Thursday, 31 July 2008

News - The Maple State July Update

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The Maple State have posted an update:

"First of all we'd like to thank everyone who came out to any of the gigs we played over the past couple of weeks; we've never experienced such a warm welcome in every town before and tours like that are why we continue to love being in this band. Special thanks to those people at the Leeds Fenton show for making it one of the most memorable gigs we've ever had the pleasure of playing.
Moving forward, we're going to set up a Street Team and again we'll need your help. We're looking at get 2 or 3 people from each main town in the UK to help promote our tours and releases, hitting up forums on the global interweb, handing out flyers locally, I'm sure you know how it works.

We'll be getting some limited edition shirts printed up just for Street Team members and everyone who joins up will get a free CD of new music we've been working on. You'll get free guest list places on any gigs we play in your area and will continue to get loads more top stuff from us in the future.

If you're interested in joining our official The Maple State 'Street Team' then contact us through our myspace or at

Schools a bummer, have a great summer.

Love from,
The Maple State band."

Live dates:

Thursday 7th August Hobbits - WestonSuperMare
Friday 8th August The Orange Box - Yeovil
Saturday 9th August Face Bar - Reading

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