Friday, 25 July 2008

Review - Rose Hill Drive - Moon Is The New Earth

Rose Hill Drive - Moon Is The New Earth

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6 out of 10

Rose Hill Drive have been creating a bit of a buzz recently due to packed touring schedules and high profile supports with the likes of the Black Crowes, Queens Of The Stone Age and Van Halen. They have even been tipped by Rolling Stone magazine as "10 New Artists to Watch" in 2007.

It's clear that Rose Hill Drive love music - and the album pays homage to some of the greatest bands and guitarists of all time with undeniably impressive guitar work and meticulous attention to detail. They flawlessly replicate a sound from a bygone era with huge emotive and raw rock anthems that could easily be mistaken for early an Aerosmith. At times they even very nearly reminded me of Monster Magnet, but a kind of diet low calorie version of Monster Magnet. See that's the thing, it's all there - it's just all a bit soulless.

I mean, it's all pretty impressive and these guys do appear to be on the ball; but honestly, what year is this? I don't really get, indeed like what it is they're attempting. Fans of Wolfmother or The Answer will eat up Rose Hill Drive, but for me they aren't doing anything new, or even particularly interesting. I mean it all feels pretty genuine, but they're no ZZ Top...


1. Sneak Out
2. Altar Junkie
3. Laughing in the Streets
4. Trans Am
5. Better Way
6. My Light
7. 8th Wonder
8. One Night Stand
9. Godfather
10. Do You Wanna Get High?
11. I’m on to You
12. Always Waiting

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