Monday, 28 July 2008

Review - Rocky Na$h - Rocky Na$h

Rocky Na$h - Rocky Na$h

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7 out of 10

Way back in 1998, I heard an awesome record called Celebrity Skin belt its way through the local rock nightclub I used to go to. A few years after that Brody Dalle and her crew brought us the oestrogen-laden genius that was Coral Fang. These albums were great - full of monster guitar hooks, anthemic choruses and let's face it, sexy ladies.

Rocky Nash comes from a similar vein. Complete with big guitars and a sexy lady, the album conjures images of the dirtiest of rock'n'roll, whilst stirring up the Jack Daniels in your veins. Centred around husband and wife team Rocky and Preston Nash (Formerly of Dope) the band sum all we have come to love about Southern Californian growling rock music - the look, the attitude and the lifestyle.

Rocky Nash is best played at high volume, whilst driving in the sunshine, in a car full of hot girls. In Bikinis.

Do it.


1. Nailed Again
2. Blame Me
3. Lead Balloon
4. Turn Me Out
5. Nashional Anthem
6. April Cries
7. Stars
8. Fill A Room
9. I Can't
10. Daisies From Glistening
11. Me Now

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