Thursday, 31 July 2008

Review - Intraverse - Confessions

Intraverse - Confessions

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7 out of 10

I picked up this CD from Intraverse when they played at The Fly in London's West End, I was very impressed by how tight they were on stage and they instantly impressed me. And so when I asked if I could have a CD to review, they gave me 2! So here is the first one 'Confessions', as it is the older recording I thought it only logical to do it in this order.

This album does not disappoint, even though it was recorded 5 years ago it still has a fresh sound. Mixing funky bass lines with intricate guitars, very detailed drumming and user-friendly (For want a of a better phrase) vocals on top. There are definitely comparisons that can be made with the Chili Peppers and System of a Down.

But also there is something about this band that I cannot pin down and can only think that it must be their original element of their sound that sets them apart from other bands of today. Stand out track for me is 'Shorestone' which had me humming it whilst shopping at the supermarket, after only hearing it once!


1. Shore Stone
2. Confessions
3. Cold
4. Rethink (Pseudo Psyche)
5. What’s Your Name?
6. Restless
7. Funky Stick
8. Buy It

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