Friday, 17 December 2010


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Brit-Rock tunesmiths Thousand Autumns release a fiercely melodic debut offering in the shape of their brand new EP "City of Sun" on 28th February 2011 through all digital outlets.

Hailing from Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, freshly formed five-piece Thousand Autumns are fast gaining national recognition. The boisterous combo have recently snagged an esteemed spot in the highly-touted 'Local Heroes' section of Kerrang magazine, recently signed a deal with Frontline Management, and have extensively toured throughout Southern England, chalking up shows with the likes of Ispystrangers, Never Means Maybe, The Elijah, and Broadway along the way.

Thousand Autumns have fashioned a hugely melodic and highly energetic sound comparable to such bands as Story Of The Year, Funeral For A Friend, and The Blackout. Cleverly weaving the diverse influences of each band member, Thousand Autumns serve up addictive choruses, upbeat guitar structures, and stompdown hardcore shout-outs, all marinated with an unswerving melody that separate them from the typical sing/scream bands of today.

In February 2011, Thousand Autumns officially release their debut four-track EP 'City of Sun', to be supported with an extensive UK tour schedule for Spring 2011. From the get-go, the quintet opens with the punchy riffage of 'In The City of the Sun', spiked with captivating vocal melodies and thoughtful dynamism. 'Terrified' amps up the gritty intensity of the record, while still threading the bands' trademark rhythms and driving hooks. Lastly, the instantly appealing 'I Chose Not To Remember' calls the EP to a fitting close with its up-tempo arrangements and memorably sing-along refrain.


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Highly-rated UK Punk-rock trio 'Templeton Pek', serve up their explosive second album 'Scratches & Scars', out through Smalltown Records on 21st Feb, and prepare for an epic touring onslaught for the duration of 2011!

Since this industrious unit's inception back in early 2008, Templeton Pek have certainly made a name for themselves as a seasoned touring outfit, racking up impressive supports with the likes of Mindless Self Indulgence, Pennywise, Bad Religion, Rise Against, Funeral For A Friend, Killswitch Engage, Taking Back Sunday, No Use For A Name, All Time Low, Zebrahead, Millencolin, and Story Of The Year. In a little over two years, they've bagged arena shows on Taste Of Chaos and Give It A Name Tours and relentlessly headlined shows throughout the UK and Europe. Last year they also toured with Epitaph's Welsh crew The Blackout, spanning the depths of Luxembourg, France, Germany, Austria, Czech Rep, Switzerland and Belgium.

Templeton Pek's debut album 'No Association', unleashed during the winter of 2008, garnered much critical acclaim, gathering famous fans along the way including Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) and expansive media coverage from the likes of MTV2, Scuzz, Kerrang! Radio, XFM, BBC 6music, Rocksound, Big Cheese, SLAM! and Kerrang! Magazine.

The band's eagerly awaited second album, ’Scratches & Scars,' raises the bar both musically and lyrically. With driving rhythms and almost effortlessly woven punk-rock melodies, the three-piece have produced an album of boundless sincerity packed with punchy riffs and peppered with alluring hooks, all set against a modern-day backdrop. From the anthemic and fiercely rhythmic first single 'Barriers’, (available for free at which racked up Record Of The Week on Kerrang! Radio, to the bonecrushing melodic hardcore beatings of 'Made To Waste', through to the innovate dynamism and astute guile of 'Red_Lights_Flash' (which is also featured on the Colin McCrae: The Dirt 2' games console soundtrack alongside the likes of Biffy Clyro, QOTSA and You Me At Six), 'Scratches & Scars' is a clear statement of intent fueled by a candid and earnest driving DIY ethos. Recorded, written and solely produced by the band, it's evident that the progressive trio are not manufactured, are not dictated by how they should sound, and strive with integrity towards uncharted pathways.

This January, in an attempt to chart the shortest song officially released ever, the forward-thinking trio are set to release a 30 second single entitled 'Thirty Seconds Too Far'. A full blown music video will also accompany the single.

Monday, 29 November 2010


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Belgian ska-punk quintet set loose debut full length album 'The World For Sale' on 14th February 2011 through all digital stores and independent record shops. The lively mobsters also undertake further Euro shows in support of the record launch.

Possessing a healthy knack for crafting addictive melody, party-time vibes, and up-tempo song structures, Overweight are gathering new friends, and fast picking up fans right throughout the whole of Europe. The energetic upstarts have built a sturdy reputation for their upbeat attitudes and fantastic live shows, having already racked up shows throughout France, Belgium, Holland and the UK. Along the way, the animated punksters have tagged gigs with the likes of Janez Detd, P.O. Box, The Maple Room, The Hicky Underworld, Big D And The Kid's Table, and Jesse James.

Back in 2001 in Vilvoorde, Belgium, school friends Ralle (Trumpet / Backing vocals), Wannes (Drums), Boone (Guitar / Backing Vocals), and Tiele (Vocals / Trombone) began to hash out punk covers in the local (and debilitated) rehearsal room. Conquering their growing pains and settling into their skin, Overweight was born. With a mutual affection for Fat Wreck artists and Three wave Ska bands (ala Mad Caddies, Less than Jake), the punksters soon found their footing and began to cultivate their own sound and songwriting prowess. As the band evolved, they recruited their final permanent member by drafting in long time friend, Willem (Bass). The enthused quintet then began to demo tracks for their eagerly awaited debut album, entitled 'The World for Sale'.

The lively journeymen continued throughout the whole of 2010 with extensive touring and tentatively planning for the debut album. During this time, original founder and beatmaster Wannes surprisingly left the band to pursue personal endeavors, and after a lengthy search, the hard-working ska-punksters managed to excavate the promising Julien, who's perfect fit in the band has helped to enhance the group sound and add further shifting dynamics.

Now armed with their debut album 'The World For Sale', which features ten neatly-knitted cuts stuffed with killer hooks, unruly good-time energy, and sporadic sonic guitar avalanches, the rambunctious crew are all primed and ready to bring the party to your doorstep!


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UK Metalcore combo 'Kill 'Em Dead Cowboy' nationally release their debut album 'I Am Salvation' through Lockjaw Records / PHD on 14th February 2011 and prepare for extensive touring.

Born out of the southern port of Portsmouth and originally formed in late 2008, Kill 'em Dead Cowboy feature brothers Olie (Drums) and Jim (Guitar) and are deftly abetted by long time friends Sam aka 'Mugsy' (Vocals), Bloomie (Bass) and Joedy (Guitar). Like many of their contemporary counterparts, Kill ’em Dead Cowboy have suffered their own obligatory moments of adversity, from a cluster of initial line-up changes to a series of financial setbacks; rather than breaking them though, the struggle has only helped to galvanise the spirited five-piece.

Having already widely toured throughout the whole of the UK and sections of mainland Europe, where the band chalked up shows with the likes of Attack Attack!, We Are The Ocean, Forever Never, Remembering Never, Marionette, and Bury Tomorrow, the sprightly quintet are now all set to announce their most extensive European tour to date. This gargantuan jaunt coincides with the band's album launch and will see KEDC hit the highways and byways of the UK, Italy, Croatia, Portugal and beyond. For a full list, check out -

The South-Coast Metalheads have rendered influence from a host of areas, from the groove of Parkway Drive, to the power of Bury Your Dead, right through to the technical proficiency of I Killed the Prom Queen; KEDC have managed to harness the engaging elements of thrash, post-hardcore and metalcore, and modify and compress them down to tailor their own hybrid sound.

Kill 'em Dead Cowboy's sound merges driving rhythmic patterns fused with engaging guitar harmonies and captivating vocal melodies, all tightly woven together with stompdown hooks and breakdowns. Their hearty sound has been honed during the past 12 months as the southern metallers perpetually toured throughout the UK and extensively demoed tracks for their debut long play. During this time the band also racked up critical praise for their debut EP 'Darkened Dreams' and debut single 'Lust & Lies Spell Flashing Lights', both unleashed late 2009.

After much anticipation, the fast-rising metalcore crew now release their debut album 'I Am Salvation' through hip indie label, Lockjaw Records. Stacked to the rafters with brutal riffs and jack hammer beats, Kill 'em Dead Cowboy have locked down their live energy to tape and have recorded the record just the way they wanted. The album manages to capture the band as they are best heard, live and in your face. From the rampant energy of 'Knife Fights & Butterflies' through to the ferocious drive of 'Lust & Lies Spell Flashing Lights', 'I Am Salvation' is an album that truly reflects a band that will be, without doubt, a prominent force in the UK metal scene!

Monday, 22 November 2010

News - The Fall, The Rise - New Song

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The Fall, The Rise have a new song "Bravo" up for your listening pleasure - have a listen:

Monday, 15 November 2010


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Alternate noisesmiths 'Hayabusa' release their spanking new single 'Evil Is Not That Laid Back' on 24th January 2011, through Midge Bitten Records and all digital stores.

Although Hayabusa can be loosely described as an alternative rock band, as you peel back the aural layers, you'll find a definitive edge that sets the band firmly apart from its' contemporary counterparts. Each member brings something genuinely unique to create the Hayabusa sound; Bob Hallard (vocals / guitar) has a particular infatuation with unusual time signatures and rhythms, while Phil Hargreaves (bass) spits out crazy bass sounds and edgy grooves, and lastly Rich Adams (drums) programs synth tracks and approaches the drums with an unorthodoxed and original perspective. Progressive, yet accessible, Hayabusa have carefully knitted together a sound that is innovative, but without neglecting to actually write a killer song. As you can tell, the enterprising trio have a clear consciousness about their output and rightly so.

The dynamic trio have a clear focus and an evident affection for non-pretentious, driving rock, and tend to pull inspiration from the likes of Incubus, Oceansize and Messuggah. Haybusa impressively fuse the erratic rhythms and catchy melodies of Biffy Clyro with the heaviness and technical prowess of Tool, and they cap it all off with sweeping electronic soundscapes and beatings.

The Mancunians undertake a mammoth month-long UK tour next year in support of their brand new single 'Evil Is Not That Laid Back', and with a much anticipated debut album in the pipeline for Spring 2011, Hayabusa are sure to be one of THE bands to break in 2011!


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Fast rising Brit-rock new recruits unleash their brand new EP 'Never Far From What We Know' on 24th January 2011, through iTunes, Amazon and other digital stores.

Officially spawned in 2007 in Grays, Essex, Johnny Get The Gun have been cultivating their sound from across the River Thames for the past three years. The fresh-faced four piece now plan to take their infectious tuneage to new heights as they set loose their own blend of melodic clout-pop in the shape of their new EP 'Never Far From What We Know'. Packed with enticing hooks and kinetic energy, the Essex combo have a great knack for melody, and have the youthfulness to develop and progress to even higher echelons within the UK's Brit-rock fraternity.

Following critical acclaim of the band's recently released self-titled mini album, where the pop-punk rockers chalked up strong praise from the likes of Big Cheese magazine, BBC radio, and the underground press, the irrepressible Londoners now continue their ascent with a brand new five-track EP, produced by chief knob-tweaker John Mitchell (Enter Shikari, You Me At Six, Funeral For A Friend). The supremely tuneful "Good As It Gets" kicks off the EP in superior style, as singer Wayne Lightowler lets fly with a dynamic and impassioned vocal delivery; suitably aided and abated by Jack Lawson's soaring riffs, it rounds off a powerful introduction to the record. The pace then evolves as "In the Middle" showcases the band's guile for crafting a hook-heavy ditty, perfectly accompanied by Joe Williams's weaving bass lines and vigor. Bringing the EP to a dramatic close, "Take It", which is both equal parts anthemic and bonecrushing, showcases another stellar performance by Lightowler and tubthumper Jamie Ablea, who firmly endows the band with a robust backbone.

Suitably equipped with an explosive EP. a cluster of live shows to promote the record, and a number of profile shows in the pipeline, JGTG are now armed and ready for lift-off!

Johnny Get The Gun play the following shows throughout the winter: 3 Dec - The Hermit, Brentwood; 10 Dec - Chinnerys, Southend; 13 Dec - O2 Academy Islington 2, London; 21 Jan - The Barfly, London. w/ Kids In Glass Houses (DJ); 26 Feb - O2 Academy, Birmingham; 11 Mar - Downstairs @ The Relentless Garage, London.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

News - DJEVARA - New album and UK tour!

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UK DIY noisesmiths DJEVARA who set loose their brand new album on 24th January through their own Genin label. ’The Rising Tide (part 2), Hear no evil’ is a stunning and captivating record that really does deserves your attention, pulling from a range of influences ranging from the likes of Refused, Botch through to Massive Attack and Saul Williams, the album really packs a killer punch. The London based alt-rockers will continue their assault of the UK and Europe throughout the rest of the year and into 2011. The tour starts at:

14 Nov 2010 The Soundhouse, Bolton;
15 Nov 2010 The Chelsea Inn, Bristol;
18 Nov 2010 Adam & Eve, Birmingham;
19 Nov 2010 Moorings Bar, Aberdeen;
21 Nov 2010 Pivo Pivo, Glasgow;
23 Nov 2010 I Bar, Bournemouth;
24 Nov 2010 Sawyers, Kettering;
25 Nov 2010 Bar 1.22, Huddersfield;
26 Nov 2010 Seen, Darlington;
27 Nov 2010 The Old Bell Hotel, Derby;
28 Nov 2010 The Crauford Arms, Milton Keynes;
10 Dec 2010 Grays Working Mens Club, Grays;
17 Dec 2010 Ryans Bar, London;
3 Feb 2011 The Pavilion, Belfast;
5 Feb 2011 Dicey Reillys, Strabane.

See - for more.

Monday, 8 November 2010

News - IO Release new album "Materioptikon"

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On Monday 15th November Birmingham math rock/metal noisters IO release their latest album on Grammatical Records. Materioptikon, the follow up to their 2008 album Monolith, promises to expand the bands sound with the addition of vocals, samples and electronics. The album, mastered by Alan Douches (Mastodon, Converge), is influenced by artists ranging from Isis and Envy to 65daysofstatic and Don Caballero. The album is available to pre-order from where you can save a pound on the regular price and receive free postage and packing (in the UK).

To celebrate the release Grammatical Records are hosting a launch party at the Rainbow in Digbeth, Birmingham. The show will featuring performances from IO, Kraut-rockers Einstellung and prog-indie experimentalists Conquistadors. Doors are at 7.30pm with the first band onstage at 8pm.

Thursday, 4 November 2010


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Melodic Punksters 'Above The Underground'
nationally unveil their brand new EP 'The Fight We Won'
on 24th January 2011, through all digital sources.

Above the Underground were formed in 2008, when Brandon (Drums) and brothers Al (Guitar) and Will (Vocals) began to kick out the jams and write together. After meandering through a series of guitarists and bassists, the trio finally recruited Nick on bass and Joey on synth; both additions strongly solidified the band and helped to hone their dynamic signature sound. After countless rehearsals and extensive writing the energised quintet began to tour throughout the whole of the UK. At the end of 2009, they released their debut EP, which chalked up great responses and impressive praise from the underground press.

The bar has now been raised for ATU. Following from recent support shows with My Name is Hero, We Say Summer and I, Said the Spy, Elliot Minor, Jody Has a Hitlist, and Aled Phillips (Kids in Glass Houses), the irrepressible punksters will continue touring throughout the end of 2010 and beyond in support of their explosive new record 'The Fight We Won'.

'The Fight We Won' features five fiery cuts packed with up-tempo arrangements, soaring guitars, and infectious choruses that'll require a crowbar to prise out of your head. From the ridiculously catchy 'We Are The Party,' through to the EP's namesake 'The Fight We Won,' the youthful melodic mobsters have produced a record that is stacked to the rafters with killer hooks and contagious kinetic energy!

* Above The Underground 'The Fight We Won' EP is out from all digital platforms from 24th January 2011 *

Monday, 1 November 2010

News - All Tomorrow’s Parties Announce New Additions To Bowlie 2

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Today, the following fantastic additions, hand picked by Belle & Sebastian have been added:


They will join the current outstanding line up of:


The Dutchess And The Duke have split up and will not be performing.

ATP will run another festival weekend the weekend before Bowlie 2. The Nightmare Before Christmas, curated by Godspeed You! Black Emperor is all but sold out, with a very small amount of tickets left to buy direct from

The event will run from the 3rd-5th December at Butlins, Minehead. Today, ATP can announce an eclectic group of DJs as chosen by Godspeed You! Black Emperor:


They are joined by ATP resident DJs Declan Allen and Justin Spear. The artist line-up for the event is as follows:


Thursday, 28 October 2010


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All Tomorrow's Parties - the uniquely British alternative music and arts festival, celebrates its 10th anniversary year this December with a series of events curated and headlined by Belle & Sebastian, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and designer toy pioneers Amos to be held at Butlins, Minehead.

Founded in 2000 by then disillusioned gig promoter Barry Hogan, All Tomorrow's Parties was one of the very first boutique music festivals to launch in the UK. The ensuing ten years have seen the festival grow in stature to become something of a treasured British institution (which is also held at a British institution), whilst garnering international respect and acclaim.

The enduring appeal of ATP lies principally with the festival's unique proposition; a music festival curated entirely by a single artist and held at an old school British holiday resort where the bands stay in the same accommodation as the festival goers. The festival further sets itself apart from the larger corporate events by continuing to eschew any corporate sponsorship and any notion of VIP rooms making for a uniquely egalitarian festival experience - a proposition which has engendered a fierce loyalty amongst their fan base.

Described by founder Barry as a 'mixtape of a festival curated by your favourite band', All Tomorrow's Parties actively encourages festival goers to seek out and champion new music. Past curators read like a who's who of the alternative music/arts scene and have included Sonic Youth, Matt Groening, Portishead, The Breeders, My Bloody Valentine and most recently Jim Jarmusch.

Launched in the wake of Belle and Sebastian's groundbreaking Bowlie Weekender in 1999, All Tomorrow's Parties first festival curated by Mogwai took place in 2000 at Pontins Holiday Camp in Camber Sands. Camber Sands continued to provide the backdrop for ATP until public demand necessitated a larger venue and the festival moved to the 5,500 capacity Butlins in Minehead in 2005.

In recent years the festival has expanded further; hosting a series of international events whilst maintaining its legacy of being intimate and fan-friendly. Recent sold out events in the US and Australia, curated by Nick Cave and Jim Jarmusch were met with overwhelming critical acclaim with US rock bible, Rolling Stone naming ATP 'the best rock festival in America'. The festival was also the subject of a full length feature film from Warp Films in 2009 :

The team behind ATP is also responsible for the Don’t Look Back concert series, where acclaimed artists perform a classic album in its entirety. The series opened the series with Iggy and The Stooges performing 'Funhouse' and further performances have included Public Enemy performing 'It Takes a Nation of Millions...', Sonic Youth performing 'Daydream Nation', Ennio Morricone performing his classic film soundtracks and most recently the Stooges revisiting their seminal album 'Raw Power'.

All Tomorrow’s Parties will complete their year-long birthday celebrations at Butlins from the 3rd-5th December with The Nightmare before Christmas curated by Canadian post-rock juggernauts; Godspeed You! Black Emperor, who are reforming after nine years for the festival. This first of two festivals has already sold out and those lucky enough to have snapped up tickets will be treated to performances from Neurosis, Weird Al Yankovic, Deerhoof and many more.

The second festival weekend will take place from the 10th-12 December and to mark the occasion the event that started it all, The Bowlie Weekender, will be making a welcome return. The original Bowlie Weekender was curated by Belle and Sebastian and they're back to headline and curate the eagerly-anticipated Bowlie 2. Guests including; Foals, Crystal Castles and Teenage Fanclub will be entertaining festival goers throughout the weekend.

Anyone wanting to extend their stay after the first festival or come a few days earlier to the second event can also enjoy In Between Days curated by Amos. Taking place from the 6th-9th December, Amos will be putting on a variety of entertainment, including bands and DJs such as Carbou, Wooden Ships and Moon Duo.

The 10th anniversary celebrations will be taking place in the beautiful surroundings of Minehead in Somerset. Looking out over a superb sandy beach the site is equipped with everything festival goers could need offering the perfect location for All Tomorrow's Parties to mark its landmark anniversary.

For more information go to:

Sunday, 24 October 2010


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"The Rising Tide (part 2) : Hear No Evil" out 24th January 2011

"Superb - 8/10" - Rock Sound.

"An exciting album of blazing, streetwise British promise" / "an excellent album"8/10 - Metal Hammer.

"so eyeball-poppingly angry you can’t help but be swept along" / "Inspiring." KKKK - Kerrang!

"The UK's true Underground heroes make an album that deserves to be heard by everyone, now" - Subba Cultcha.

"A kind of positive chip on the shoulder from the gut/heart" - Organ.

Djevara are a DIY three-piece alternative rock band based in North London, England. The band decided to release "The Rising Tide" in two parts, in order to reflect the path of descent/ disintegration, followed by the recovery/re-affirmation they felt in their own lives. While Part 1, "Corsa Al Ribasso" (i.e. ’race to the bottom’ in Italian), was a scathing, disturbingly honest internal reflection on the darkest, most personal parts of the mind through horrendous times, "Hear No Evil" is about the road back... healing scars, wiping the blood off, and against all odds, returning to fight back.

"Hear No Evil" was recorded live, straight to tape at Ranscombe Studios in Kent. The centre piece ("The Tort of False Light") is an open letter to one of Bass’s own cousins, who infuriatingly still refuses to escape from an abusive relationship, and throughout this record the band rail against the apathy and hypocrisy of a world of non-participating observers which allows and accepts scenarios like this and worse to exist. The band are further fired on by the endless hordes of cynics, critics and other parasites who (ironically) dismiss this kind of message for exactly the reasons they describe. But this is not a record for them - it is a soundtrack for those who also find themselves among The Disconnected-everyone who is unrepresented by the official channels of power, sick of everything from paying for wars that disgust us, sick of the casual racism/sexism/injustices that pervade our everyday existence, sick of watching another century go by as a rich, powerful minority continue to rape and pillage the earth as the rest of us suffer the consequences. Though born in Scotland, Bass's (Usuyak Bassey's) family originally come from Zimbabwe and Nigeria and he has very real, first-hand and personal experiences of the everyday tragedy of The Forgotten World. This is the sound of a band returning to its roots at the front line.

It is now no longer clear where the line between hardcore and alternative rock starts or ends, or which side the band sit in. Djevara are genre-less, playing a heavy but unpretentious progressive rock music with punk attitude and abandon which nods to many genres, but is a slave to none. All to be expected from a band who are as big fans of Saul Williams as Refused, and of Massive Attack as of Botch.

News - The Liaison unveil stomping debut record and are set to break in 2011!

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Emotive Upstarts 'The Liaison' nationally unleash their explosive debut EP 'Start From Scratch' on 17th January 2011, through all digital sources.

Hailing from the leafy suburbs of Guildford and formed in January 2009, The Liaison are quickly making new friends and chalking up impressive support by extensively touring throughout the South of England. Although the promising five piece have only been in existence for just under two years, the band have already bagged profile shows with the likes of Attack Attack, Kids Can’t Fly, The King Blues, My Passion, Lower Than Atlantis, and Exit Avenue, as well as notching up two consecutive annual appearances at the Guilfest.

Pulling inspiration from a variety of different artists, both old and new, the emo-crew have been encouraged by the likes of Weezer, Four Year Strong, Bon Jovi, The Police, and most notably Jimmy Eat World and You Me At Six. By distilling and breaking down the fundamentals of these key influences, taking from them premium cuts of meat, they form their own hearty beast, creating something that's sincere and all-inclusive upon first impact.

The scene is now set for the lively quintet to release their much anticipated debut EP 'Start From Scratch'. The cuts for the record were nailed down at Outhouse Studios with John Mitchell (Funeral For A Friend, Enter Shikari, You Me At Six) and the band have clearly sculpted a hefty slice of sturdy emo-rock. From the fist in the air, sing-along powerpop of 'Road Trip' and the hook-heavy 'Its So Clear', through to the dynamic and supremely tuneful 'Can We Still Be Friends', The Liaison have produced a debut record complete with up-tempo arrangements, contagious hooks, and an unadulterated honesty that demands your attention.

** The Liaison 'Start from Scratch' EP is out from all digital platforms from 17th January 2011 **

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

News - Supersonic - This Weekend!

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Now in its eighth year, this year’s Supersonic line-up is particularly
exciting: a Napalm Death hometown performance, Michael Rother’s new supergroup Hallogallo 2010 (feat. Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley, Aaron Mullan from Tall Firs and Benjamin Curtis from School of Seven Bells) will be delivering an unforgettable performance, playing the music of NEU!, founders of Industrial Metal Godflesh, Michael Gira’s hugely influential NYC band Swans, Melt Banana, James Blackshaw, Factory Floor, King Midas Sound, plus lots of really interesting visual art and avant-garde performances from a really eclectic mix of artists and musicians (including a 7-hour installation of guitarists and pigeons using whistles to play harmonies from the pentatonic scale). The festival also offers a creative atmosphere and set of experiences beyond the core music programming, including Q&As, workshops, screenings, art installations, record stalls, tea and cake.

Monday, 11 October 2010


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Having only been in the public eye since January 2009, Ruins of Earth are quickly climbing the ranks of the UK metal scene. Through shattering live shows that illustrate the boundless energy and candid delivery of the band, they are fast carving a name for themselves. And given the overcrowded nature of the current UK metal scene, this is no little feat. Ruins of Earth have both the innovation and drive to ascend the masses and are destined to be one of the strapping bands to break in 2011!

The lively metal scamps have already extensively toured throughout the UK, bagging tour slots with the likes of Viatrophy, Shadow Law, Osmium and Plague of Ashitaka. The quintet's shows are sweat-drenched fleapit affairs that are both full-blooded and full-hearted. The Hampshire bruisers will hit the road again this Autumn in support of their explosive debut EP 'Ashes of the Ocean'.

ROE's debut offering 'Ashes of the Ocean' is nothing short of a mouth-watering piece of technically tinged thrash metal. From the EP's namesake 'Ashes of the Ocean', through to the dynamic 'The Serpent's Curse', the record is definitely a journey. With both soaring melodic passages and brutal breakdowns, throat-box Colin Russel manages to appositely scrape the bile from the guts of his soul. Aided and abated by Guitarists Daniel Smith and Andrew Wilson, who duel patiently with high velocity fret-flurries before dishing out repeated stinging blows, and bassist Fred McCauley, who impressively steadies the ship, as does Thomas Brooker, who adds brutal force with his jack-hammer style beats, the record spins and hurls out the decibels. All in all, these Southern metallers really do assault the auditory soak it up and watch the band explode in 2011!


News - Castrovalva & Mojo Fury Announce UK tour

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Leeds based noise rock trio Castrovalva are teaming up with the hotly tipped Mojo Fury for a tour of the UK this month.

Following a highly acclaimed debut album Castrovalva are proving to be the most unusual sounding band in Britain. Valva will no doubt continue with their relentless harsh bass-driven rock with various pop overtones reminiscent of influences such as Prince, N.W.A, Notorious B.I.G, Lightning Bolt, Hella, Arab on radar, Death From Above 1979 & Oxes.

Castrovalva video for Donut -

Mojo Fury, fresh from their recent UK tour with Oceansize, will bring their dynamic slabs of math-tinted rock to the masses again and further proove why Big Cheese magazine have named them as "ones to watch" and their debut single "The Mann" has been picking up great reviews.

Mojo Fury video for The Mann -

Full tourdates below:

13th October - STOKE - Harry’s Bar
14th October - IPSWICH - The Swan
15th October - MANCHESTER - In The City @ Gulliver’s
16th October - LONDON - Fandango @ Bull & Gate
20th October - EDINBURGH - Bannerman’s
22nd October - SELBY - Riverside Bar
23rd October LEEDS - Brainwash Festival (Mojo Fury)
24th October LEEDS - Brainwash Festival (Castrovalva)
6th November NME Weekender, Camber Sands, East Sussex (Castrovalva)


Castrovalva: Pump Pump -
Mojo Fury: Deep Fish Tank -

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

News - Vessels - new single, video and european tour w/ Oceansize

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’Meatman, Piano Tuner, Prostitute’ is the first single to be taken from the Vessels’ second album Helioscope (due out Feb 2011) and is released 8th November. The band features the guest vocals of Stuart Warwick (formerly Jacob’s Stories) who will accompany the band on their headline set of dates in November (please note new London venue). Before then, Vessels embark on a tour of Europe with Oceansize. All dates can be seen below.

Download the album version of ’Meatman’ for free here:
A brilliantly colourful video has been made by Kira Zighalina which can be viewed here:
Sat 9 Oct - Bibelot, Dordrecht, NETHERLANDS (with Oceansize)
Sun 10 Oct - Doornroosje, Nijmegan, NETHERLANDS (with Oceansize)
Mon 11 Oct - Melkweg Oude Zeel, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS (with Oceansize)
Wed 13 Oct - Gebaude 9, Cologne, GERMANY (with Oceansize)
Thu 14 Oct - Logo, Hamburg, GERMANY (with Oceansize)
Fri 15 Oct - Beta, Copenhagen, DENMARK (with Oceansize)
Sat 16 Oct - Garage, Oslo, NORWAY (with Oceansize)
Sun 17 Oct -Malman, Stockholm, SWEDEN (with Oceansize)
Tue 19 Oct - Kuudes Linja, Helsinki, FINLAND (with Oceansize)
Wed 20 Oct - Lost in Music, Tampere, FINLAND (with Oceansize)
Sat 23 Oct- Hydrozagadka, Warsaw, POLAND (with Oceansize)
Sun 24 Oct - Lucerna Music Hall, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC (with Oceansize)
Mon 25 Oct - Werk 2, Liepzig, GERMANY (with Oceansize)
Tue 26 Oct - Colossaal, Aschaffenburg, GERMANY (with Oceansize)
Thu 28 Oct - Kulturladen, Konstanz, GERMANY (with Oceansize)
Fri 29 Oct - Backstage, Munich, GERMANY (with Oceansize)
Sat 30 Oct - Sublime, Aflenz, AUSTRIA (with Oceansize)
Mon 1 Nov - Grabenhalle, St Gallen, SWITZERLAND (with Oceansize)
Tue 2 Nov - ISC Club, Bern, SWITZERLAND (with Oceansize)
Thu 4 Nov - Be Cool, Barcelona, SPAIN (with Oceansize)
Fri 5 Nov - El Tren, Granada, SPAIN (with Oceansize)
Sat 6 Nov - Ritmo & Compass, Madrid, SPAIN (with Oceansize)
Sun 7 Nov - Rock Star Live Barakaldo, Bilbao, SPAIN (with Oceansize)
Tue 9 Nov - Nouveau Casino, Paris, FRANCE (with Oceansize)

Fri 12 Nov - Brudenell Social Club, LEEDS (with Stuart Warwick)
Sun 14 Nov - Deaf Institute, MANCHESTER (with Stuart Warwick)
Wed 17 Nov - The Queen Of Hoxton, LONDON (with Stuart Warwick & Humanfly)
Thu 18 Nov - Bierkeller, BRISTOL (with Stuart Warwick)

News - Honour Before Glory - new band feat. Whiskas (Forward Russia/Dance to the Radio) - free mp3s

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Honour Before Glory is the new solo project from Whiskas of ¡Forward, Russia! put together in the two years since the bands break. Songs written during Forward Russia’s time and after have been agonised about time over, and this Summer have been put to tape with the help of numerous friends. With the best part of an album recorded, Honour Before Glory is emmerging from the studio for a small string of live gigs, before a debut single & tour in January.

Free Mp3s:


Upcoming Honour Before Glory shows:

Sunday 3rd October - Play Patters Festival, The Well, Leeds w/ Johnny Foreigner, Talons, Lone Wolf + more
Wednesday 6th October - The Drop, Stoke Newington, London *headline show*
Friday 15th October - Brew Records @ In The City, Gullivers, Manchester w/ Chickenhawk, These Monsters, Castovalva + more
Tuesday 2nd November - 100 Club, London w/ I Like Trains
Sunday 14th November - Constellations Festival, University Union, Leeds w/ Broken Social Scene, Les Savy Fav, Liars + more

Friday, 1 October 2010


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Kill Cassidy release their debut single, the double A-sided '14:11 / Everyone To the Dancemat' through Sugar Shack Records, on 18th October 2010. Mixed by Chris Sheldon (Biffy Clyro/Oceansize/Foo Fighters) and co-produced with long-time friend Andi Karthauser at Oakcutts studio, this single proves to be a bold statement of intent from a band formed just 18 months ago.

Settling upon a line up in Bristol in early 2009, the band have shared stages with Delays, Everything Everything and Shy Child; they've also appeared at Dot to Dot Festival in 2010, and will be touring in October to coincide with their debut release. The album will follow in early 2011. In the meanwhile, the Moody-altrockers hit the following venues this October:

Oct 23 - Portsmouth, drift in the city (tbc)
Oct 24 - Brighton, cobbler’s thumb
Oct 25 - Cardiff, buffalo bar
Oct 27 - Kentish town, flowerpot (London single launch)
Oct 28 - Bath, moles club
Oct 30 - Bristol, louisiana (Hometown single launch)

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Review - Moscow Youth Cult - Happiness Machines

Moscow Youth Cult - Happiness Machines

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7 out of 10

Further electronic mind-bending from erstwhile Love Ends Disaster! string-tickler Jon Dix. Still fond of a spooky synth or three from last release Colours Seep Out, this latest step along the way sees MYC having a serious dally with the 1980s. Check Girls of Boredom, in all its I'm-a-single glory, with its electro-darkness and languid, Oakey vocal. Or Modern Easy, if you've ever wondered how Blur would have sounded had they been influenced by Depeche Mode rather than Pavement.

There's no obvious bandwagon-jumping, however. Pre-Cert Landfill II could be from the soundtrack to an as-yet unmade Linklater film, with harmonies courtesy of Barrett and Yorke. Move Truck with Bitten Leg gets Tortoise drunk before degrading gracefully into hallucinogenic mush. The whole is sprinkled with Boards of Canada dust (MYC's top MySpace friend, of course).

Unlabelled, unreleased and verging on the unparalleled.

1- .shimmer .star .prefix
2- Girls Of Boredom
3- Passed With Cuts
4- Iris
5- Pet dream with lossy
6- Move Truck With Bitten Leg
7- Pre-Cert Landfill II
8- Phase IV
9- Modern Easy
10- Casa Mia Casio Tua
11- Happiness machines

Review - Distant Guns - The Invisible Observer EP

Distant Guns - The Invisible Observer EP

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7 out of 10

Marching back from the desolate wastes of Norfolk, Distant Guns appear to have bagged a winner with this, their fourth E.P. The pair of openers shimmer like a iron glove around a velvet fist. Paper Lanterns lives up to its name, floating high but without any sign of crashing back to earth and setting fire to a field of wheat.

Captain Birdseye. . . is a water-sodden piece of acoustic wyrd and, perhaps, the nearest this release has to a hole. Thankfully, we are brought back up to trajectory by the Fall-meets-Ballboy-in-the-pub-car-park-for-a-fight bombast of CSI: Nowhere. And is that Pete Postlethwaite chewing his way through a sample from some film or other?

1- Paper Lanterns
2- Your Plans Are Just Lists Of Things That Won't Happen
3- Captain Birdseye And His Shit Mate
4- CSI: Nowhere

News - Tim Minchin - New DVD - 29th November!

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In his second live DVD, Ready For This?, available on DVD, Blu-ray and iTunes from 29th November 2010, Perrier award winner, uberminstrel and comedy rock super star Tim Minchin confronts the pressing issues of the day: love, truth, dancing bears and ginger body hair.

Following the success of his debut DVD, So F**king Rock, and huge, sold-out tours of the UK and Australia, the piano-bashing, icon-trashing, nerd-brained, rock-voiced, hedgehog-haired, tight-trousered philosopher-comedian is fast becoming known as one of his generation’s most brilliant and unique live performers.

Filmed during a packed 3-night run at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo, Ready For This? features Canvas Bags, Bears Don't Dig On Dancing, Prejudice (Only a Ginger), White Wine In The Sun, a nine minute beat poem: Storm and more from comedy's hottest rock 'n' roll megastar. The DVD contains a 28-page lyrics book and DVD extras include animated internet sensation Pope Song, an interview and performance from Friday Night with Jonathan Ross and a music video made for The Big Fat Quiz.

As well as performing to sell-out crowds around the world, Tim has written the music and lyrics for RSC's new musical version of Roald Dahl's 'Matilda' and his radio sitcom pilot 'Strings' was broadcast on BBC Radio 2 in May this year. Tim also embarks on his first Arena tour, joined by a 55 piece orchestra, in December 2010.

News - Blood Red Shoes are gonna Light it Up

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Steven Ansell and Laura-Mary Carter are pleased to announce the release of new single "Light It Up" on November 8th .

Taken from their sophomore album 'Fire Like This', "Light It Up" is a trademark BRS track and firm live favourite.

Blood Red Shoes are also planning an intimate show at the bands Brighton studio

for 50 lucky fans on November 4th. The band will be exclusively previewing some brand new material.

Fans are to email their name over to The first 50 names will all eligible for entry into the show.

Fresh from a Summer of gigs and festivals, the duo blew away many a crowd in the UK & Europe, and have been touring heavily since the release of "Fire Like This" back in Spring. The next couple of months see no slowing down in their touring schedule with a stint of shows in the US throughout October, and the same in Europe in November.

With two Radio 1 B-Listed tracks already under their belts, "Light It Up" is set to be another smash hit, the tracks uplifting melodies and blazing guitars create a perfect rock song as Steven explains:

"to me light it up is like our pixies formula song, just groove on the verses then smash the distortion up full on in the chorus. it’s about feeling like everything is about to explode and that you want it to explode as well as craving for chaos, upheaval and destruction because it might actually change something"

The band will be stopping off on our shores next month too play two headline dates in London & Manchester as well as a special homecoming show in Brighton, which will top off yet another incredible year for the duo.

Upcoming live dates -
6 October- Manchester, Club Academy
7 October- London, Electric Ballroom
9th December- Brighton, Concorde 2
Visit to buy tickets!

News - Carl Barât - Full Album Stream!

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The debut solo record Carl Barât is out next week, but you can listen to it via his website

News - Johnny Foreigner - 2 unheard albums on their site!

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Birmingham trio Johnny Foreigner have announced the official digital release of two albums via their website Both LPs were recorded before their debut, Waited Up Till It Was Light. which was released in 2008.

The releases, available today, coincide with their previously announced new EP due to be released through Alcopop! Records in November. The band will be touring the UK around that time, with Stagecoach in support. Before that, the band head off on their first ever North American tour, opening up for Los Campesinos! over three weeks in October.

Both ’we left you sleeping, now gone’ and ’everyday is a constant battle’ have been secretively shared amongst fans for years, but the newly released versions come with a slew of new and additional tracks, comprehensive liner notes and photos from the period.

The records chart the band’s progression from their alt-country tinged slow burning origins to the acclaimed furious art pop outfit they’ve become today.

Additionally, the three piece have made available audio and video from their performance at The Garage, London this July as part of the Wichita Recordings 10th anniversary parties, and have also released an expanded tour EP from February 2009.

News - "WEIRD AL" YANKOVIC - First Ever UK Tour!

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PLUS! The Essential "WEIRD AL" YANKOVIC 2CD & Download

Weird Al Yankovic alongside performing at All Tommorrow’s Parities curated by Godspeed You! Black Emperor, will play three headline UK shows. And to celebrate his first ever UK tour "Weird Al’ Yankovic is releasing The Essential "Weird Al" Yankovic on Sony .

"Weird Al" Yankovic, the undisputed king of pop culture parody, has sold more comedy recordings than any other artist in history. In a career spanning nearly three decades, he has sold over 12 million albums , amassed 30 Gold and Platinum albums, 7 Gold and Platinum-certified home videos and won 3 Grammy Awards

Alfred Matthew Yankovic - better known as "Weird Al" - is the foremost song parodist of the MTV era. He has carried the torch of musical humour more proudly and more successfully than any other performer of the last 30 years mocking everything from new wave to gangsta rap.

The Essential "Weird Al" Yankovic is released on October 18th. The album includes his two hit singles in the UK ;Eat It (1984) and Smells Like Nirvana (1992) and which both played on the music phenomenon of their time. However, many other parodies on this 38 track career-spanning collection, personally selected by Al himself, will also be familiar "Another One Rides The Bus" (Queen), "Yoda" (The Kinks' Lola), "Like A Surgeon" (Madonna), Fat (Michael Jackson's Bad and for which the video won a Grammy), "Bedrock Anthem" (a Red Hot Chili Peppers' mash up), "Jurassic Park "(MacArthur Park), "Amish Paradise" (Coolio), It's All About The Pentiums (Puffy), The Saga Begins (American Pie), eBay (Backstreet Boys), Canadian Idiot (Green Day), Trapped in The Drive-Thru (R Kelly) and 2006’s internet in phenomena , "White & Nerdy", will all strike a chord.

Ultimately, much of "Weird Al"'s success has resulted from his skilled use of music video. By the mid-80s, not only could records themselves serve as parody fodder but their video clips were ripe for satire as well. Consequently, MTV firmly established Yankovic’s public persona in North America and now, at the age of 51, he finally brings his show to the UK, in which he will be backed by the four-piece band that have been with him for nearly 30 years.

The Essential "WEIRD AL" YANKOVIC track listing
1. Another One Rides The Bus
2. Polkas On 45
3. Eat It
4. I Lost On Jeopardy
5. Yoda
6. One More Minute
7. Like A Surgeon
8. Dare To Be Stupid
9. Dog Eat Dog
10. Lasagna
11. Melanie
12. Fat
13. UHF
14. The Biggest Ball Of Twine In Minnesota
15. Trigger Happy
16. Smells Like Nirvana
17. You Don't Love Me Anymore
18. Bedrock Anthem
19. Frank's 2000" TV
20. Jurassic Park

1. Since You've Been Gone
2. Amish Paradise
3. Gump
4. Everything You Know Is Wrong
5. The Night Santa Went Crazy
6. Your Horoscope For Today
7. It's All About The Pentiums
8. The Saga Begins
9. Albuquerque
10. eBay
11. Bob
12. Hardware Store
13. I'll Sue Ya
14. Canadian Idiot
15. Pancreas
16. Don't Download This Song
17. White & Nerdy
18. Trapped In The Drive- Thru

Thursday 2nd - BIRMINGHAM Academy
Friday 3rd - MANCHESTER Academy 1
Sunday 5th - MINEHEAD All Tomorrow's Parties
Monday 6th - LONDON Forum

All shows except All Tomorrow’s Parties
Tickets: £25.00 adv

News - A Tribute to Bad Religion: Germs of Perfection

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MySpace is featuring an exclusive Bad Religion tribute 'Germs of Perfection.' Check out the first track, Tegan and Sara's take on "Suffer":

For bands everywhere, it's a right of passage. They can all, to some degree, remember the first time they heard the barreling guitars on "Generator." Or recall the moment when they first stopped and really listened to Greg Graffin's lyrics. (Which, these days, is probably followed by typing words like "denouement" into

For many, Bad Religion has been a hugely influential band who, beyond almost anyone's expectations, is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year with the release of their new album, The Dissent Of Man. But that's not all. The band has also helped us, along with our good freinds at SPIN, in shaping Germs Of Perfection, an exclusive tribute album featuring artists like Tegan And Sara, Ted Leo, Fake Problems-along with nearly a dozen more-covering some of the band's most celebrated tracks.

Over the next three weeks, we will be posting one song a day (barring weekends) to stream. Then, on October 19th, we will offer up the entire album as a free download on both MySpace Music's homepage and through In the meanwhile, keep checking back here for a new song daily. Some of the results may surprise you.

News - Circa Survive - Daytrotter Sessions

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Listen to Circa Survive’s session on this here link:

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

News - Pegasus Bridge announce details of debut mini-album and brand new video

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Pegasus Bridge announce details of debut mini-album and brand new video

Manchester quartet Pegasus Bridge have been making quite a name for themselves over the last year. Now, via LAB Records (Not Advised, Portia Conn, Just Surrender) the band are ready to announce their debut mini-album 'While We're Young', due for release on November 1st.

Featuring the single Ribena, (released October 25th) the record was put together with in-demand producer Jon Mitchell (Kids in Glass Houses, You Me at Six). The band's continuing rise has become undeniable - they have gained strong Radio One support from Huw Stephens, Zane Lowe, Vernon Kay, and Lauren Laverne as well as gigged with the likes of General Fiasco, Futures and We Are The Ocean. Such was the support for the band, they were asked open Radio One's Big Weekend in the summer.

While We're Young, hopes to put the cherry on the cake of a fine year for Pegasus Bridge, and introduce them to those not yet on board. Bassist Alex, says;

"The great thing about this record is that it encapsulates the time in our lives when youth is so important to us; we’re constantly exposed to our peer group settling down, getting married... so the base concept behind the album was born out of what we felt to be the premature loss of our youth. For what we do, we need to feel young"

"It’s a record anyone can see a reflection of themselves in, whether it’s their former, present or future self. That’s one thing that makes the record so exciting to us. We’re so proud of this album."

Pegasus Bridge's video for new single 'Ribena' is viewable here:

Sunday, 26 September 2010

News - Kula Shaker’s Crispian Mills releases new 7" single

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Ho Hum Records are delighted to announce the latest collectible 7" release with two unreleased gems from Kula Shaker front-man Crispian Mills' solo project, produced by Mark Pritchard.

A decade ago, following sales of over a million for both "K" and "Pigs and Astronaughts" Crispian Mills sought out a new challenge and a break from Kula Shaker. With good advice, Mills hired the services of Mark Pritchard (Harmonic 313, Troubleman, Global Communications and many more) and David Brinkworth (Harmonic 33, Farout Recordings) and set off to make a solo album, recording in both Cornwall and on David Gilmour's house-boat studio in London.

Alas the album never got finished and almost 10 years later Ho Hum Records have unearthed two authentic 60s-sounding gems from the period in "Healing Hands" and "Be Merciful" available at long last on both 7" and digital download formats.

Complete with hand-claps, driving drums and hooks a-plenty, ’Healing Hands’ is Donovan-esque and oozes Kings Road chic with it's sultry blues; whilst the b-side ’Be Merciful’ delights in the deep acoustic folk Crispian delivers just so well. "Be merciful to me, I am all alone."


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Hotly-tipped quartet 'Girl Afraid' set loose their debut EP 'Believe What Comes Next' on 6th December 2010, available through all good digital platforms.

Hailing from Windsor and formed in the summer of 2008, Girl Afraid started out from the simple desire to have a good time playing some tunes. Wanting to create their own brand of honest rock-pop that would fuse the fundamental elements of hardcore, they spent two years and several obligatory line-up changes honing their craft. Flash forward to the present and the Berkshire upstarts have self-released two singles, been hand-picked for a high profile 'Alter The Press' compilation, alongside the likes of Far, and have played numerous dates across the South of England, including BBC Introducing shows & many O2 Academy dates. Needless to say, the band take their craft quite seriously.

After a series of successful shows in Southern plains, the quartet embarked on more extensive touring throughout 2009. It was during this time that the band began to grow, subsequently releasing their debut single 'Five Weeks in Nebraska', which cultivated great support from the DIY underground. The band followed on with this success by supporting 'Wolf Am I,' before holing up in a quaint 16th century house in Windsor, in preparation for laying down tracks for their impending debut EP (and soon to be released debut album, which is set for national release in the spring of 2011). After rigorous rehearsals, the alt-rockers have completed an EP that inspires and ignites. With a cluster of influences ranging from the hardcore beatings of Every Time I Die, Converge, and Refused, through to the indie songsmith textures of The Smiths, Modest Mouse, and Bright Eyes, Girl Afraid have a knack for addictive melody. From the infectious guile and emotionally tinged 'Believe What Comes Next' through to the up-tempo angular rock of 'When All This is Over, We'll Just Shake Hands and Say Goodbye', Girl Afraid have truly created a record that commands your attention!


Friday, 24 September 2010

News - Final acts added to line-up for Supersonic Festival

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Following the news that the 2010 edition of Birmingham's acclaimed annual Supersonic Festival will be headlined by NAPALM DEATH, SWANS, GODFLESH, HALLOGALLO and MELT BANANA, Capsule are excited to announce the final few acts who will be appearing at this year's festival, as well as reveal highlights from the incredible film, talks and visual arts programme.

Latest additions to the Supersonic line-up include the awesome live orchestra, Chrome Hoof, experimental hardcore band Ruins, the heavy riffage of Dethscalator and the melancholic pop sounds of Daniel O'Sullivan's new project, Moth Lite. Also, a special AV set from the hugely evocative Barn Owl, the psych/folk/electronic sounds of Health & Efficiency, regular jazz meets free improv in the form of Steve Tromans & Dan Nicholls Duo and Black Sun Drum Corps presenting a percussion parade through the festival, which will combine Supersonic Festival performers and audience members to create a visceral and live massed drumming experience. From metal to avant garde and folk, Supersonic 2010 is set to cement the festival's reputation as one of the most original and eclectic music festivals in the UK.

Also announced, highlights from the film, talks and visual arts programme. This year, highlights include Supersonic Kids' Gigs, experimental music for little people, Project Pigeon, an incredible project which involves pigeons playing harmonies from the pentatonic scale, and an incredible and diverse film programme, including an exclusive screening of Matthew Barney's 'Guardian of the Veil'. There's also God's White Noise, an incredible installation of guitarists who will perform over the duration of 7 hours, Supersonic Noise Boxes, a workshop where participants can build their own 3 oscillator screaming, light-controlled Noise Box instrument, a talk on Fear of Music and why experimental music is deemed less accessible than experimental visual art, plus Napalm Death's Nicholas Bullen, creator of Grindcore’s throat-shredding growls, presenting Breach, a performance which explores the voice and how it can be used to undermine the codes which govern conventional discourse.

News - Cast Release Deluxe Edition Of All Change

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On the 15th Anniversary of the release of their debut album, All Change and on the eve of a UK tour, by the newly-reformed classic line-up, comes the Deluxe Edition of All Change by Liverpool band, Cast.

This superb deluxe edition comes with a second CD, comprising the group's barnstorming live set from Leeds in 1996 plus a selection of home demos made by the band's lead vocalist and guitarist, John Power.

John Leckie who produced All Change says:

"There are some really great demos John did by himself in his bedroom. Songs like 'Fine Time' and 'Back Of My Mind' have got that magical quality The La's Demos had. They feel very precious."

Released in 1995, All Change was to become the fastest selling debut in Polydor's history, outstripping The Who, Jimi Hendrix and The Jam. The album sold over one million copies and spawned four Top 20 singles: Alright, Sandstorm, Finetime and Walkaway. The stand-alone single, Flying, which reached Number 4 in the UK charts also features on this deluxe edition both in the form of the original studio recording as well as one of John's earlier demos.
Cast aficionados will also be delighted by the inclusion of the outtake, All My Days, which has achieved near-mythical status amongst fans.

Originally the bass player with Merseyside band, The La's, John Power started writing the material that would eventually become songs for Cast in the early 1990s. On leaving The La's, he started putting together a group that by 1994 would feature the classic line-up of: John Power (guitar/vocals); Liam 'Skin' Tyson (lead guitar); Pete Wilkinson (bass) and Keith O'Neill (drums). The group split in 2001 but earlier this summer John Power announced that this very same line-up are getting together again with plans to work on new material and for a series of live UK date this November and December.

Review - Modified Toy Orchestra - Birmingham Town Hall - 8th September 2010

Modified Toy Orchestra - Birmingham Town Hall - 8th September 2010

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8 out of 10

The last time I set foot in Birmingham's Town Hall was about 15 years ago for an A-Level Business Studies conference. I was certain tonight's gig with Birmingham's own electronic experimentalists "Modified Toy Orchestra" (MTO) was going to be a very different affair.
For the uninitiated (as I was before this gig), MTO create their music almost entirely from tinkering with old electronic toys. I say tinkering but I think it's safe to say that project originator Brian Duffy and his band are fairly accomplished in the field of electronics to get the results they do. What we experienced was a performance of new songs from their latest album "Plastic Planet" comprising of a jazzed up Speak and Spell, freaky red eyed hula girl doll, toy guitar, toy gun and a whole host of other modified goodies. The results are quite amazing and I think the audience seemed to agree. The band, all adorned in smart black suits worked their way through the set accompanied by some fantastic visuals drawing the audience in with each song. The friendly banter between simply added to the nights great atmosphere. I can't begin to imagine the skill needed to keep everything perfectly in time amongst the five strong band. Every member executes their (very varied) parts of the jigsaw with absolute precision though. Stand out track for me was "Earth One" which just seemed to come together perfectly with its visuals but I'd hate to say there was only one stand out song as this performance on a whole was one of the most interesting live music experiences I've had for a while. I expected something 'different', and different was what I got!
If you get the chance to experience MTO live, you love electronic music or just have a taste for the unusual - see them!


Thursday, 23 September 2010

News - Talons ready their debut album

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On 15th November Big Scary Monsters will release ’Hollow Realm’, the debut album from Talons. Comprising of 8 brand new tracks, the record was written as a whole piece of music and combines all of the elements we’ve come to love from the young instrumentalists, from the beautiful, dual violin lead highs to the crushing, riff-laden lows. Recorded by former Forward Russia vocalist Tom Woodhead at a remote location in Wales earlier this year, the tracklisting is as follows:

1. St Mary Will Be The Death Of Us All
2. Peter Pan
3. In The Shadows Of Our Stilted Homes
4. An Expected Future Event
5. Iris
6. Impala
7. Great Railroads
8. Hollow Depth

The band play the following shows in September/October and will be announcing a full UK tour for November, to coincide with the release...

29.09 - Norwich Arts Centre (w/ This Will Destroy You)
30.09 - London Camden Underworld (w/ This Will Destroy You)
03.10 - Leeds Weekender @ The Well (w/ Hot Club, Johnny Foreigner, Gallops and more)
18.10 - London Camden Barfly (headline w/ support from Brontide, Hold Your Horse is, Run Walk!)
21.10 - Cardiff SWN Festival @ Y Fuwch Goch (BSM showcase w/ Mimas, Tall Ships, Stagecoach and Dad Rocks)
22.10 - Leeds Brainwash Festival (w/ Melt Banana, Dosh, Chickenhawk and loads more)

’Peter Pan’ free MP3 download link:

’Peter Pan’ MP3 streaming link:

News - Play Patterns Festival: Johnny Foreigner, Hot Club De Paris, Calories, Gallops and more

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PLAY PATTERNS is the latest festival to take place in Leeds. A small and intimate event spread over three days and two stages, it’s simply a celebration of the great bands in Leeds and beyond.

Venue: The Well














SEETICKETS - http://Www.Seetickets.Com/S.Asp?A=P-L-A-Y+P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S&P=7272





FACEBOOK EVENT -!/event.php?eid=118671974851065

Monday, 20 September 2010


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Irrepressible Dutch Hardcore crew 'Meet The Storm' continue their tempestuous assault on Europe, unveiling their brand new EP 'Sailing On A Broken Compass', out on 29th November 2010 through all good digital outlets.

Meet The Storm were originally founded at the tail-end of 2007 in the bustling port of Rotterdam, Holland. Having previously played in other bands from the Dutch hardcore scene, Matt (vocals), Joe (guitar), Serge (guitar), Nick (bass) and Asmidin drums), all knew the script and exactly what they wanted to create; a band that was not only energetic and honest, but also exciting and robust. After countless rehearsals and intense writing, the diligent combo managed to craft a sound that is a stunning concoction of grimy hardcore that undoubtedly delivers a strapping blow.

The band quickly ascended the ranks within the punk-hardcore community by gaining a glowing reputation for their intense and dynamic live performances which clearly demonstrate the crew's true passion and devotion to their craft. Along the way the Dutch grimsters also bagged support slots with Cancer Bats, InMe and Uncommonmenfrommars, and have also toured the UK on numerous occasions, as well as embarking on successful jaunts to Russia and Belgium.

The Netherlands grimsters are now all geared for the release of their brand new EP 'Sailing On A Broken Compass'. The record instantly goes for the jugular with the opening onslaught of 'Can't Plan Regret' that bursts with blistering brutality and kinetic energy; it's a true exhibit of what's to come. The dirty anthemic buzzsaw cut of 'Sailing Out To Fail' is next up and it's a ravenous beast complete with full-on fist-pummeling shout outs. Lastly, the ferocious 'Hindenburg' draws the record to a climatic close and there's no letting up as it rips out of the speakers, forcing heads to bang. The assiduous posse will now take the record on the road as they hit the UK and Europe again this winter; check out the band's myspace for updated tour dates and prepare yourself for some sweat-drenched live action!


Monday, 13 September 2010


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Kill Cassidy release their debut single, the double A-sided '14:11 / Everyone To the Dancemat' through Sugar Shack Records, on 18th October 2010. Mixed by Chris Sheldon (Biffy Clyro/Oceansize/Foo Fighters) and co-produced with long-time friend Andi Karthauser at Oakcutts studio.

14:11 sets powerhouse rhythms and delay-driven guitar tapestries to the towering falsetto of vocalist Tim Sensation, who delivers lyrics barbed with sadness and regret. Invoking the true story of a friend who tries desperately to reach his dying daughter before she passes from the world, only to arrive too late, 14:11 is both heart-stealing and epic, skyscraping and touchingly poignant.

News - Youthful Worcestershire Upstarts hurl out their breathtaking debut EP!

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Elysian Born firmly map out their agenda in the shape of their debut EP release 'Magisterium', unleashed through all online shops from 22nd November 2010.

Pulling on influences from a variety of sources, ranging from the back catalogues of Pantera and Metallica, through to the contemporary lashings of Lamb Of God and Children Of Bodom, the metal-upstart's debut EP is certainly not for the light-hearted. 'Magisterium' is a prime slab of modern metal, showcasing four gargantuan beefy cuts.

News - Marner Brown release their debut single ’Dirty Weekend’ on 20th September!

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Back from their â?~Dirty Weekendâ?T, Marner Brown release their much awaited single on 20th September 2010!

London natives Marner Brown are set to inject some much needed authenticity into the world of live rock â?~nâ?T roll with their debut single â?~Dirty Weekendâ?T released on the 20th September 2010 through Road Warrior Entertainment Record Company.
Sharing a rich background of musical influences and undeniable talent, Marner Brown have found a dynamic that oozes with natural prowess on stage, delivering both unforgettable and flawless live performances. â?~Dirty Weekendâ?T is a culmination of their love for rock â?~nâ?T roll and a rare commitment to making fantastic music. The result - an anthemic single set to explode into the ears of revellers spanning the globe.
There may be comparisons with previous legends, but with an enthralling presence and raw passion for what they do, that simply put, far exceeds their combined years, the band are set to make history.
â?oSitting in the bath, trying to wash my dirty weekendâ?� the lyrics to â?~Dirty Weekendâ?T suggest the boys lead your typical rock â?~nâ?T roll lifestyle but when asked the meaning behind the suggestive single title, lead singer Fiachra is quick to wash away rumours of self biographical content and explains how it is â?oan extension of that same horrible realisation of how much you’d caned it all weekend, how much money you’d pissed away on beer and idiotsâ?�.

Collectively they are famed for their outrageous, yet endearing live performances and collate a diverse background of musical knowledge, having shared the stage with the likes of Ocean Colour Scene and Babyshambles and being able to name Ronnie Wood as a fan. There have been tweaks to the line up culminating in this group of raconteurs having the perfect on stage chemistry that is obvious to all.
With a presence that demands the attention of everyone in the room; itâ?Ts not going to be long before everyoneâ?Ts talking about their â?~Dirty Weekendâ?T with the Marner Brown boys!

Upcoming tour dates:

Sep 17th - Bad Format, Liverpool
Sep 18th - Barhouse, Chelmsford
Sep 23rd - The Musician (with Dogs), Leicester
Sep 24th - Concorde II (with Dogs), Brighton
Sep 25th - The Grove Tavern- XFM night, London
Sep 26th - Kasbah (with Dogs), Coventry
10th Oct - Mat Horne Session at Watershed, Wimbledon
23rd Oct - Bongo Club, Edinburgh
Mar 27th - Haddowfest, Edinburgh

Other nationwide October dates to be announced soon.

For more information please contact:

For all press enquiries and interview requests relating to Marner Brown, please email: or

Tel: +44 (0) 207 836 1122

Friday, 10 September 2010

News - Chickenhawk announce new album & tour with We Are The Ocean

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Chickenhawk will be returning with new album "Modern Bodies" released on 1st November through Leeds label Brew (home to Kong, These Monsters, Humanfly, Castrovalva).

Having covered every inch of the UK touring the country's length and breadth, the band have established themselves as one of the hardest working bands in the country. In support of "Modern Bodies" the band will be joining We Are The Ocean on their upcoming UK tour in October.

Following a summer of endless UK festivals including Sonisphere, Guilfest, Leeds Festival & Hevy Festival, Hawk are now a live spectacle to behold. Through their hard work and determination, they have been hailed by Huw Stephens, Steve Lamacq, Daniel P Carter and generally lauded where praise for heavy bands is generally not given. Recently Chickenhawk recorded a live session at Maida Vale Studios for Mike Davies Punk Show on BBC Radio 1 & will continue their relentless tour schedule throughout 2010.

Full tour dates:

30th September UK TOUR w/ We Are The Ocean & Brides @ The Joiners, Southampton, Hampshire
1st October UK TOUR w/ We Are The Ocean & Brides @ The Forum, Tunbridge Wells
2nd October UK TOUR w/ We Are The Ocean & Brides @ ARU, Cambridge
4th October UK TOUR w/ We Are The Ocean & Brides @ Academy 2, Oxford
5th October UK TOUR w/ We Are The Ocean & Brides @ Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff, Wales
6th October UK TOUR w/ We Are The Ocean & Brides @ White Rabbit, Plymouth, Southwest
7th October UK TOUR w/ We Are The Ocean & Brides @ Cavern Club, Exeter
8th October UK TOUR w/ We Are The Ocean & Brides @ Orange Box, Yeovil
9th October UK TOUR w/ We Are The Ocean & Brides @ Academy 2, Liverpool
11th October UK TOUR w/ We Are The Ocean & Brides @ Fibbers, York
12th October UK TOUR w/ We Are The Ocean & Brides @ Corporation Nightclub, Sheffield

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

News - Lostaura Announce Tour

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Lostaura, October Tour

The industry was quick to praise Lostaura's summer release 'The Hiding Place'. Artrocker recognised it as a "terrific debut", BBC 6's Tom Robinson credited it as "their finest work to date", whilst Simon Price of The Independent writes "These guys are going to be massive!"

Having supporting the likes of Band of Skulls, Everything Everything and The Airbourne Toxic Event, earlier this year, Lostaura are looking to ignite stages during their recently announced October tour. Be warned, it has been widely recognised that their stadium sized anthems never fail to raise the roof!

This time around Lostaura have joined forces with London's New Legends to book this tour;

Cargo in Shoreditch, London 23/09/2010
The Enterprise in Chalk Farm, London 26/09/2010

Kin Bar in Hove, East Sussex 21/10/2010
M19 in Manchester, 22/10/2010,
The Snooty Fox in Wakefield, Yorkshire, 23/10/2010,
Kasbah in Coventry, West Midlands, 25/10/2010,
The Slug and Lettuce in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, 26/10/2010
The Bed Bar in Woking, Surrey, 28/10/2010
Before finally heading back to London, 29/10/2010 where they will play at The Cavendish Arms to bring the tour to an end. All of these venues are 18+.

Each performance is full of variety, showmanship and passion whilst each song offers a new slice of musical genius and craftsmanship. With every display full of energy and prolific musicianship be prepared to become infected with a constant barrage of rhythmic shivers and spine tingling chills.

Watch this space, LOSTAURA are on track to becoming one of the finest rock bands in the UK.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

News - Introducing Ghinzu: Video and Free download

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Based on the idea "Why going to hell when you can actually make it come to you!" the heroic rock band Ghinzu give us a smouldering video for their single "Cold Love".

Made with a lot of energy and patience (countless hours spent on the special effects) it shows a preacher casting a spell on the band whilst they are recording in studio. Have a look for yourselves:

Hailing from Belgium, Ghinzu have been touring with their latest album Mirror Mirror in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Netherlands for more than hundreds of thousands of people and also supporting bands such as Placebo or Muse.

This breakthrough video celebrates the great success of their album Mirror Mirror (Gold disc in Belgium) on which Dimitri Tikovoï (Placebo,..) and Nick Terry (Klaxons, Libertines,.. ) contributed to.

Single "Cold Love" can be downloaded for free here:

If you don’t know the band yet, discover them with Mirror Mirror, a hybrid music score, somewhere between Apocalypse Now, 2001 - A Space Odyssey and Clockwork Orange".

News - Black Mountain - The Hair Song video

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Black Mountain release the second single from their much anticipated forthcoming album Wilderness Heart on 11th October. Its west-coast groove and soaring harmonies showing off an altogether more accessible side to the band; ’The Hair Song’ brings the band’s songwriting skills into sharp focus. A joyous and uplifting track, (’Let your laws come undone, Don’t suffer your crimes, Let the love in your heart take control") - this is the embodiment of what NME described as ’pumping fresh blood into vintage sounds’.

Wilderness Heart is released on September 13th and the band will be undertaking a full European tour around this with their biggest London show to date: Shepherds Bush Empire on October 7th with The Black Angels.

To celebrate their co-headline gig Black Mountain and The Black Angels are giving away a special MP3 to all Advance tickets buyers. All ticket purchasers for the gig will be sent a unique URL that leads to a free download of The Black Angels covering Black Mountain’s debut album track ’No Satisfaction’.

Dates are:

8th Sept | Brighton | Concorde*

10th Sept | Isle of Wight | Bestival

11th Sept | Dorset | End Of The Road Festival

12th Sept | Leeds | TJs Woodhouse Club *

14th Sept | Glasgow | Oran Mor *

15th Sept | Manchester | Academy 3 *

16th Sept | Nottingham | Rescue Rooms *

7th Oct | London | Shepherds Bush Empire+

* w/Wolf People

+ w/ Black Angels

"Art-house rock’n’roll unafraid to stroll the unlit side of the street.... spellbinding beauty" Classic Rock (album review - 9/10)

"It’s the sound of a Middle Earth baptism by fire" NME

News - Humanfly - New album "Darker Later" released 8th Nov on Brew

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Leeds' finest forgers of the riff, Humanfly will release their third studio album entitled "Darker Later" on the influential UK label Brew (home to Kong, Castrovalva, Chickenhawk, These Monsters). The psychedelic post-Hardcore band turned prog merchants formed in the early part of the decade featuring ex member of Canvas. The band offer epic, metallic journeys through huge heaviness and atmospherics with a dynamic blend of in your face hostility and subtle melodic textures.

Musically, Humanfly is not constrained by genres of heavy music. Their ever expanding, Sabbath driven Floyd esq soundscapes builds their compositions from the ground up, making it as diverse and multi-layered as 3000 watts of orange amplification can create, making a truly unique cathartic listening experience....and something that definitely needs to be experienced, or felt live. For this release the band are also joined by prolific collaborator Rose Kemp on the track 'Heavy Black Snow' whom has featured with numerous artists in the UK whilst steering her own career.

This is Humanfly's 3rd album release following of from the acclaimed album "II" released on 20 Buck Spin (US) and their first release on Brew. Recorded by Ben Gardner @ Down the River Recordings the album give a snapshot of a band truly at the peak of their game and highly evolved into a monstrous behemoth of audio power.
Since destroying Mareira Fest in Spain this summer a UK tour planned for with The Ocean in October including an appearance at Brainwash Festival the band will continue to tour the UK in support of this release throughout November. Keep your eyes peeled on the bands myspace for further updates.

Humanfly - Darker Later track Listing:

1) This is Where Your Parents F*cked

2) English and Proud and Stupid and Racist

3) Stew for the Murder Minded

4) The Enemy of My Enemy is me

5) Darker Later

6) Heavy Black Snow (ft. Rose Kemp)


"Leeds' post-metallers get Monolithic" - Terrorizer

"Expertly mixing bleak atmospheric ambiences with harsh moment of pure sonic turbulence. Genuinely fearsome and genuinely exhilarating - Rocksound

"A journey through shape shifting space rock ambience & crushingly heavy riffs" - KKKK - Kerrang

News - Mojo Fury - Debut single + UK tour with Oceansize

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Having been locked away honing their musical craft in the farmhouses of Belfast, Mojo Fury are finally ready to unleash their brand of weird and wonderful alt-rock on planet earth. Début single "The Mann" is a dynamic slab of math-tinted rock, fusing early Biffy Clyro, with all the edge and energy of Future of the Left thrown in with the DIY sensibility of Adebisi Shank.

"The Mann" (released on 4th October) is the biggest hint yet that their début album, set for release in early 2011, will turn heads and aptivate listeners. Their live shows are a mix of off intense limb flailing akin to Pulled Apart By Horses whilst hard hitting, captivating and ferocious like Queens of the Stone Age.

Live shows have, until now, been a rarity and something to be treasured - only gracing the stage in their native Northern Ireland on DIY shows and larger venues with the likes of Biffy Clyro and Forward Russia. In May this year they ventured over the Irish Sea where they became one of the highlights of the Live at Leeds festival alongside The Bronx, Wild Beasts, Twilight Sad and Rolo Tomassi. It was a clear demonstration as to why they are one of the most explosive live bands in the UK right now, and persuaded former Million Dead and current Opeth manager Andy Farrow to return to his punkier roots and take Mojo Fury on for management.

They are now readying themselves for a string of UK dates in September and October firstly supporting the mighty Oceansize and then with the hotly tipped Leeds noise trio Castrovalva in October.


1 - "The Man"

2 - "Runaway" (acoustic)

Oceansize tour dates are:


18 - NEWCASTLE O2 Academy 2 -
w/ Oceansize

19 - GLASGOW Oran Mor -
w/ Oceansize

20 - ABERDEEN Café Drummonds -
w/ Oceansize

21 - YORK Fibbers - w/ Oceansize

23 - LEEDS Cockpit -
w/ Oceansize

24 - LIVERPOOL O2 Academy 2 -
w/ Oceansize

w/ Oceansize

26 - NOTTINGHAM Rescue Rooms -
w/ Oceansize

Friday, 3 September 2010


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Plymouth bruisers 'Transgression' serve up a thunderous debut offering, in the shape of their blistering EP 'As Tides Change', out on 8th November 2010 through all good digital outlets.

Through savage live shows and dynamic drive, the freshly-formed five piece have quickly ascended the ranks in the British metal scene. Transgression are everything a true metal band should be: intense, heavy, brutal and utterly uncompromising.

Since their inception at the tail end of 2009, the ferocious South-westerners have gained a notable following throughout the UK and Europe. The hotly-tipped unit have just been announced as guests for the 'Breed 77' / 'The Defiled' UK tour, scheduled for this September; and to cap it all, the Devonshire metallers have just inked a deal with hip-indie label 'Rising Records'. This union will see the rising bruisers unleash their debut album during the early part of 2011.

To coincide with the Breed 77 tour, Transgression release their fully fledged debut EP, "As Tides Change" on 8th November. The EP is the follow up to the band's hugely promising "Escape The Plagues" demo, which amassed sturdy support from the UK underground metal scene and galvanised momentum for the quintet. Their pristine "As Tides Change" EP is a blistering debut that is a real demonstration of full blooded fury; the record literally has enough power and precision to tear your face off at 10 paces! You have been duly warned!

News - CYCLAMEN to release debut album 'SENJYU' October 25th 2010!

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Following on from the success of the 'Dreamers' EP earlier this year, London based Japanese technical mastermind, Hayato Imanishi returns with his CYCLAMEN moniker to deliver the much anticipated debut album, 'Senjyu'.

Born and raised in Japan before venturing to the UK when he was 13 years old, Hayato initially started CYCLAMEN as a solo bedroom project, before quickly realising that there was a much wider scope for the interesting new take he was bringing to the genre.

Frustrated with not being able to hear the kind of music he personally wanted to enjoy, Hayato set about amassing a plethora of gifted and revered musicians from the very start (including Mikee Goodman from SikTh and Travis Orbin, ex-Periphery), which quickly developed CYCLAMEN into a truly credible and multi-national collective.

A culmination of all these efforts, 'Senjyu' is an outstanding reflection of Hayato's vision. An album that combines influences from both straight up bands such as Thrice and Converge, along with the sounds of atmospheric outfits such as Mew and Sigur Ros, makes for an extremely compelling listen.

CYCLAMEN's debut album, 'Senjyu', will be released on October 25th, 2010.

News - Test Article Submission

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This is a test article. Please ignore. This is a test article. Please ignore. This is a test article. Please ignore.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

I'm selling some stuff

Hi guys,
A rarity but I'm posting about a few ebay items I have for sale.

1. Schott Camoflage/Khaki reversable hooded jacket - XL
2. Flight of the Conchords poster set by Burlesque of North America - RARE!
3. Moon (Blu-Ray)
4. Nowhere Boy (Blu-Ray)
5. Inglorious Basterds (Blu-Ray)

Have a peek: Click Here

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

News - Supersonic Festival - Day Tickets + Final Line Up!

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BUY HERE: http://


CLOAKS (exclusive solo DJ set)

Joining confirmed acts including:
HALLOGALLO - Michael Rother + Friends present the music of NEU!


22 - 24 OCTOBER 2010
Birmingham, UK

Tickets on sale now from:

Friday: £20,
Sat/Sun: £35,
Weekend: £75

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Review - States of Emotion - The Unsung

States of Emotion - The Unsung

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5 out of 10

Listening to States of Emotion’s latest track The Unsung I can hear why they are making waves up and down the country. However, I disagree with their biog, as this song is anything but ’blistering’. It ticks all the boxes for hit single as it has all the right ingredients, great production, a catchy chorus, synths, inexplicable words in places making singalongabilty difficult. But ultimately it’s forgettable and they also repeat the verse completely, showing a lack of imagination.

1. The Unsung

Review - POT - Weed From The Devils Garden

POT - Weed From The Devils Garden

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2 out of 10

"Groove metal" is a term that always makes me shudder. It brings to mind people rinsing riffs out of Pantera, Soundgarden and Raging Speedhorn records and failing to make it sound any good. Usually it's the case. Sometimes it can be surprising. Sadly with Pot's second Ep. It's the former case. Uninspired middle of the road, weed obsessed metal. It's not even the fact it's a barren plain of unoriginality, it's the fact its just played so mundanely. I was always told if you can't say anything nice, then say nothing at all.
Tough break.

1.Lose Control
2.Children That Time Forgot
3.Smoke The Reefer

Review - Fell on Black Days - Bring Out Your Dead

Fell on Black Days - Bring Out Your Dead

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7 out of 10

Fell on Black Days debut offering Bring Out Your Dead hits you immediately with the riff heavy Tooth and Nail. They then continue to pound you senseless through all five tracks. On their biog it states that FoBD are for fans of Mastodon, Pantera and Faith No More and I have to admit this is what first made me want to listen to them.

Now you can definitely hear the Pantera and Mastodon influences, though I’m not too sure about the FNM one at all. For the most part the vocals are growly, with the exception of some of the chorus’ where they are clean, so singlalongability is minimal.

It is also interesting to note with this EP that tracks 1-3 have a very different sound quality to tracks 4&5. Not to say that they are worse or better, just different. Though there does appear to be better structure and maturity with the latter tracks, which shows how much FoBD have progressed whilst making this EP.

1. Tooth and Nail
2. Mea Culpa
3. Cold Vapture
4. Bring Out Your Dead
5. Bone of Contention

Review - Childbite - The Living Breathing Organ Summer

Childbite - The Living Breathing Organ Summer

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6 out of 10

Look at that score! What does it usually tell you about a record when it only receives a 6 out of 10? Bit "meh"? Nothing really special? Lacks promise?
Well usually that is the case when a record gets awarded a-middle-of-the-road-six out of ten. In the case of Child Bite's latest effort. It's a 6 because as much as I like there sound and obvious musical knowledge, there is something even better to come. Not even the fact its on the awesome Joyful Noise label either.
"The Living Breathing Organ Summer" displays an almost encyclopaedic knowledge and understanding of alternate and left-field rock from the past ten years. At times recalling the noisy stomp of The Jesus Lizard, at others the howling rock of Jon Spencer before switching to QOTSA-in-pop-mode melody but without sounding like a crude amalgamation of these influences. Child bite have enough nous and style to mix it up and coherently hold it all together while still sounding like the schizophrenic cousin of the The Dead Kennedys and Devo's love child.
Despite all this praise my main complaint with it is the fact the songs are not that refined yet. There good. Don't get me wrong there; they just don't stick in the brain fast enough. Something which Child Bite sounds pretty close to accomplishing. When they do, be warned, it should be pretty sweet.

2.Odd Inn
3.Age Of Vacuum Trotters
4.Paws Perilous
5.Limpin' Round And Pussy Footin
6.Organ Summer
7.Barks To Addle
8.Black Pyramid Mausoleum
9.Mates In Torso
10.Born With Both Parts
11.Savory Grandeur
12.Grotesque Holiday
13.Flags Of Vermillion

Review - Blackchords - Pretty Little Thing

Blackchords - Pretty Little Thing

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6 out of 10

Aussie band Blackchords return with Pretty Little Thing, a little pop number to infiltrate your brain with its catchy hooks and a chorus chock full of singalongabilty. The production quality is great and technically this is a very good band, but they don’t really raise your pulse like other bands. In fact No Complaints the b-side to the sugary pop single has more edge and with it’s Radioheadesque style should be more listenable, I just don’t seem to care.

1. Pretty Little Thing
2. No Complaints