Feb - Sheffield, Plug
10th Feb - Stoke, Sugarmill
12th Feb - Derby, The Venue
13th Feb - Coventry, Kasbah
14th Feb - Norwich, Waterfront
16th Feb - Southampton, University
17th Feb - Brighton, Digital
18th Feb - London, Koko
19th Feb - Leeds, Academy

News - Hammerfall Return To The UK

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Hammerfall will return to the UK this May for a six date tour.

May 01, 2010 Manchester Academy 2 0161 832 1111
May 02, 2010 Glasgow Cathouse 0871 230 7731
May 03, 2010 Sheffield Corporation 0114 276 0262
May 04, 2010 Nottingham Rescue Rooms 0871 310 0000
May 05, 2010 Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall 0870 320 7000
May 06, 2010 London Electric Ballroom 0871 230 5595

Tickets also available from, 0871 230 5595 and usual outlets

The album "No Sacrifice, No Victory" is out now on Nuclear Blast.