Saturday, 26 July 2008

Review - Sir Smurf Lil’ - Candlelight (Single)

Sir Smurf Lil’ - Candlelight (Single)

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7 out of 10

A lot of UK Hip Hop is either dropping into the grime territory or getting over produced. To this extent Sir Smurf Lil' is a godsend. Overlooking a slightly dubious moniker, Smurf is an honest and stark throwback to American Hip Hop of the nineties. 'Candlelight' played over a piano and trumpet loop smacks a little of the sentimental but with a constant beat it manages to elevate a song that had the possibility of sounding contrite.

B-side 'That Sound' is more traditional, taking the Police as a song topic. It's a decent rap but with the more electro feel to the track, it doesn't quite have the instant and classic impact that 'Candlelight' does. However despite his name, Sir Smurf Lil' should be looked into, because if he can channel the power of 'Candlelight' into more tracks then there's a chance he to could become a big player in the Hip Hop scene.


1. Candlelight
2. That Sound ft. Big Cakes and TBear

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