Thursday, 28 July 2011


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’ of the best unsigned British modern rock bands around...’ - Fireworks Magazine

Hailing from the South of England, Feud spit out highly alluring tuneage that meshes the hard-hitting delivery of Nirvana (ala Bleach era) with the song-writing sensibilities of Weezer. Quite rightly, Feud have gained wide recognition for their energetic and noose-tight live performances. The engaging riff monsters are now set to push the envelope further in the shape of their stunning debut album 'Waterdog', out 19th September 2011.

The band marks its earliest origins in the country of South Africa, where brothers Greg & Guy Combrinck began work on songs that would eventually make their way across continents to land in the UK and become the framework for Feud. Setting about to put a band together, the Combrinck brothers hunted for members with a kindred passion and intent. After a relentless search, Ian Harper (Guitars/Vocals) and Tom Syrett (Bass) were brought into the fold, and quickly proved their worth, impressing their own footprint into the band's already accomplished sound.

During the past four years, Feud have cut their teeth playing a host of shows throughout the UK, sharing stages with everyone from Bad Manners, Cancer Bats, Young Guns, Jettblack and Days In December. Along the way, the band picked up critical praise and rave reviews for their debut release, the four-track EP "Out From The Inside." The record was sculpted at Outhouse Studios (Funeral for a Friend, Enter Shikari) and racked up solid worldwide sales. Praise for the EP release, along with Feud's captivating live performances, earned the band a place on the 2007 Reading Festival bill, as well as an appearance on the BBC Three Channel.

Taking their influence from a variety of artists ranging from U2 to Nirvana, but most notably Stone Sour and Foo Fighters, Feud distil and break their music down into something that's both honest and all-encompassing on impact. The dynamic four-piece have now pooled their sound to tape and set loose their greatly anticipated debut full length album 'Waterdog' this September. The record instantly marks its arrival, packing a hefty blow to the senses. Rammed with blistering guitar riffs, crushing rhythms and contagious rock anthems, 'Waterdog' is a truly honest and potent modern rock record. Everything is now in place for the rising riff-slingers to fight for their place as one of the truly exciting bands of 2011!


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â?oWarped Tour disciples have a new name to check for. 3/5â? Kerrang!

â?oThe punk sound of Florida can certainly be heard in EWLB. 7/10â? RockSound

Bristol punk-rockers â?~Everything We Left Behindâ?T are back and primed for ascension with their killer debut album â?~Our Ears Are Bleedingâ?T, out Monday 3rd October through all digital outlets. Rampant sweat-box touring will also follow suitâ?¦â?¦â?¦

You would think that after 6 years of various line-up changes, back-stabbing friends, and copious amounts of money problems, it would be enough for any band to throw in the towel; Everything We Left Behind have done just the opposite. Instead of cracking under the pressure, the industrious quartet have galvanised the gusto to push through, managing to create a brotherhood-like bond within the ranks. Sparking glowing comparisons to Captain Everything and US punk legends NOFX, Everything We Left Behind pack together a crafty tunesmith approach with a sincere and energetic delivery.

Since the turn of the year EWLB have been locked in the recording studio hammering down cuts for their debut full length, entitled â?~Our Ears Are Bleedingâ?T. True to punk rock form, the energetic upstarts recorded the album with real sincerity; it is raw, honest, and sculpted with minimal takes. Just as punk should be. The band have emerged with a stunning debut album that is even faster and even more emotive than their highly-acclaimed debut EP â?~Pull Back and Goâ?T, which racked up impressive national press from Kerrang! and Big Cheese through to RockSound and Black Velvet magazine.

â?~Our Ears Are Bleedingâ?T kicks off with an explosive opener in the shape of â?oGenericaâ?, which springs wildly from the traps beating anyone in earshot into submission. The cut is a potent slab of captivating high velocity punk rock that suitably kicks off proceedings. Next up is the exhilaratingly pacey â?oGuillotineâ? which barrels over you like a ferocious bullet train, threatening to fly off the tracks. From top to tail, EWLB have nailed down a genuinely breath catching record that is fast and furious and will easily draw fans through its euphorically hypnotic pull.

Everything We Left Behind do not create music for their parents or for the radio. They do not churn out money-fueled, over-produced â?obubble-gum rockâ?. They spit out engaging punk-rock that is real and gritty. They may lose the marketing or advertising fight, but they will go down fighting all the wayâ?¦..