Thursday, 9 June 2011


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'The Reggae Singles Anthology'
Released 5th September 2011.

Double Vinyl LP - Limited Edition Pressing with
Insert plus Deluxe Edition CD/DVD and Download

Thirty years after they released their first four track EP Black Roots’ singles output is finally showcased on "Black Roots - The Reggae Singles Anthology". Released on September 5th, by Bristol Archive Records in collaboration with Nubian Records this 16 track album spans the band’s creative peak of the 1980s.

Black Roots were Bristol’s leading exponents of reggae, constantly touring throughout the UK and Europe. They also managed to release a steady stream of LPs and singles mostly on their own Nubian label. Now for the first time the majority of those singles are brought together on a single CD and limited double vinyl LP.
The music includes all of their key early singles, their first EP in its entirety, the three track follow up, the original single mix of "The Frontline" from the BBC series of the same name and later releases such as their collaborations with the Mad Professor.

This release wouldn’t have been possible without the full support of the Band’s own label, Nubian Records, who have allowed us free reign of their archives, the result being a 16 page booklet to accompany the CD that is packed full of previously unpublished photos of the band, the limited double vinyl issue comes with a similarly illustrated LP size insert.

As if a 16 track selection of some of the finest UK reggae wasn’t enough the initial run of CDs have an added bonus, the first DVD issue of the impossible to find "Celebration". A great live show from 1986, recorded at the Bristol Studio and previously only available on the original self financed video cassette issue. Taken directly from the video master this performance catches the band in fine form, joined by a horn section that includes the legendary Vin Gordon on Trombone the ten tracks are evenly split between their then pending "All Day All Night" album and their earlier more roots orientated material. Seeing them on stage 25 years ago really brings home how versatile the band were. Fortunately the original line-up of Black Roots reformed last year and with plenty of gigs in the pipeline everyone will be able to experience their live shows again.

As is usual Bristol Archive Records have paid meticulous attention to detail and, not only do you get a selection of great music, sleeve notes, a booklet packed with great photos, and a bonus live DVD, but we truly believe the music has never sounded so good on CD.


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Brighton Beach ska-punkers 'the Junk' unleash their hotly anticipated debut full length album "Problem. Reaction. Solution." on 12th September 2011 through 12 Step and available from all digital stores. In support of their upcoming record launch, the energetic posse
also undertake further UK and European shows to follow.

With a host of influences spanning from 60's soul legend 'Sam Cooke' and 80's pop merchants 'Men at Work', right through to fellow UK ska-nuts 'Capdown', the Junk spew out alluring original ska-core punk fueled with political rage and wit. Boasting skanking guitars and enticing dub bass grooves that cross swords with jack hammer beats and earnest melodies, the band forge a sound that will undeniably bear its mark!

Since their inception back in 2008, the Junk have built a sturdy live reputation for their hard working ethos and fantastic live shows, and have played numerous shows throughout mainland Europe and the UK. Along the way, the animated punksters have played shows with the likes of Capdown, Big D and the Kids Table, Catch 22, the Skints, Random Hand, Citizen Fish, and Rentokill. To cap this, the frenetic eight-piece are prepared to announce a full UK and European tour for the summer with their sights on touring Japan and East coast USA at the end of the year.

The high-flying skankers have already been widely touted by the national press for their stunning debut EP, 'Novus Ordo Seclorum', which was recorded, mixed and mastered by Dave Chang (CAPDOWN/LIGHTYEAR). The UK mobsters also bagged critical acclaim and coverage from Big Cheese Magazine, Kerrang!, Rocksound, Powerplay and Rhythm through to extensive radio play on Kerrang! Radio and many independent stations. Hot on the heels of their debut EP, the Brighton crew were snapped up by hip Swiss label 'Bad Mood Records' who set about co-releasing the band's debut full length album 'Problem. Reaction. Solution' . Now loaded with a stunning debut album, which packs 14 neatly-woven tracks from the juggernaut rhythms and potent delivery of 'Left for Dead', to the insanely contagious live fave 'Scream Your Dreams', the Junk have crafted a truly delectable beast that is ready and primed for the taking.


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New guns 'Beyond Dreams of Grandeur' are primed to make their mark on the UK scene with their captivating blend of melodic hardcore.

Neatly bonding infectious melody-drenched choruses with upbeat guitar parts and jack hammer beats, BDoG release their rousing self-titled debut EP on 12th September through all digital stores and line-up UK shows in support.

Born in late 2009 from the backstreets of Birmingham, Beyond Dreams of Grandeur were birthed by old school friends Joe Morton (Vocals), Will Sanderson (Guitar/Vocals) and Chris Daccus (Bass), along with brothers Chris Green (Guitar/Vocals) and Jack Green (Drums). Ever since their formation, the post-hardcore quintet have carefully honed their sound, drawing inspiration from a range of sources, from the undeniably sheer song-writing brilliance of 'The Beatles', through to the angular Deathcore armoury of 'The Black Dahlia Murder'. Throughout 2010 the band undertook numerous intense rehearsals and a plethora of fiery live shows, all in anticipation of laying down plans for their debut record.

The Midlanders entered the studio at the turn of the year to record tracks for their self-titled debut EP. Now fully armed with a killer record unfolding five ferocious cuts, from the muscular cascades and scatter-gun dynamic riffage of 'Sobriquet', to the stunningly anthemic 'Dust Brings Shells', the fivesome have created an EP that almost effortlessly showcases BDoG's glide and full-hearted intent. The energetic emo-scamps will now raise the bar again as they prepare for a full-blown assault of the UK; look out for extensive tour dates soon to be announced for the remainder of the year!