Monday, 28 July 2008

News - Cry For Silence Are No More

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Cry For Silence have called it a day as a band and here’s their statement taken from MySpace:

"Cry For Silence have decided to split up.

The decision has been a hard one for all of us. In the past eight years we’ve had experiences we could only have dreamed of and met so many incredible people along the way who we’ll never forget.

Basically, we felt our drive to carry on as a band had dwindled too much to move to the next chapter of the story. Writing a new album’s worth of material and touring it had quickly changed from an thrilling prospect to a daunting one. Anyone in a band will know that it just won’t work half-arsed.

For this reason, we’ve called it a day now before we made it all a lot worse for ourselves. It is a difficult situation that nobody outside of CFS could ever understand. It’s not about wanting fame, success or money - this band has never been about that.

We’ve had a good innings - most bands don’t last half the time we’ve stuck together, it’s just time to say goodbye.

So a sincere thank you goes out to everyone who’s ever been involved - the fans who have been with us since the beginning, people who had enough faith in us to work with us and put us on the road and most of all our friends and family who have given us nothing but support.

Some of us will be moving on to other musical projects which you’ll no doubt hear about in the near future, so stay in touch.

We love you,


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