Monday, 28 July 2008

News - Taking Back Sunday: The Matt Update

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Matt Fazzi of Taking Back Sunday has posted an update on the band:

"Get Back, Get Back To Where You Once Belonged

And for me that’s back in sunny San Jose. I feel like we’ve been leavin y’all hangin a little bit lately and we are overdue for an update.

Record Update:
As far as the record goes, we unfortunately have to wait a little bit longer to get started on it due to scheduling but the upside is that it gives us a little more time to fine-tune the newest songs, fill in the gaps and hopefully even cook up another fresh track or two. There’s a couple new songs in particular without melodies that I am really stoked on as of late. I nicknamed them "Emperor’s New Groove" and "HallandOates". Haha.

Ok, dropped the ball on that one kinda. My apologies. Here’s the scoop, I got this fresh little video camera that is supposed to be as simple as this: shoot video, plug into computer, edit and add music, upload, rejoice. BUT, turns out that all the editing features of the camera only work for PC and not Mac. In a nutshell, all the sweet video we took in Ohio at Eddie’s and before can’t be used because the audio disappears I was pretty bummed to find that out. So, we took some more video on a different camera before we split and will hopefully be dropping something on you soon. Adam also made some silly little short vids of us that we may be able to post in lieu of a legit 1st webisode to tide peeps over. Keep those heads on a swivel.

I’ve been keeping up with Ghost Hunters International lately and I gotta say it’s cool but not as tight as the regular Ghost Hunters. The investigation team for this show is a little different and I’m more fond of the OG squad. Eddie and I really want to join them for an investigation on an episode. Wouldn’t that be rad? Also for any interested parties, the West Coast is still fully alive and well on America’s Best Dance Crew. I’m not really surprised though, they’ve been saying from the start that the best crews came out of the West. I think Fanny Pak has snuck into my heart as my new favorite. They’ve got really unique style and moves and they pretty much always KILL when they perform. Then again, Super Crew is always awesome as well. I’ve made converts of Adam and his babymama, Misha, too and now they LOVE watching it. The Dark Knight is on the agenda for this week and I think I’m going IMAX style.


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