Thursday, 30 September 2010

Review - Moscow Youth Cult - Happiness Machines

Moscow Youth Cult - Happiness Machines

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7 out of 10

Further electronic mind-bending from erstwhile Love Ends Disaster! string-tickler Jon Dix. Still fond of a spooky synth or three from last release Colours Seep Out, this latest step along the way sees MYC having a serious dally with the 1980s. Check Girls of Boredom, in all its I'm-a-single glory, with its electro-darkness and languid, Oakey vocal. Or Modern Easy, if you've ever wondered how Blur would have sounded had they been influenced by Depeche Mode rather than Pavement.

There's no obvious bandwagon-jumping, however. Pre-Cert Landfill II could be from the soundtrack to an as-yet unmade Linklater film, with harmonies courtesy of Barrett and Yorke. Move Truck with Bitten Leg gets Tortoise drunk before degrading gracefully into hallucinogenic mush. The whole is sprinkled with Boards of Canada dust (MYC's top MySpace friend, of course).

Unlabelled, unreleased and verging on the unparalleled.

1- .shimmer .star .prefix
2- Girls Of Boredom
3- Passed With Cuts
4- Iris
5- Pet dream with lossy
6- Move Truck With Bitten Leg
7- Pre-Cert Landfill II
8- Phase IV
9- Modern Easy
10- Casa Mia Casio Tua
11- Happiness machines

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