Thursday, 21 January 2010

Review - The Exhibition - 4 Track Demo EP

The Exhibition - 4 Track Demo EP

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5 out of 10

You'd expect a band from Barnsley to be no easy listen and so it is with The Exhibition. Darker than Doves, sounding like the Arctic Monkeys a few years down the line, after they've really let themselves go. 'Shoegaze' has been mentioned in connection with the band - I can only think this is the kind of shoe gazing one does if one doesn't wish to have one's face filled in. Otherwise, Slowdive it most definitely isn't. A singularly dour Yorkshire vocal tops a frenetic pile-up of indie riffage which could have come from any point in the last fifteen years. So, nothing spectacular or new, then, but as I said - this is Barnsley. Take it or leave it.


1. The Boy and the Tearaway
2. Bright New Worlds
3. Things That Hide In The Dark
4. Reaction

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