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Review - Various - Piskie Sits/The Spills - Dogs Are Faithful, Cats Are Clever (Split EP)

Various - Piskie Sits/The Spills - Dogs Are Faithful, Cats Are Clever (Split EP)

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7 out of 10

Following in the footsteps of their American alt. rock influences, this split EP from Wakefield residents The Spills and Piskie Sits is an excellent DIY release that also upkeeps Yorkshire's indie rock reputation. It's unsurprising that the latter have played the Leeds Festival and won the approval of the New Steve Lamaq, Huw Stevens, while the former are one the most popular bands among their peers, members of The Cribs, The Pigeon Detectives, Duels and The Research are all fans. Ryan Jarman wouldn't do his fledgling production career any harm by working with them in the future either; The Spills and The Cribs are definitely kindred spirits.

Going off 'Ghost Of The Day', The Spills have the potential to follow the Jarmans into indie's big time as well. The first song here is on the scale of Editors but with the rough & ready spirit of Kings Of Leon and a riff that could have been on 'Absolution'. 'Testing' is more rawk but owes as much to the Pixies (The breathy, scary-seduction deliver of Black Francis) as The Pigeon Detectives (A catchy, shouting chorus).

Piskie Sits are more obviously influenced by revered US bands such as Pavement and Sebadoh and are a contrast to The Spills slickness. 'Sonic Oof' is a spot on and brilliantly named Sonic Youth pastiche/homage, with singer Craig Hale sounding just like Thurston Moore. He sounds more like J. Mascis on 'Out', highlighted by the use of Dinosaur Jr. fuzziness, but this feels like the real Piskie Sits, it's too warm and lovely not to be. There are potential stars and cult heroes on display here.


1. The Spills - Ghost Of The Day
2. Piskie Sits - Sonic Oof
3. The Spills - Testing
4. Piskie Sits - Out

Review - Our Own Devices - All Have Gone

Our Own Devices - All Have Gone

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8 out of 10

They're called Extended Players for a reason I guess, and the term 'EP' has rarely been more appropriate than here because this is one is nearly 40 minutes long, albeit with almost ten minutes of silence before a hidden track at the end. Self-released on the label co-run with Cats And Cats And Cats, this is London-based Our Own Devices second EP and it deals in all the posts: -rock, -hardcore, -punk, and even post-metal on the two minutes of shimmering drone snuck in at the end of 'Hate Will Make Us Powerful Lovers'. The doomy bass and screechy, scratching guitar and vocals that build up to 'Lucky Needle's' excellent clattercore also have a metal quality, but there is still a suggestion of Cats' sparkling euphoria.

OOD are a genuinely experimental rock band, messing with time signatures, break downs, off-kilter arrangements, volume and speed on 'Polecats', while 'Harridan's Heart' is a dysphoria of progressive emo, with its dark synth buzz, subdued guitar manglings and occasionally muffled vocals. The best song here, however, is 'Falling Off Little Walls'. Propelled by a heavy bass synth (Think One Day As A Lion), it's searing, compulsive jerky punk rock.

The less direct songs are also worthy note. 'Someone Else's Blood' is an exceptional post-rock mini-epic, like Sigur Rós but with proper singing and a drum machine, while the lengthy closing track is, the rest of 'All Have Gone', captivating almost throughout.


1. Lucky Needle
2. Polecats
3. Harridan's Heart
4. Someone Else's Blood
5. Falling Off Little Walls
6. Hate Will Make Us Powerful Lovers

Review - Various - The First Brainwash Compilation

Various - The First Brainwash Compilation

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8 out of 10

There have been a number of top quality alt. rock and indie compilations released so far this year, like FatCat's recent sampler, 'Alcopopular Volume 2's' excellent indie-pop selections and the last 'Rough Trade Shops Counter Culture' collection. Add to them 'The First Brainwash Compilation', from the Leeds promoters Brainwash who've put together a compilation of some of the bets bands they've put on, and put out with their sister record label Children No More.

Not only is it an exceptionally good line-up of bands, including Jetplane Landing and artists on the rise such as Youthmovies, Vessels, Dinosaur Pile-Up and Jonquil, but it's testament to the Brainwash team that they've been granted exclusives by Red Stars Parade (Brutal post-hardcore; I'm not entirely sure if they've got vocal chords any more), the Netherlands' We vs. Death (Imposing post-rock), and randomNumber (Brain tapping Chris Clark/Kieran Hebden inspired electronica).

It's the 'big' names mentioned above that really make this compilation a must have document. The beatific post-folk of Jonquil is a wonderful start (See also the more sober acoustic sounds of Paul Marshall's 'The Horsewoman Came Home'), and things carry one getting grander with Vessels - continuing their progression from post-rock to stadium rock - and Youthmovies, who sound like genuine challengers to Arcade Fire on 'Shh! You'll Wake It'.

The seriousness is broken up by Jetplane Landing's ramshackle rap-rock tribute to "the only punk band left in America", the delightfully silly (But ultimately true) 'Why Do They Never Play Les Savy Fav On The Radio?', and Pulled Apart By Horses frantic AC/DC-Blood Brothers hybrid. Dinosaur Pile-Up's contribution isn't even close to being their best song but it's still top Johnny Foreigner style indie-punk. With songs like these, hopefully there'll be a second Brainwash Compilation sometime soon.


1. Jonquil - Intro/Lions (edit)
2. Red Stars Parade - Jack O'Knives
3. Jetplane Landing - Why Do They Never Play Les Savy Fav On The Radio?
4. Wintermute - Shark vs. E-Boat
5. These Monsters - Fleets Of Black Hovercraft Anchored In Space (featuring 7 Hertz)
6. Paul Marshall - The Horsewoman Came Home
7. randomNumber - Crosets
8. Vessels - Clear And Calm
9. Youthmovies - Shh! You'll Wake It
10. Pulled Apart By Horses - I Punched A Lion In The Throat
11. Year Of The Man - Deus Vult
12. Dinosaur Pile-Up - I Get My Direction From.
13. We vs. Death - 'Golden Medals'
14. Humanfly - Heavy Black Snow (featuring Rose Kemp)

Review - Incommunicado - Losing Daylight

Incommunicado - Losing Daylight

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8 out of 10

'Incommunicado' means that you're without the means or right to communicate, which doesn't apply to the Pittsburgh five piece of the same name because they're one of the most exciting punk and hardcore bands of the year. Their anti-war, anti-Big Business, anti-Republican message might be one we've heard before but the way they deliver it has won them fans in Anti-Flag and Against Me! They've got passion, intensity and sincerity, and combine elements of some the best (And most politicised) punk rock bands of the past decade: At The Drive-In, The Bled, Gallows, Million Dead, Rage and System Of A Down. There are similarities too between vocalist Chris Feigh and Cedric Bixler-Zavala, with 'Writing For Profits And Belt Buckles' being particularly reminiscent of 'Relationship Of Command'.

They can pick out a good melody amongst the noise too, just as Nirvana or Green Day can, like on the Fugazi-esque 'Electrode Cathode' and 'Detachments', where the guitars and rhythm section go off on completely different tangents but meet in middle brilliantly. 'Salt'll Break Your Teeth' recalls RATM with Feigh's venomous shouting-cum-rapping, but it's 'Knee Deep' and 'Fingernails On The Chalkboard' that contain lines which will cut closest to the bone of the American establishment: "A plane, collision, a bomb, a war, unjust decision", Feigh rasps on the latter. Ouch.

It's all over in less than 30 minutes, but they still fit plenty in that shows of their skills. 'Ratings' has hints of the angsty country rock of Murder By Death, while the understated 'Carlos De Inferno' could be sung round an alternative campfire. Definitely ones to keep an eye on and put a fist in the air for.


1. Progression
2. Writing For Profits And Belt Buckles
3. Electrode Cathode
4. Faces To The Floor
5. Ratings
6. Knee Deep
7. Carlos De Inferno
8. Detachments
9. Salt'll Break Your Teeth
10. Regret Connector
11. Ribcage
12. Fingernails On The Chalkboard

Review - The Verve - Love Is Noise (Single)

The Verve - Love Is Noise (Single)

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6 out of 10

So this is the first Verve single to be released since 1998s Sonnet and one thing you can say for them is that they really like to forge their own way when it comes to their music. Never having been a huge fan of The Verve I felt I could approach Love is Noise with any preconceptions about what it should sound like.

The issue is that the incessant chanting of whatever you call them throughout the whole song is nothing short of annoying and giving me a headache after listening to it a few times. I feel that without them the song would be a sublime offering with intricate guitars and very upbeat drums, maybe a little dull but a nice song. However they do have them and for that I'm really starting to dislike it.A LOT!


1. Love Is Noise (Radio Edit)
2. Love Is Noise (Album Version)

Review - The Undertones - Dig Yourself Deep (Single)

The Undertones - Dig Yourself Deep (Single)

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5 out of 10

The hard thing about being in a band is topping your greatest hit or your greatest album. So many bands live in the shadow of one song or one album that made them big & then strive for years to top that achievement. But eventually, and inevitably, bands just give up, cut their losses and live off the royalties of their finest hour. But what if you had always thought yourself a career musician and that you would consistently make great music that people would love? And what if your first ever single was described as "The Greatest Song of All Time" by one of the most influential voices in music? What would you do then? The Undertones kept knocking on the door.

And they still haven't been let in. Having their hay day in 1978 when Teenage Kicks hit the shelves & airwaves, The Undertones have, frankly, failed to follow it up with anything of note. Now, having been around for 33 years & releasing loads of albums and even more "Best Ofs" The Undertones are releasing another single "Dig Yourself Deep". The single comes from their latest album of the same name.

"Dig Yourself Deep" isn't a bad track but it's not exactly going to win the Mercury Music Prize. It's bland, radio friendly & doesn't really have any substance. The riffs are ok, the whole sound of the track is nice if not a bit guitar heavy on the mixing but its such a middle of the road song that there's not really much you can say about it.

For people who like their music to go into their ears with minimal thought required.


1. Dig Yourself Deep
2. Fight My Corner
3. Tomorrows Tears

Review - The Arusha Accord - Nightmares Of The Ocean

The Arusha Accord - Nightmares Of The Ocean

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6 out of 10

It's a good job that Sikth have just split up, because it means that people should see this EP as a homage rather than blatant plagiarism. Weird, constantly changing time signatures, lurching bass lines, even two singers yelping and screeching in amongst the insanity. It's enough to make any intellectual property lawyer go ahead and buy that second yacht.

There are a few things that should save them from the courts though, such as the greater sense of melody, with quieter and more straightforward sections cropping up throughout, even going so far as using harmonised vocals at certain points. Don't think these bits make the listen any easier though, as the band still dive back into discord at a moment's notice. Think the more recent Dillinger Escape Plan material, or the bits when Faith No More decided they didn't actually hate everybody (I assume these are the reference points the band were going for, but at some points I just couldn't stop thinking that the vocals were somewhat reminiscent of Lostprophets).

Unfortunately, these more restrained sections have come at the price of volume and straightforward aggression. If this was a cut and paste job, they seem to have missed out those bits where Sikth would drop the pretentiousness, settle into a groove and just allow you to bang your head, if only for 10 seconds at a time. That was where Sikth were fun, and while these guys are obviously very talented, I just don't seem to be smiling as much as I could be.


1. The New Face Of Revenge
2. Death Of Thieves
3. Solstice
4. Nightmares Of The Ocean
5. Night Of The Long Knives

Review - Envy On The Coast - Envy On The Coast EP

Envy On The Coast - Envy On The Coast EP

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4 out of 10

Sometimes I just hit brick wall of vocabulary. Every now and then, I hear a band that falls strictly into a category I like to call the "Mum" category. I call it this because my Mum always taught that if I haven't got anything nice to say, say nothing at all. The main reason that a band falls into the "Mum" category is lack of originality and that is precisely why Envy On The Coast find their way tumbling into the black hole of my "Mum".

I could spend the entirety of this review listing bands that sound exactly like Envy On The Coast such as Saosin or Taking Back Sunday. I could spend the entirety of this review listing things I find more interesting than this music such as ironing my socks or giant squid. However, I'm a professional. The thing about this record is that it's exceptionally easy to listen to and not in a good way. The heavier bits are rounded in such a way that they sound pleasant whereas the quiet bits are louder so they don't sound so quiet. This all means that the record slips into your ears easily however, it means the record has zero dynamics. There is no impact, no hammer, no balls to any of it. The musicianship of the EP is excellent. Smooth guitaring, tight drums & nice clean vocals. All the elements are there to make a good record but it's completely destroyed by the radio friendly production. I think if this record had some balls then I might like it a touch but as it is it's just a pop record dressed up like a post hardcore one. I think that's my biggest gripe with this record, this band and this genre of music. All the elements are there to make great records but instead of writing a good post hardcore record everyone seems to be writing pop songs with riffs.

Straight to the "Mum" category, do not pass go, do not collect £200.


1. Paperback
2. You Won't Hear This
3. Temper Temper
4. Suckerpunch
5. Green Eyes Don't Lie

Review - Johnny Truant - No Tears For The Creatures

Johnny Truant - No Tears For The Creatures

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7 out of 10

Currently in the midst of a massive tour, it's unlikely that among the fire and the fury of a Johnny Truant live show that the subtleties of narrative and the depth of thought that has gone into this flawed but ambitious record come across. From first song to last, from front cover to back cover (Well, maybe not the back cover, that's just a plain old track listing); 'No Tears For The Creatures' is a more complex affair than your average metalcore record.

The symbolic images of wolves and rats feature throughout 'No Tears.', as does the Biblical and Miltonian End Of Days imagery. There are the slobbering fangs of rats and two headed wolves in the artwork, and the lyrics are scattered with references to the apocalypse, lambs, saviours, shepherds, kings and Jesus himself. The last song's title is even directly paraphrased from the Bible: 'The Weeping, Wailing, And Gnashing Of Teeth'. Combined with the slow, thick-as-tar trudge of 'Last Arms Of The Apocalypse' that speeds up into something more fiery, it's pretty scary stuff.

It's not all this intriguing, and 'The Grotesque' is generic, chugging metalcore. It's impenetrable partly due to Olly Mitchell's growl and partly because the lyrics are nonsense about leading undead zombie animals or something. 'Death Rides' adds Bronx/Gallows style riffs, while 'Widower', which features Wade MacNeil of Alexisonfire, is the twin of 'Rolling With The Punches'.

The album's mid-section, bar the discordant 'Crush And Devour' which is metalcore but with both wiry guitars and Muse-size riffs, is straightforward, but on the last three songs Johnny Truant really come of age. 'Sunshine Diver' could be a decent Hydra Head release, while the post-metal build ups in 'Fog Lights' and 'The Weeping.' focus on creating mood and atmosphere rather than using brute force, making them all the more powerful. Mitchell's howl is used minimally and for optimum effect. If this is a hint at their future direction then Johnny Truant could become very exciting indeed.


1. The Grotesque
2. Death Rides
3. Last Arms Of The Apocalypse
4. Widower
5. Crush And Devour
6. In Alcoholica
7. Dead Ships Sinking
8. Sunshine Diver
9. Fog Lights
10. The Weeping, Wailing, And Gnashing Of Teeth

Review - Intraverse - Confessions

Intraverse - Confessions

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7 out of 10

I picked up this CD from Intraverse when they played at The Fly in London's West End, I was very impressed by how tight they were on stage and they instantly impressed me. And so when I asked if I could have a CD to review, they gave me 2! So here is the first one 'Confessions', as it is the older recording I thought it only logical to do it in this order.

This album does not disappoint, even though it was recorded 5 years ago it still has a fresh sound. Mixing funky bass lines with intricate guitars, very detailed drumming and user-friendly (For want a of a better phrase) vocals on top. There are definitely comparisons that can be made with the Chili Peppers and System of a Down.

But also there is something about this band that I cannot pin down and can only think that it must be their original element of their sound that sets them apart from other bands of today. Stand out track for me is 'Shorestone' which had me humming it whilst shopping at the supermarket, after only hearing it once!


1. Shore Stone
2. Confessions
3. Cold
4. Rethink (Pseudo Psyche)
5. What’s Your Name?
6. Restless
7. Funky Stick
8. Buy It

Review - The Hollow Earth Theory - Rise Of Agartha

The Hollow Earth Theory - Rise Of Agartha

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3 out of 10

The Hollow Earth Theory paid for a 2 month stint in Sweden with Fredrik Nordstom producing this album by themselves and have played with a nice long list of name bands. That begs the question, why hasn’t any of that rubbed off on them?

Technically proficient and possessing of a big sound (More production than anything else) it's just the slightly dated feel that the majority of tracks have. Opener "Rise of Agartha Pt1" so clearly lifts the melody (Previously stolen by Papa Roach) of Iron Maidens "Fear Of The Dark" before the standard Killswitch/AVX esque riffing comes in. Melodic vocals that swap between throaty shouting and "crooning" dominate the mix quite heavily.

I really can’t think of anything else to really say about this. It's well played and performed but without this shit hot production they wouldn’t sound anywhere near as good as they do. Nothing to raise them above the millions of other melodic metal bands that play every pub and shit hole in this god-forsaken country. If you like Exit Ten, Killswitch Engage and Avenged Sevenfold and you want to listen to an inferior version of these then by all means give The Hollow Earth Theory a go.

Sadly I don’t.



1. Rise Of Agartha Pt1
2. Steps Of Solomon
3. Transmission
4. Epidemic
5. City Of The Damned
6. Hostage
7. Hero before Dawn
8. A Hundred Suns
9. The Serpent
10. North Star
11. Tempus Terminus
12. Rise of Agartha Pt2

Review - Palehorse - Habitual Linestepper

Palehorse - Habitual Linestepper

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9 out of 10

It's about fuckin' time as well! Palehorse are seriously one of the best bands in this country right now. It's been all quiet on the radar since the release of "Gee That Ain’t Swell" back in 2002. A damn fine record but nowhere near their live force. 2 vocalists, 2 bassists and a drummer that batters his kit to pieces. Outstanding.

Well, they have disappeared, recruited another vocalist, new bassist and finally this EP as a teaser for an album to follow. What does signal bad news is the loss of vocalist Seedi, this being his last recordings with the band.

Anyhow, on with the positive. The most notable change in the Palehorse camp is the move away from the droning, doom esque workouts of their debut. This is an altogether groovier beast, more in line with their live sound and presence. "Waited" is a clever start. Sampling the final track of their debut, "Sunstarvedday" and building it up with drone and swells in preparation for "What Community...." and its huge rolling groove. Joint vocals are screamed out. Sometimes in unison, sometimes call and response, sometimes overlapping each other. But it's the bass sound that is king here. Clanking, distorted, rough but with so much low-end pulling through the noise and clammer.

As the EP continues there is a notable lean towards the old quiet/loud dynamic. But it's in no way tiring to hear. Almost Fugazi like at times then recalling Iron Monkey at others, all the while still being Palehorse.

An outstanding effort by the Londoners. Outstanding.


1. Waited
2. What Community, What Scheme
3. I’m Afraid We’re Still In Wheelchairs
4. We Cannot love You
5. The Guiltiest Secret

Review - End The Century - Hammer And The Anvil

End The Century - Hammer And The Anvil

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4 out of 10

Straight out of the starting blocks, the double bass pedalling begins, closely followed by some razor-sharp guitar-work and an impenetrable guttural roar, and you know immediately where this is going. It's the same place that every other metalcore/screamo release from the past five years has gone - absolutely nowhere. The press release promises innovation, progression, exalting End The century as a band to take us into the next decade. Unfortunately this is nothing you and I haven't heard before. (And whether you think I'm talking about the music or the hype at this point is entirely up to you).

Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh, but for every plus point I can think of, there's something to counter it. For example -

There's some excellent musicianship on show, especially from drummer Chase Whitney (A metalcore band name in itself, if ever I saw one), but that's to be expected these days, with your Black Tides and Rolo Tomassis becoming virtuosos and getting record deals before they've even finished high school.

The production is crisp and powerful for a self-released CD, but anyone with Pro-tools and an empty garage can probably do the same.

'Entr'aote' slows everything down to try and show a bit of variety, but the vocals are still barked out, so it doesn't really fit.

When the clean vocal lines do show up, it just feels like they've decided to shove them in to seem a bit more accessible (Unnecessary really, as I'm sure they'll be a shoo-in for the local support slot on whatever As I Lay Dying/Underoath/Still Remains tour happens to be rolling through their town).

Unless you wear nothing but black skinny fit clothing, and accessorize your asymmetric haircut with snakebite piercings and a scowl, you probably don't need to consider this an essential purchase.


1. Glass Walls
2. City Lights
3. Recluse
4. Shooting Blanks
5. Entr'aote
6. Science In Sleep

Review - Hybrid - The 8th Plague

Hybrid - The 8th Plague

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7 out of 10

An apocalyptic concept album involving insects. Super sweet by all accounts. Spanish extreme, deathly tech-metal, with added Bossa Nove, Latin and free jazz sections according to the PR blurb. The free jazz surfaces in an intro breakdown with a walking bassline ("Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder"), the others don’t really surface in any easily identifiable way.

That misunderstanding aside, you are left with some very heavy, ADHD, tech workouts. Swinging from chug to groove to blast to grind and back again, like an eyelash hooked up to a 20v battery, it certainly shows the band's technical skill. The drums are mega tight and the guitars have the requisite bottom end heaviness needed. Dissonance is thrown into the mix at intervals drawing comparisons (In my head at least!) with "Obscura" era Gorguts. Obviously this is nowhere near that DM master piece but it's not bad. Imagine Gorguts, Into The Moat and Candiria co-owning a studio, then imagine a pissed up late night dick about on the equipment, then imagine someone leaning on the record button by accident. This is more than likely what that accidental recording would sound like. Absolutely playing to its target audience, the only gripe is the vocals. As with a lot of tech music the vocals tend to be the one weak point. While there is nothing wrong here really, the monotony does get to you after a few listens.

That said " Ashes Of Babylon" is pretty sweet and slow.


1. Hundred Years Ocean
2. Soul Prelapse
3. Sleep Of The Defeated
4. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
5. Sun Burnt
6. Cocoon/Metamorphosis/Eclosion
7. The Omega Swarm
8. Ashes Of Babylon

News - Shinedown To Support Disturbed

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Shinedown have been confirmed as support to Disturbed on their upcoming October UK tour:

Sat 4 LONDON Brixton Academy
Tues 7 GLASGOW Academy
Wed 8 NOTTINGHAM Rock City
Fri 10 BIRMINGHAM Academy

Their next single "Devour" is scheduled for release in December and their album "Sound Of Madness" for early 2009.

News - The Greatest Hits Of...Shaggy!

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Shaggy is getting the greatest hits treatment in the form of new CD "The Boombastic Collection" which will be released on August the 25th through Universal Records.

The track listing will be:


The digital version includes "Me Julie", Shaggy’s duet with Ali G, as a digital exclusive.

News - Civet Have The Fury

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Civet are set to release their Hellcat Records debut album entitled "Hell Hath No Fury" on September the 8th.

News - Ed Graham No Longer In Stone Gods

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Ed Graham (Drummer) is no longer part of Stone Gods. This statement doesn’t really say if he left or he was sacked, but here it is in full:

"It is with great sadness that the Stone Gods have announced the permanent departure of drummer and founding member Ed Graham.

The band conducted their recent sell-out UK tour minus Ed, when he took ill a few days prior to the start. Temporary replacement tub thumper came in the form of ex-Bush drummer Robin Goodridge, who joined them on tour playing both Download and the Isle of Wight Festivals.

This departure has meant the guys are unable to appear at the Wacken Festival as planned.

No permanent replacement has yet been found...WATCH THIS SPACE!!"

News - Gizeh Are No Sleepingdog Though

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Sleepingdog have signed to Gizeh Records and the album "Polar Life" will be released on September 29th as a CD and download. Pre-orders are now available over at their online store. The first 50 pre-orders will receive a mega-limited edition CDr of new Sleepingdog songs that were written and recorded after "Polar Life". Head over to here for that:

There are a few UK shows coming up in September:

22nd Newcastle (Head of Steam) w/ Glissando
24th Manchester (Dry Bar) w/ Glissando
27th Leeds (Packhorse) Gizeh vs Forest of Sound night

News - Tortuga - Kings Of Albany CD News

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Submitted by IATDE Records: "Things have been held up a bit on the Tortuga album ’Kings of Albany’ but we’ve heard about 7 rough mixes and it’s gonna be well worth the wait, more news as soon as we have it. In the meantime we’ve added one of their tracks from the demo onto our myspace page. "Imagine Cult Of Luna thrown headfirst into a vortex and you’re wasting time meditating on bullshit descriptives instead of checking out one of the United Kingdom’s darkest hopes" Drowned In Sound.

This is taken from their Demo "The Cold" which we listened to for about 1 minute before we had to get in contact with them to join IATDE Records.

It’s at track 5 on our player at so you’ll have to scroll down the player but it will be worth the scrolling!!"

News - Send More Paramedics Cassette Tape

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Submitted: "We now have available only 14 of the Send More Paramedics Cassette Tape.

One side the original demo tape, the other 8 unreleased tracks include a re-recorded version of "Zombiefied". Previously only on sale on their last tour before their demise.

Go to to order."

News - Portugal. The Man & Equal Vision Records

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Portugal. The Man have announced a new deal with Equal Vision Records, see below for the press release:

"As the music industry continues to adapt to allow artists to be more involved in their careers - an act that was perhaps accelerated by Radiohead’s most recent release - and the band’s desire to cater more to their fans, Portugal. The Man and their label and publishing company, Approaching AIRBalloons, and Equal Vision Records have inked a unique agreement, it has been announced. The first release under this exceptional deal will be P.TM’s third full-length CD, Censored Colors, set for a September 16, 2008 release.

One of the factors that makes this partnership so unique is that the members of Portugal. The Man will share in the risk as well as in the rewards with Equal Vision, something that is easier for a Platinum act (like Radiohead) than a developing artist.Having self-financed the "Censored Colors" album, and while they had other label options, P.TM welcomed the idea of having an "open canvas" with Equal Vision, where they could work at their own pace and be intimately involved in all factors of their recording career.

Under the mainstream radar, Portugal. The Man has garnered an incredible buzz with the release of two earlier full-length CDs, 2006’s Walter: "You Vultures!" and 2007’s Church Mouth (the latter of which debuted on the Billboard Top Alternative New Artists chart at luck #13), and three EPs, The Pines, the Devil (2006), Devil Say I, I Say Air (digital EP, 2006), and It’s Complicated Being a Wizard (2007). They have amassed kudos from an array of media outlets like Filter ("Portugal The Man hasn’t merely evolved from the avant-garde, neo-soul that shaped their earliest works, they’ve transcended it") and Alternative Press ("’s the songs that truly set this band apart").

Portugal. The Man's unique sound has its roots firmly in front man/songwriter John Baldwin Gourley's abstract vision and unique upbringing. Gourley was raised in a remote log cabin on the outskirts of Wasilla, Alaska that was powered by a generator and had no phone. His mom and dad doubled as a team of dog sled musher’s. Add in an extended period of homelessness, a love of science fiction and a desire to make music that does not sound like every other band, and the genesis of Portugal. The Man was formed. Gourley and childhood friend Zachary Scott Carothers formed P.TM in 2003 with Portland, OR's Jason Sechrist joining in 2005. To this day, PTM employs a rotating cast of guest musicians outside of the core four. Gourley is also an accomplished visual artist having created the stunning artwork for the "Censored Colors" package as well as P.TM's previous releases, tour posters, t-shirts and other items.)"

News - The Fully Down Are Over

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The Fully Down have called it a day, here’s the statement:

""Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing." -Oscar Wilde

As some of you may have heard, we’ve decided to call it a day. It was not an easy decision for any of us, but it got to the point where people began to become interested in other things, and we couldn’t put enough into the band anymore. As people began to leave to pursue other projects, it became harder and harder to find replacements and still believe that we were the same band. In no way is there any bad blood between any us, and I’m sure some of will work together again on some new musical endeavors.

The four years that we were involved in TFD were not always easy, but definitely left us with some incredible memories. From our first east coast Canadian tours, to our epic US tours, to our time in Japan, we’ve shared the stage with some amazing bands, and met some of the nicest people this earth has to offer. For the sake of fear of leaving anybody out, were going to refrain from individual thank yous in this note. But to all the bands we played with (or at least the rad ones), all the people that offered us a place to stay on the road, everyone that picked up some merch so we could eat, everyone that came to one of our shows or listened to our records, and especially all of our close friends and families that supported us as we attempted this crazy dream.. THANK YOU. We couldn’t have gotten half as far as we did without your help.

Moving forward. While we are all sad that this had to end, we’re all excited about the future. Alex is going solo, Dan’s playing with a couple of bands, and George is doing live sound on tour with Protest the Hero. I’ll post some links at the end of the message. Bricks, Kris, and Justin, are always up to something crazy, so check back on our myspace from time to time, and we’ll keep you up to date on what people are up to. We’re also going to post some unreleased tracks, and some songs from Don’t Get Lost that we never put on our myspace. So enjoy!

The good news: We got one final show coming up. and it’s gonna be a serious party. On August 23rd The Fully Down will play its final performance at Zaphod’s in Ottawa. Were going to do a lot of songs from both No Fate. and Don’t Get Lost in a Movement, as well as a couple songs we wrote with Justin. Our original singer Gab is gonna do a bunch of songs with us too. Brights will be opening the show (check them out if you haven’t cause they’re rad). We’re really sorry to all our friends/fans that don’t live in Ottawa that wanted to see us. but we would definitely be stoked if anybody took a road trip to Ottawa for the 23rd.

We still check the myspace and would love to hear from you guys.
Thanks for everything.


Alex’s page
Next show at Mavericks in Ottawa August 1st

Dan’s playing with Crush Buildings on August 2nd at Zaphods in Ottawa
and with Amos the Transparent August 17th at Cravefest Video Awards in Toronto

Find George on tour this fall with Protest the Hero

p.s. If anybody is interested in purchasing our 2001 15 passenger Ford E-350 Clubwagon for $5000, drop us a line at or send us a message on myspace"

News - And There Will Be Norma Jean

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Norma Jean have added their song "And There Will Be A Swarm Of Hornets" to their MySpace page.

News - Newcomers: This Summer Sunrise

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Submitted: "This Summer Sunrise, a new 5 piece female pop punk band from Weston-super-Mare have just uploaded their first demo "Save Your Goodbyes" to their MySpace page."

News - The Maple State July Update

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The Maple State have posted an update:

"First of all we'd like to thank everyone who came out to any of the gigs we played over the past couple of weeks; we've never experienced such a warm welcome in every town before and tours like that are why we continue to love being in this band. Special thanks to those people at the Leeds Fenton show for making it one of the most memorable gigs we've ever had the pleasure of playing.
Moving forward, we're going to set up a Street Team and again we'll need your help. We're looking at get 2 or 3 people from each main town in the UK to help promote our tours and releases, hitting up forums on the global interweb, handing out flyers locally, I'm sure you know how it works.

We'll be getting some limited edition shirts printed up just for Street Team members and everyone who joins up will get a free CD of new music we've been working on. You'll get free guest list places on any gigs we play in your area and will continue to get loads more top stuff from us in the future.

If you're interested in joining our official The Maple State 'Street Team' then contact us through our myspace or at

Schools a bummer, have a great summer.

Love from,
The Maple State band."

Live dates:

Thursday 7th August Hobbits - WestonSuperMare
Friday 8th August The Orange Box - Yeovil
Saturday 9th August Face Bar - Reading

News - Farewell Might Finally Make It To The UK...

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Submitted: "Farewell and Houston Calls are confirmed as the support acts for You Me At Six’s tour in October."

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

News - Flobots (Nb: Not Transformers)

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Flobots will have a single out called "Handlebars" on the 15th of September

News - Are You At All In Love With Them Though?

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Mystery Jets are going to release their single "Half In Love With Elizabeth" through 679 Recordings on the 25th of August on CD, 7" and digital download.

October tour dates:

20 Leeds Cockpit
21 Sheffield Leadmill
22 Norwich Waterfront
23 London Astoria
25 Glasgow QMU
26 Manchester Academy
27 Birmingham Glee Club
28 Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms

News - No Made Sense UK Tour

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No Made Sense are touring in August, and here’s the dates in full:

1 Aug 2008 | Evolution w/ Cilice + If Fire Would Fall | Southend
2 Aug 2008 | The Tubman w/ Cilice + If Fire Would Fall | Hastings
3 Aug 2008 | Bedford Park w/ Cilice + If Fire Would Fall | London
4 Aug 2008 | Railway Club w/ Cilice + If Fire Would Fall | Portsmouth
5 Aug 2008 | The Nags Head w/ Cilice + If Fire Would Fall | High Wycombe
7 Aug 2008 | Scruffy Murphy's w/ Cilice + If Fire Would Fall | Birmingham
8 Aug 2008 | Hotel California w/ Cilice + If Fire Would Fall | Liverpool
9 Aug 2008 | B2 w/ Cilice + If Fire Would Fall | Norwich
10 Aug 2008 | Portland Arms w/ Cilice + If Fire Would Fall | Cambridge
14 Aug 2008 | Face Bar w/ Evita + The Eyes of A Traitor | Reading
16 Aug 2008 | The Unicorn, Camden w/ Hang The Bastard | London
18 Aug 2008 | The Hub/ Viatrophy | Exeter

News - The Gaslight Anthem Support Is...

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Former Cell Mates are to support The Gaslight Anthem on their UK club dates in August:

Mon 25th August - LONDON Camden Barfly
Tue 26th August - MANCHESTER Roadhouse
Wed 27th August - NOTTINGHAM Rock City/Basement

News - NME Rock’N’Roll Riot Tour

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Primal Scream will be on the 2008 NME Rock’N’Roll Riot tour. The dates in full are as follows:


20th OXFORD, Academy
21st CARDIFF, University
23rd BRISTOL, Academy
24th SOUTHAMPTON, Guildhall
25th READING, Hexagon
27th NOTTINGHAM, Rock City
28th LONDON, Hammersmith Apollo


1st SHEFFIELD, Academy
2nd BRIGHTON, Dome
4th BIRMINGHAM, Academy
5th CAMBRIDGE, Corn Exchange
8th LEEDS, Academy
9th NEWCASTLE, Academy
11th MANCHESTER, Apollo

News - The Fires Of Kiuas

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Kiuas have been confirmed to appear on the Firewind UK tour in September.

The full list of dates is as follows:


18th - Nottingham, Rock City
19th - Glasgow, Cathouse
20th - Leeds, Rios
21st - Wolverhampton, Little Civic
22nd -Dublin, Fibber Magees
24th - Manchester, Jilly's Rockworld
25th - London, Scala
26th - Milton Keynes, The Pitz
27th - Peterborough, The Park

News - ARGH!!! The Poisoned Chalice!!!

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Neimo will release a four track EP called "Poison The Chalice" digitally on the 1st of September through Shangri-La Music.

Track Listing:

1. Poison The Chalice
2. Peter & The Wolves
3. The Story Of Your Favourite Song
4.Something In Common

News - Glasgow Is The New L.A ?!

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Submitted: "To coincide with the release of their new single Daddy’s Gone (August 25th) and self-titled debut album (September 8th), Glasvegas have announced their biggest UK tour to date. The full dates are:

Wed 27th Birmingham Barfly 14+ 0844 847 2424 /
Thu 28 Stoke Sugarmill 14+ 01159 454 593 /

Wed 3rd Dundee Fat Sams 14+ 0870 606 3424 /
Fri 5th Glasgow QMU 14+ 0870 606 3424 /
Sun 7th Edinburgh Liquid Room 16+ 0870 606 3424 /
Tue 9th Liverpool Barfly 14 0844 847 2424 /
Sat 13th Bristol Trinity 14+ 08713 100 000 /
Sun 14th Sheffield Plug 14+ 01142 413040 /
Mon 15th Leeds Cockpit 14+ 0113 2455570 /
Tue 16th York Junction 14+ 08700 600 100 /
Wed 17th Manchester Academy 16+ 0161 832 1111 /
Sat 20th Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms14+ 023 9286 3911 /
Sun 21st Gloucester Guildhall 14+ 01452 503050 /
Mon 22nd Cardiff Barfly 18+ 0844 847 2424 /
Tue 23rd London Scala 16+ 0207 833 2022 /
Thu 25th Nottingham Rescue Rooms 14+ 08713 100 000 /

Tickets go onsale at 9am on Wednesday 30th July and are priced £8.00 except for London £9.50.

As previously announced Glasvegas play the following festivals during the summer:

Fri 1st Hertfordshire Standon Calling Festival (10:00pm)
Sat 2nd Kendall Kendall Calling Festival (9:00pm)
Sun 3rd Cardiff Bay Cardiff Festival (7:00pm)
Fri 8th Victoria Park Underage Festival (4:30pm)
Sat 9th Newquay Rip Curl Festival
Wed 13th Dublin Marlay Park (with Muse)
Fri 22nd Leeds Festival Carling Stage Leeds (8:15pm)
Sun 24th Reading Festival Carling Stage Reading (8:40pm)
Sat 30th Loch Fyne Hydro Connect festival (6:45pm)

The album was co-produced by Rich Costey (Franz Ferdinand, Interpol & Muse) and James Allan and was recorded in New York and London."

News - Make It Mraz

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Jason Mraz will have a new single out called "Make it Mine" that is released on the 1st of September.

Live dates:

23rd LONDON Royal Albert Hall £25.00

News - Sweet Sweet Beth

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Beth Rowley will have a new single out called "Sweet Hours" that is released on the 11th of August.

Live dates:

2nd: BRISTOL, Harbour Festival

News - Want To Hang Out With The King Blues?

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The King Blues have a new release out on August the 4th called "Lets Hang The Landlord", which is their new single.

News - Jack Johnson: Sleep Through the Static

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Jack Johnson is set to release the title single from his latest album "Sleep Through the Static" on the 11th of August.

News - The Sound Of The Ocean

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The Sound Of Animals Fighting are releasing their third album called "The Ocean And The Sun" on the 8th of September through Epitaph Records.

Check out some albums teasers here:

News - Gym Class Heroes UK Release Dates

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Gym Class Heroes will release their next single "Cookie Jar", featuring The Dream in the UK on the 1st of September (Digitally on the 25th of August) and then their new album "The Quilt" gets a UK release on the 8th of September.

News - Imperial Leather, I Mean Leisure

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Imperial Leisure have released new single "Great British Summertime" this week and head out on tour with Less Than Jake on some of their dates. Here’s all their current tour dates:


1st Moles Club, Bath
2nd Standon Calling Festival, Hertfordshire
8th En-Dorset, Dorset
10th The Jail House, Hereford
16th The Square, Harlow
25th Beachdown Festival, Brighton
30th 360 Festival, Bristol
31st Cider Festival, Cheddar


6th Bestival, Isle of Wight


2nd Norwich, UEA
3rd Northampton, Roadmenders
4th Swansea, Brangwyn Hall
5th Exeter, Great Hall
6th Bristol, Academy
8th Nottingham, Rock City
9th Birmingham, Academy
10th Southampton, Guildhall
11th Oxford, Academy
12th London, Astoria
15th Leeds, Academy
16th Manchester, Academy
17th Newcastle, Northumbria Uni
18th Aberdeen, Moshulu
19th Glasgow, ABC1

Monday, 28 July 2008

Review - Midasuno - Sister Temptation (Digital Download Single)

Midasuno - Sister Temptation (Digital Download Single)

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7 out of 10

I mentioned in my review of Midasuno's 'Songs In The Key Of F*ck' album that the band were, shall we say, somewhat relaxed in their release schedule. Well, surprise surprise, they've done it again. Just shy of a year after the album and first single were released, second single 'Sister Temptation' has arrived, ahead of a supposedly extensive summer touring schedule and writing for a new album (See you in 2010 then).

But whilst they may be a bit slow, these boys can certainly build up a decent bit of momentum when they get going. 'Sister Temptation' is a good example of why its parent album was such a treat, switching between big rocking QOTSA riffs, keyboard-laden verses, and a cheeky lone rave sample, all welded together with tons of energy.

The B-sides, from a BBC live session, are a bit of a mixed bag. 'Taste the Virus' harks back to the days of the When Bulls Play God EP, and has a distinctly more nu-metal flavour (The opening section is pure down-tuned Korn worship), but still with the occasional groove and stab of melody. 'Reactions' is a lot more up to date (Less Korn, more Muse), with a huge chorus, but it loses some of the fun compared to the album version without the heavy effects on the pre-chorus vocals.

So I suppose I'll have to say it again. Welcome back guys. Try not to stay away so long next time.


1. Sister Temptation
2. Taste The Virus
3. Reactions

Review - Birds Of Avalon - Outer Upper Inner

Birds Of Avalon - Outer Upper Inner

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8 out of 10

After their recent visit to Coventry, which wasn't the best representation of the city Birds Of Avalon could have had, what with being stiffed over their original gig, then their accommodation and finally in the running order of the gig they actually did play, I was surprised when they gave me a copy of 'Outer Upper Inner'. So the least I can do for them is to give it a review.

There are only six songs on it so I suppose that makes it a mini-album rather than an EP, but I'm never too sure about that? Anyway the first track 'Measure Of The Same' is the by far and away the stand out track for me, also it is links this CD to their last one in style and sound. The rest are great but are much more laid back (With the exception of 'The Reeds') and in some cases even more trippy than their previous tracks on 'Bazaar Bazaar'.


1. Measure Of The Same
2. Shakey Tiger
3. Earthbound
4. Hazy 98
5. The Reeds
6. Keep It Together, Thackery

News - Taking Back Sunday: The Matt Update

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Matt Fazzi of Taking Back Sunday has posted an update on the band:

"Get Back, Get Back To Where You Once Belonged

And for me that’s back in sunny San Jose. I feel like we’ve been leavin y’all hangin a little bit lately and we are overdue for an update.

Record Update:
As far as the record goes, we unfortunately have to wait a little bit longer to get started on it due to scheduling but the upside is that it gives us a little more time to fine-tune the newest songs, fill in the gaps and hopefully even cook up another fresh track or two. There’s a couple new songs in particular without melodies that I am really stoked on as of late. I nicknamed them "Emperor’s New Groove" and "HallandOates". Haha.

Ok, dropped the ball on that one kinda. My apologies. Here’s the scoop, I got this fresh little video camera that is supposed to be as simple as this: shoot video, plug into computer, edit and add music, upload, rejoice. BUT, turns out that all the editing features of the camera only work for PC and not Mac. In a nutshell, all the sweet video we took in Ohio at Eddie’s and before can’t be used because the audio disappears I was pretty bummed to find that out. So, we took some more video on a different camera before we split and will hopefully be dropping something on you soon. Adam also made some silly little short vids of us that we may be able to post in lieu of a legit 1st webisode to tide peeps over. Keep those heads on a swivel.

I’ve been keeping up with Ghost Hunters International lately and I gotta say it’s cool but not as tight as the regular Ghost Hunters. The investigation team for this show is a little different and I’m more fond of the OG squad. Eddie and I really want to join them for an investigation on an episode. Wouldn’t that be rad? Also for any interested parties, the West Coast is still fully alive and well on America’s Best Dance Crew. I’m not really surprised though, they’ve been saying from the start that the best crews came out of the West. I think Fanny Pak has snuck into my heart as my new favorite. They’ve got really unique style and moves and they pretty much always KILL when they perform. Then again, Super Crew is always awesome as well. I’ve made converts of Adam and his babymama, Misha, too and now they LOVE watching it. The Dark Knight is on the agenda for this week and I think I’m going IMAX style.


News - Andrew Dost (Ex-Anathallo) Project

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Andrew Dost (Ex-Anathallo) has added new song called "I’ve Got A Feeling" from his upcoming album "Columbus" that is due out later this year through Paper + Plastick (New label from Vinny of Less Than Jake) to his MySpace page.

News - Cry For Silence Are No More

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Cry For Silence have called it a day as a band and here’s their statement taken from MySpace:

"Cry For Silence have decided to split up.

The decision has been a hard one for all of us. In the past eight years we’ve had experiences we could only have dreamed of and met so many incredible people along the way who we’ll never forget.

Basically, we felt our drive to carry on as a band had dwindled too much to move to the next chapter of the story. Writing a new album’s worth of material and touring it had quickly changed from an thrilling prospect to a daunting one. Anyone in a band will know that it just won’t work half-arsed.

For this reason, we’ve called it a day now before we made it all a lot worse for ourselves. It is a difficult situation that nobody outside of CFS could ever understand. It’s not about wanting fame, success or money - this band has never been about that.

We’ve had a good innings - most bands don’t last half the time we’ve stuck together, it’s just time to say goodbye.

So a sincere thank you goes out to everyone who’s ever been involved - the fans who have been with us since the beginning, people who had enough faith in us to work with us and put us on the road and most of all our friends and family who have given us nothing but support.

Some of us will be moving on to other musical projects which you’ll no doubt hear about in the near future, so stay in touch.

We love you,


News - A Person L Stream

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Person L’s (Kenny of The Starting Line) new album "Initial", which is out on the 5th of August is streaming in its entirety on their PureVolume page now.

Review - Fei Comodo - They All Have Two Faces

Fei Comodo - They All Have Two Faces

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10 out of 10


Finally. A British metal album that is new, fresh and exciting. Obvious influences aside, it would be all too easy to compare Fei Comodo with contemporary British acts such as InMe and Enter Shikari. The Essex five-piece are, frankly, awesome - the album starts well and ends brilliantly and anyone who doesn't leg it into a record shop when it hits the shelves on September 8th is a bit of an idiot.

I could spend paragraphs here detailing the stunning complexity with which this record is constructed, the layered vocal harmonies, the searing attack of the guitars and the thundered assault of the bass and the drums, but you know what? I'm not going to. Get hold of this album, hear it for yourself. Listen in awe. Then forget the fact they have a really daft name.


1. The Rest Will Follow
2. Break The Ice
3. The Cost Of Living
4. Leave Nothing Behind
5. Just Another Day
6. Watch Them Feed
7. Burn It All
8. Behind Bars

Review - Rocky Na$h - Rocky Na$h

Rocky Na$h - Rocky Na$h

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7 out of 10

Way back in 1998, I heard an awesome record called Celebrity Skin belt its way through the local rock nightclub I used to go to. A few years after that Brody Dalle and her crew brought us the oestrogen-laden genius that was Coral Fang. These albums were great - full of monster guitar hooks, anthemic choruses and let's face it, sexy ladies.

Rocky Nash comes from a similar vein. Complete with big guitars and a sexy lady, the album conjures images of the dirtiest of rock'n'roll, whilst stirring up the Jack Daniels in your veins. Centred around husband and wife team Rocky and Preston Nash (Formerly of Dope) the band sum all we have come to love about Southern Californian growling rock music - the look, the attitude and the lifestyle.

Rocky Nash is best played at high volume, whilst driving in the sunshine, in a car full of hot girls. In Bikinis.

Do it.


1. Nailed Again
2. Blame Me
3. Lead Balloon
4. Turn Me Out
5. Nashional Anthem
6. April Cries
7. Stars
8. Fill A Room
9. I Can't
10. Daisies From Glistening
11. Me Now

Review - The Saturdays - If This Is Love (Single)

The Saturdays - If This Is Love (Single)

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7 out of 10

Clocking in at just 2 minutes and 57 seconds The Saturdays debut single 'If This Is Love' is a true pop song! Built around a sample of Yazoo's 'Situation' and boosted by a danceable beat, Frankie, Mollie, Rochelle, Una and Vanessa (The Saturdays in alphabetical order) not only look fantastic but warble delightfully all over it, delivering a killer chorus and introducing us to their unique brand of pop that will hopefully set them apart from the likes of Girls Aloud (Who they recently supported on tour) and Sugababes.


1. If This Is Love

Review - Scars On Broadway - They Say (Single)

Scars On Broadway - They Say (Single)

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8 out of 10

I have been waiting a long time for this single. A long time. So it was with great anticipation that I ran to the CD player when I opened the latest batch of Die Shellsuit review CDs. I was not disappointed. Scars On Broadway take the very best that System Of A Down had to offer, rip it all apart and ram it back together with a sense of excitement and intensity that Serj Tankien can only dream of. Don't get me wrong, his offering was pretty good too, but Scars On Broadway have it all. Influenced by such diverse artists as Neil Young, The Kinks and The Beatles, the album contains electro fuelled new wave gems such as "Cute Machines" and the brilliantly whacked out Zappa-esque rocker "Chemicals".

Staying true to their ideological roots, Scars On Broadway have produced something thoroughly decent and lucky gig-goers will get the opportunity to experience these guys live this September in the UK.


1. They Say

Review - Kid Sister - Pro Nails (Featuring Kanye West) (Single)

Kid Sister - Pro Nails (Featuring Kanye West) (Single)

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9 out of 10

Hot on the heels of Lil' Mama's 'Lipgloss' Kid Sister brings us another ode to cosmetics in the form of 'Pro Nails'. Littered with computer game style sound effects and sharp frenetic beats it's good from the get-go and it only gets better! There's the catchy "Got her toes done up, with her fingernails matching" refrain and Kanye West's star turn, but what's most notable is Kid Sister's delightful drawl; super fast and sassy, she deserves to be huge!


1. Pro Nails (Radio Edit/Clean)
2. Pro Nails (Album Version/Explicit)

News - Dorp Says: Pigs Do Fly

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Submitted: "Dorp release their debut album "Humans Being" on September 15th through Caned And Able Records. It will be preceded by the double ’A’ Side single release "Pigs Do Fly"/"Cops And Robbers" on September 9th.

The band has these shows also:

Aug 6 London, Barfly August
Sept 14 London Proud September
Sept 17 The Brick Yard Carlysle
Sept 18 The End Newcastle"

News - The Levellers Winter Tour Dates

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The Levellers have these UK dates in the winter:


Wed 3 TRURO Hall for Cornwall 01872 262 466
Thurs 4 EXETER Great Hall 01392 263 518
Fri 5 LINCOLN Engine Shed 0871 4244 555
Sat 6 MANCHESTER Academy 0161 832 1111
Sun 7 NORWICH UEA 01603 508 050
Tues 9 BRISTOL Academy 0844 477 2000
Wed 10 MIDDLESBROUGH Town Hall 0191 260 3246
Thurs 11 SHEFFIELD Octagon 0114 222 8777
Fri 12 LEEDS Academy 0844 477 2000
Sat 13 BIRMINGHAM Academy 0844 477 2000
Sun 14 SOUTHAMPTON Guildhall 023 8063 2601
Tues 16 OXFORD Academy 0844 477 2000
Wed 17 INVERNESS Ironworks 0871 789 4173
Thurs 18 GLASGOW ABC 0844 499 9990
Fri 19 DUBLIN Academy 00353 1 456 9569

Watch Mark and Jeremy chat about the new album here:

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Review - Adrian Crowley - Long Distance Swimmer

Adrian Crowley - Long Distance Swimmer

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7 out of 10

With a sound not too dissimilar to that of the Arcade Fire, Adrian Crowley crafts his songs to weave a huge range of different instruments around his hypnotic voice. Long Distance Swimmer has a real lo-fi feel and live sound that does not diminish the quality.

The pace of most of the songs is the only real downside as you can find yourself getting slightly bored of it even though most of the songs are only 2.5 to 3.5 minutes long. That said this is a beautiful collection of songs with stand out tracks being 'Harmony Row' and 'These Icy Waters'.


1. Bless Our Tiny Hearts
2. These Icy Waters
3. Star Of The Harbour
4. Temporary Residence
5. Walk On Part
6. Victoria
7. Harmony Row
8. Theft By Starlight
9. Electric Eels
10. Leaving The Party
11. Brother At sea
12. Long Distance Swimmer

Saturday, 26 July 2008

News - Vote in the T3 Gadget Awards!

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Vote for your favourites this year in the T3 gadget awards. All the faves are covered from the iPhone to the Wii and some other nifty items in between you may not have heard of!

News - Craig Owens Update

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Craig Owens (Chiodos/Cinematic Sunrise) has written a blog about some problems he’s been going through lately:

"So, it's no secret that I have recently went through one of the hardest times in my life. On Sunday, July 20th, I attempted to overdose on prescribed Xanax at my home here in Michigan. Flash ahead 12 hours later, I woke up in the emergency room surrounded by my family and best friends, with an IV in my left arm, and hooked up to machines. I felt confused, angry, selfish, and completely embarrassed. After being admitted to the hospital for a couple of days, I made my way to recovery and built up enough strength and courage with the support of my loved ones enough to make it back home.

I am okay, though. Thankfully, I had no permanent physical damage to myself from this.
This isn't something that I went through by myself. I am, by no means, alone in this. My family and close friends have been by my side each minute since the incident and, you, my fans, have been right there with me too.

I have received an incredible amount of MySpace messages, comments, emails, instant messages, text messages and voice mails supporting me through this time in my life. So many people loved me more than I ever thought and the amount of happiness that this brings to me is more than I ever could describe.

You have all shown me a new, blinding light within myself and from that ray you seem to shine on me with every one of your beautiful comments (and I read every single one of them), not to mention your undeniable support. Thanks to you, I've already began to return to my "normal" self- a person that I had forgotten all about.

Why did this happen?

I have been battling with manic depression, bipolar disorder, and constant anxiety attacks for years. This disease has caused me to hide in my bedroom for weeks at a time, push away the most important people in my life, and learn to hate myself even. I have tried to remain strong through the years, fighting off urges and using the undying support of my fans, friends, family, and loved ones to turn my depression into an art- a music to share with the world.

I also have been speaking with a therapist for around a year now, maybe more. This has helped me to come in touch with who I am as a human being and why I do the things that I do. Rationalizing my imperfections and trying to wear them as if they were badges of honor is something that I had learned to pride myself off of- until this incredibly selfish and stupid act I pulled.

What's next?

I'm looking towards the future and have been blinded by the brightness of it. After taking care of myself over the past few days, and talking through this situation with my family, friends, and managers, I am committed to creating only positive actions out of the deepest and darkest low I have found myself in with this. I will not be canceling any upcoming shows, with the exception of this Sunday's show (7/27) in Albany, NY with P.O.D and Everclear. My solo show this Saturday (7/26), WILL STILL BE HAPPENING, and will be an emotional and therapeutic experience, to say the least. With it being in Detroit, and being able to perform softly, with spoken-words, and seeing all of the people that have been by my side though this entire thing, I hope to find a new bliss within this rut I have found myself in.

I cannot wait enough to get back out onto the road with Chiodos for our just-announced headlining tour this August to October. Being in front of all of you gives me such strength and if I hadn't been home so much for the past few months, thinking too much and allowing darkness to overcome me, who knows if this would have even had happened.

I have a long road ahead of me, no doubt, but I feel that this experience has, oddly enough, given me new strength to take control of my situation and it has shown my loved ones (and myself) the seriousness of what I've been struggling with too.

I will not stop playing music, writing, or opening myself up to the people that matter most to me. All we have is one another and this entire situation is nothing but a GIANT reminder that we ALL need to stay strong and hold one another up during even the hardest of times.
I love you- Craig."

News - Useless I.D. Get A New Deal

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Useless I.D. have signed to Suburban Home Records.

News - Farewell Chris

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Farewell’s keyboardist Chris Lee has left the band and here’s their blog about it:

"We have so many things going on right now, I’m not sure where to begin... I guess I’ll start with the bad news first. If you were at any of the Warped Tour dates we played in Canada or the last one in Boston you probably heard that our keyboardist Chris has left the band. He has been a friend and band-member since the early days and we are sad to see him go, but we ask that you have trust in the fact that this is best for both Chris and Farewell. All I can say is that he has different priorities now then when we started, so he’s left in pursuit of romantic and monetary stability. With that said, I WANT TO REASSURE YOU ALL THAT WE ARE NOT LOSING ANY STEAM DUE TO THIS. If anything, it has opened us up to more possibilities, cause a person whose heart isn’t in the music is no good to a band.

Now for the classified section....

We’re looking for a new keyboard player/back-up vocalist! You MUST fill all these requirements to be considered for this spot:

1. You must be able to sing well (preferably higher than any backup vocals
you hear on our record)
2. You must be able to play piano AND synth
3. You must be willing and financially able to travel to NC for auditions
in August
4. You must have some touring experience (the more the better)
5. You must be a team player. Our band is a family.


1. An up-to-date passport for international touring SOON
2. Your own equipment

ONLY SERIOUS INQUIRIES PLEASE! (don’t waste our time or your own) send an email to with your name, phone number, location, and any other facts/info you’d like to share (like your myspace link, previous band(s), photos, etc.. All of these things make it easier on us to see who you are and what you can do.)

Now for the GOOD NEWS......... We just got back from five weeks on the Vans Warped Tour and have begun shooting a music video for our song "Eighty-Eights". There is going to be tons of crazy animation and cool stuff involved, so get pumped! We also have plans to enter the studio to record a cover song that will be released around the same time as the video! Be sure to stay tuned to our myspace page for any updates. Thanks for all the continued support! Seriously, you guys mean the world to us-


Review - Jason Mraz - We Sing, We Dance. We Steal Things

Jason Mraz - We Sing, We Dance. We Steal Things

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5 out of 10

Mraz is brilliant, because he's so painfully middle of the road that he just can't fail. He's no James Blunt thankfully, and you can see he's tried a little bit. I mean the occasional jazz section bits and electronica are a little outside the box but it's almost an afterthought, like a mish mash of Jamie Liddell and Amy Winehouse. Throw in a little bit of acoustic wondering like Jack Johnson on 'I'm Yours' and you're getting close to like the ultimate solo singer songwriters wet dream of success.

He's like Paulo Nutini, throwaway and instantly forgettable but absolutely perfect for the mainstream. As if for the ultimate irony Mraz who's a bit of a James Morrison (Remember him?) in his own right, actually gets the man himself to guest on one of the tracks, 'Details In the Fabric'. Expect future albums to see feat Jason Mraz in the small print.

It may sound a little harsh because Mraz is relatively inoffensive, although the saccharine sweetness of duet track 'Lucky' is enough to get tooth decay from, it's just my cynical side coming out against artists who are ten a penny. It's worth mentioning that if you're a fan of pretty much anyone mentioned then Jason will probably appeal to you.

For me though, it drags on terribly, after six tracks I'm struggling to remember individual tracks bar 'Butterfly' which has a grand appeal to it, but the rest of the whimsical strumming dissolves a little too much into the endless sea of similar artists. The worst point here however is that there is another six tracks left. Not for me, but for the sort of people who think that Coldplay's latest is a groundbreaking and revolution turn for the band.


1. Make It Mine
2. I'm Yours
3. Lucky
4. Butterfly
5. Live High
6. Love For A Child
7. Details In The Fabric
8. Coyotes
9. Only Human
10. The Dynamo of Volition
11. If It Kills Me
12. A Beautiful Mess

Review - innerpartysystem - Don't Stop (Single)

innerpartysystem - Don't Stop (Single)

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5 out of 10

It's half understandable the appeal of Innerpartysystem. They've got the whole Pendulum, 'we're one thing but at the same time we're not' so everyone can like us vibe. So Innerpartysystem are sort of a rock band sort of post-industrial electro and while messing with formulas and styles are ways of pushing musical boundaries 'Don't Stop' makes no threats on that territory.

The electro that accompanies the song is hardly the most innovative. 'Don't Stop' itself is a tirade on having information force fed to you, through the medium of media. Commendable, but at the same time it smacks a little of biting the head that feeds. Innerpartysystem aren't going to reinvent the wheel, but they have that little difference about them which will make some music fans go crazy and announce them as the second coming of Christ. It should be enjoined while it lasts, because an album of 'Don't Stop' standard would have me banging my head in frustration.


1. Don't Stop

Review - Sir Smurf Lil’ - Candlelight (Single)

Sir Smurf Lil’ - Candlelight (Single)

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7 out of 10

A lot of UK Hip Hop is either dropping into the grime territory or getting over produced. To this extent Sir Smurf Lil' is a godsend. Overlooking a slightly dubious moniker, Smurf is an honest and stark throwback to American Hip Hop of the nineties. 'Candlelight' played over a piano and trumpet loop smacks a little of the sentimental but with a constant beat it manages to elevate a song that had the possibility of sounding contrite.

B-side 'That Sound' is more traditional, taking the Police as a song topic. It's a decent rap but with the more electro feel to the track, it doesn't quite have the instant and classic impact that 'Candlelight' does. However despite his name, Sir Smurf Lil' should be looked into, because if he can channel the power of 'Candlelight' into more tracks then there's a chance he to could become a big player in the Hip Hop scene.


1. Candlelight
2. That Sound ft. Big Cakes and TBear

Review - Ironik - Stay With Me (Single)

Ironik - Stay With Me (Single)

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3 out of 10

Ironik represents the ever growing stable of artists finding fame through the internet. With MySpace, Youtube, etc the possibility of streaming music and presence relatively cheaply and without a massive record contract or advertising is increasing exponentially. Now you don't have to be signed to be seen or get heard. With this Ironik comes to the table with a huge fanbase and because of this and the overall song message, he has to be commended.

The song is meant to be for his younger sister and his concern over a society where knife crime and violence is possible. However, this is overlooking the actual 'music' that I'm meant to be reviewing. For all the good, it doesn't really overlook the fact that the song is a bit crap really. I mean from my point of view, it sounds like an English version of Akon, which more or less is equating the track to the Crazy Frog in terms of musical ability.

It's just a slightly melancholy mix of R'n'B and pop that gives an unfortunately sickly aftertaste. Which I know will make it heartfelt and special to some people, but for myself, it's just another example of music pretending to something it's not.


1. Stay With Me

Review - Elliot Minor - Time After Time (Single)

Elliot Minor - Time After Time (Single)

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6 out of 10

Hailing from York but wishing it was really New York, Elliot Minor do a good job of sounding polished without the feeling of being overproduced or trying too hard to sound American. 'Time After Time' goes down the epic orchestral route which certainly might not be music to some punk pop fans but it's hard to criticise a band that are focused on their target audience.

With the combination of violins and their pop friendly brand of punk, they sound like a Yellowcard clone. While this might sound something like a criticism, it's a niche the band is trying to work themselves into. It might grind some people that they are straying far beyond their roots, but it's towards the biggest fan base possible.


1. Time After Time

Friday, 25 July 2008

Review - Edgar Winter - Rebel Road

Edgar Winter - Rebel Road

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6 out of 10

Try as I might, I just can’t get that excited about this album. Sure, Edgar Winter is a classic artist that has produced some great tracks and LPs over the years but to be honest this release is a bit weak, like over watered orange squash. The problem, when it all comes down to it, is that there is a lack of consistency on one hand and on the other is a sense of trying a tad too hard to make a good album.

Lets get analytical here, this is an album that compiles tracks by sound, coming in hard and curving softer and slightly harder and softer again. Starting off on a hard rock edge with "Rebel Road", going into a more radio rock/rhythm and blues territory with "Eye On You", going southern country with "Power Of Positive Drinking" before crashing in to full on Barcley James Harvest mode for "Freedom". Don’t get me wrong, I like the BJH, but to be honest it’s fairly out of place on here. It also clashed a fair bit with the return to hard rock follow-up of "Rockin The Blues". Of course that’s nothing compared to the clash with the Eric Clapton meets Donny Osmond acoustic soft rock of "The Closer I Get". It doesn’t fit, partly due to the drop in tone and attitude as well as the change and pace, it’s really annoying to trying to listen to as result and gets skipped on a regular basis, especially with the driving rock of "Do It Again" following. It reminds of Alice Coopers "Trash" a fair bit though that was 3 progressively lighter tracks followed by a sleazy love song, made me want to vomit though this LP just makes me want to hit the skip button depending on my mood and the track.

And this is what gets me about it, there is potential for a top class album here but the lack of consistency just trashes the hopes. "The Closer I Get" is pretty decent but should not be on this album at all, along with the Beatles inspired "Peace And Love" as they don’t fit for a start. Stick those two out as a single only release or on an acoustic album. "Texas Tornado" and "Freedom" just fit, though they would of probably been better on an EP with another couple of tracks.

Over all the tracks are good, but you may want to split them into playlists on your PC or MP3 player, because they don’t work that well all in one go.


1. Rebel Road
2. Eye On You
3. Power Of Positive Drinking
4. Freedom
5. Rockin The Blues
6. The Closer I get
7. Do It Again
8. Texas Tornado
9. Peace And Love
10. Horns Of A Dilemma
11. Oh No No

Review - Ponytail - Ice Cream Spiritual

Ponytail - Ice Cream Spiritual

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6 out of 10

Ice Cream Spiritual opens the chest-freezer of the last thirty years of popular music, throws several tubs of musical flavour onto the floor and dances in the slush, cackling like a maniac. The overall feeling is of Melt-Banana being taken back in time and force-fed a diet of Sugarcubes and Sonic Youth, rather than Boredoms and the Damned. Beg Waves flits about like Bearsuit on acid. The spirits of Bow Wow Wow arise in 7 Souls, conjured by the Native American primal-scream therapy of the vocalist, who appears to be Diamanda Galas' little hippy sister.

The current vogue for spiky guitar work as evinced by Bloc Party et. al. is here smashed into a million mirror fragments by breakneck pace, kaleidoscopic drumming and frenetic fuzz. Things don't slow down until halfway through Celebrate the Body Electric, and then only for a few seconds. A glorious bit of heavy riffing booms us back to hyperspace. Late For School stands out, if only for probably the single piece of discernable lyric on the whole album - after two minutes of Tortoise-like moodiness and insane leprechaun giggling, Shaggy from Scooby Doo suddenly shouts, "Oh no, I'm late for school!" Yes - that'll be the mushrooms you took to make the music, I suspect. Anyway, moving on - Siouxsie Sioux rips the Guided By Voices songbook into shreds for Sky Drool and Small Wevs, before the babbling twin-guitar brook of Die Allman Bruder provides an eventual and well-deserved Zen finish - but just look at the mess on the floor... Goodness only knows what they're like live. We'll find out in September - if the band doesn't spontaneously combust first.


1. Beg Waves
2. G Shock
3. 7 Souls
4. Celebrate The Body Electric (It Came From An Angel)
5. Late For School
6. Sky Drool
7. Small Wevs
8. Die Allman Brüder

Review - BangBangBang! - Fashion Victim EP

BangBangBang! - Fashion Victim EP

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7 out of 10

It's interesting that this release is on Punktastic Recordings. The name, for me, suggests some kind of horrible pop punk, in the vein of Blink 182 but with bad Cockernee accents. Oh how wrong I was.

BangBangBang's sound hails from a bygone age, somewhere in the mid 90s, when Riot Grrl still meant something, and Sonic Youth were at their major label peak. They play dirty, scuzzy female fronted punk rock like they really mean it, with hints of The Pixies and The Breeders as well as Sonic Youth, and a soupcon of pop tuneage, just enough to tickle the tummy of catchiness without dribbling on the chin of irritation. The production is excellent, which I feel I should mention as this EP is FREE - and thus worth downloading regardless of whether you think you'll like it, because listening to it is a much better way of finding out than reading any review. In fact, stop reading right now and go download it.


1. Fashion Victim
2. Shake Off Les Bleus
3. Don’t Let Me Out

Review - Rose Hill Drive - Moon Is The New Earth

Rose Hill Drive - Moon Is The New Earth

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6 out of 10

Rose Hill Drive have been creating a bit of a buzz recently due to packed touring schedules and high profile supports with the likes of the Black Crowes, Queens Of The Stone Age and Van Halen. They have even been tipped by Rolling Stone magazine as "10 New Artists to Watch" in 2007.

It's clear that Rose Hill Drive love music - and the album pays homage to some of the greatest bands and guitarists of all time with undeniably impressive guitar work and meticulous attention to detail. They flawlessly replicate a sound from a bygone era with huge emotive and raw rock anthems that could easily be mistaken for early an Aerosmith. At times they even very nearly reminded me of Monster Magnet, but a kind of diet low calorie version of Monster Magnet. See that's the thing, it's all there - it's just all a bit soulless.

I mean, it's all pretty impressive and these guys do appear to be on the ball; but honestly, what year is this? I don't really get, indeed like what it is they're attempting. Fans of Wolfmother or The Answer will eat up Rose Hill Drive, but for me they aren't doing anything new, or even particularly interesting. I mean it all feels pretty genuine, but they're no ZZ Top...


1. Sneak Out
2. Altar Junkie
3. Laughing in the Streets
4. Trans Am
5. Better Way
6. My Light
7. 8th Wonder
8. One Night Stand
9. Godfather
10. Do You Wanna Get High?
11. I’m on to You
12. Always Waiting

Review - Nephu Huzzband - Nurse! Nurse! (Single)

Nephu Huzzband - Nurse! Nurse! (Single)

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7 out of 10

For a band who has been showered in high praise from the likes of George Lamb and The NME, you'd have thought that title track Nurse! Nurse! could have been a bit longer than 1 minute 27sec. Just as I was getting into it and drumming my hands on my steering wheel this afternoon, so the song ended. At first I thought my rubbish car stereo was skipping again, but alas, no. The reverse of the single case told me that my stereo wasn't playing up again, and I couldn't help but feel slightly disappointed. From those wonderful 90 seconds, I could tell that these chaps had a lot more to offer, and so I was expecting more from second track "Lions, Tigers & Bears". The truth is, I expected a little too much, I think. It differs fairly greatly from the magic of its predecessor - it's more progressive and pulls elements from the likes of Fugazi and .Trail of Dead, which would normally be a good thing, but in this case, it's a bit too dreary and the up-beat syncopation that was evident 2 minutes before hand is all but lost. So imagine my delight when the edit of Nurse! Nurse! appeared at the end to surprise me. The extended edit is fantastic - it's simply more of the great sound that the original provided. There are great climbing bass-lines, syncopated riffs galore and the yells and tight drumming that you wouldn't be surprised to find on a track from the likes of Dartz! or Foals.

So two out of three tracks isn't too bad. It's just a shame that it's a mere extension of the snippet of greatness that I was graced with to begin with. If Nephu Huzzband can continue making great tracks such as Nurse! Nurse! Then I'm sure this won't be the last I hear of them.


1. Nurse! Nurse!
2. Lions, Tigers & Bears
3. Nurse! Nurse! (Morphine 100ml Edit)

Review - Static Radio NJ - An Evening Of Bad Decisions

Static Radio NJ - An Evening Of Bad Decisions

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8 out of 10

There must be something in the water in New Jersey. It's given us The Gaslight Anthem, None More Black, Kid Dynamite, Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen.and now Static Radio NJ. Now I'm not going to put Static Radio NJ on the same pedestal as Tom Waits or Bruce Springsteen (Few, if any bands even come close) but I'd certainly have no qualms mentioning them in the same breath as Kid Dynamite or None More Black. In fact a lot of the songs on this debut album sound not unlike a slower Kid Dynamite, with a touch more of an influence from bands like Bane or Comeback Kid. The first song actually bears an uncanny resemblance to The Loved Ones, but thankfully the rest of the CD diverge from the rather middle of the road path taken by that band.

If you've never heard any of the bands above (For shame!) then think of Static Radio NJ as being melodic hardcore with pop sensibilities and nice chunky riffs and you'll get the idea. Not as good as the first None More Black album by a longish chalk, but probably better than the disappointing second one.


1. Marc
2. Bothered
3. Green Hoody
4. Places
5. Ferren Decks
6. Cut the Tie
7. Statelines
8. Fin
9. Wake Up
10. In Your Dreams
11. Standing Still
12. Who's Laughing Now
13. The Waiting Game

Thursday, 24 July 2008

News - The Honorary Title Vinyl Release

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Submitted: "The Honorary Title will be releasing the vinyl version of the 2007’s "Scream & Light Up the Sky" on August 19 via Doghouse Records. The initial pressing of the gatefold double LP is 1,000 copies with a limited number of 500 on red vinyl. The vinyl version includes 2 bonus tracks not available on the CD version of the album.

A pre-order is now available of the red copies via the Doghouse Records webstore:"

News - In Fair Verona = R.I.P.

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In Fair Verona has split up. The band had been signed for two weeks to Standby Records/Victory Records. Here’s their blog about the situation:

"So, where to begin.......
Just to be as straight forwatd as possible. With recent events, we as a band have decided to "call it a day". Unfortunatley, with circumstances out of our control we feel as if we have been forced to make a decision, in which results in us as a band parting ways. It has been an amazing past few years, but with all good things comes an end. So, with that said we have already begun moving in new directions as individuals. We want to thank evey last person that ever supported/believed in In Fair Verona. IFV, would also hope that you guys would keep your eyes open for possible new projects with certain IFV members. This has been the most difficult decision any of us have ever made by far, but we feel as if it was the right one. So thank you again for everything over the years! We all hope you have the best day!

Stay tuned for discounted IFV MERCH AND GEAR FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks & God Bless!!!!!


News - Dommin Signs To Roadrunner Records

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Roadrunner Records has signed Dommin and here’s the press release about the signing:

"Roadrunner Records is pleased to announce the signing of three eclectic, up and coming new bands to an already diverse roster than includes heavyweights such as Nickelback, Slipknot, Killswitch Engage, Dragonforce, and Theory of a Deadman. Roadrunner welcomes future hard rock stars Dommin, Mutiny and Port Amoral to the fold.

Los Angeles-based goth rock quartet Dommin was discovered by Dirty Icon Productions, a company founded by producers Logan Mader (former guitarist of longtime Roadrunner artist Machine Head) and Lucas Banker. Led by the enigmatic frontman, guitarist and songwriter Kristofer Dommin, Dommin puts a uniquely refreshing spin on the romantic, dark goth sound, bringing a unified voice to the brokenhearted, conflicted swarm of melancholic music fans who prefer not only to look at the glass as half-full but as cracked, too. Veteran A&R rep Monte Conner signed the band to the label and was quick to express his excitement, saying, "Dommin comes across as very fresh and unique in today’s landscape. Kristofer Dommin is their secret weapon. His vocals are absolutely compelling, and this is especially evident live where you can feel the power, passion and emotion of every word he sings." Dommin’s line up is rounded out by keyboardist Konstantine, bassist Billy James and drummer Cameron. Check out the swell of black-hued, stormy and mysterious goth rock and their video clip of fan favorite "My Heart, Your Hands" on the band’s heavily trafficked MySpace page, viewable at Look for the band’s Roadrunner debut, produced by Dirty Icon Productions this Winter."