Sunday, 18 December 2011


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"Remember remember the fifth of November Gunpowder, treason and plot. I see no reason why gunpowder, treason should ever be forgot.

This November in homage to the legendary plot of 1605 we will be waging war with the leaders of this country and all the apathetic zombies who have allowed them to fuck us into the gutter. We are declaring a state of artistic emergency from within the "music industry" where creativity, relevance and integrity have been replaced by the banal, the pointless and the derivative. We are raising our colours and heading once more into the breach and seeking out those of you who like us can't relate to the man sitting at the head of the nations table making decisions that neither help nor represent us or to the artists who claim to be like us and speak for us. Fuck them. This is our opening salvo, our November Offensive. It is a statement of intent and it is just the beginning.

The riots this August proved that if enough people can be mobilised under an ideal then they cannot be stopped. Whether the reasons for the violence and rage felt in our capital and throughout this country were righteous or not is irrelevant, it's the motivational message that matters. It's a message that resonated deep within us and it's the message that has inspired us. We have always striven to be a band that stood for something, to be a band where the word dissonance wasn't just used as a description of our sound, to be a band that were never afraid to say what we really felt and to never compromise or sell out our integrity. Now more than ever we feel capable of living up to what we always hoped we could be. We're tighter, leaner and more focused than we have ever been. We have two new family members who share our anger at the present and our hopefulness and optimism for the future. We are reverting back to the DIY ideals that built this band and are taking control of our own destiny.

Just as the plot of 1605 has resonated forever through history so too will this tour resonate forever through our history. It will be remembered as the time we stood up and spoke out against the injustices that we live through in this country every day, against the prejudices of our government and the grinning, flaccid cunt in charge, against the cuts to our public sector which have forced unemployment up to its highest level in 15 years, against the bible bashers and crazed anti-abortionists who want to take away the right of choice from the women of this country, against the openly racist and xenophobic beliefs of organisations like the EDL and the BNP and against the dumbing down and commoditization of art. We have a voice and we intend to use it and we urge you to do the same. Once more into the breach dear friends." (TCF)

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

News - Turbonegro reunite and are set to play Supersonic 2011

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Big news came our way recently when the self-proclaimed "Third-biggest Formula Rock Band in the World" Turbonegro returned with news of a brand new front-man, Tony Sylvester. It has been a whirlwind few weeks ever since, having returned to the stage at the annual Turbojugend Fan Club Convention in Hamburg on Friday July 15, after a two year hiatus to the roaring approval of their denim-clad fans.

Now, Supersonic have ensnared the almighty Kings Of Deathpunk for a UK exclusive headline performance at the festival. Bringing all the glam, good tunes and great vibes (and hopefully hordes of denim-clad followers) we couldn’t be more excited!

The line up includes, Tony Sylvester aka The Duke Of Nothing (Vocals), Happy Tom (Bass), Euroboy (Guitar), Pål Pot Pamparius (Keys/Guitar), Tommy Manboy (Drums/Percussion) and Rune Rebellion (Guitar). Tony Sylvester comments on playing the festival:

" I was so chuffed that Lisa and Jenny asked Turbonegro to headline Supersonic and that the first show with the new line up in the UK will be there. Not only are they the best promoters in the UK, but I’ve been lucky enough to have been involved with the festival itself since its second year: announcing bomb threats, swimming in the fountains, playing Northern Soul, arguing on panels, you name it. This will be the first time I’ve actually played there however!"

For more information you can visit, or!/pages/Turbonegro/160527554015654 and follow them on twitter @TurbonegroHQ.

Sunday, 21 August 2011


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Fast-rising Essex crew 'Johnny Get The Gun' are undoubtedly on the rise. Packing tantalizing hooks and frenetic energy, the hard-working quartet are quickly gaining new fans throughout the UK for their highly engaging anthemic guitar rock and admirable work ethic. The power-rockers garnered critical acclaim from their recently released self-titled mini album and EP, where they racked up impressive wordage from the likes of Kerrang!, Rocksound, Big Cheese magazine and Powerplay, strong radio airplay from BBC Radio and XFM, and TV play from Kerrang! TV, Scuzz and Lava TV. The industrious Londoners continue their climb through the ranks with a brand new single 'Take It', produced by John Mitchell (Enter Shikari, You Me At Six, Funeral For A Friend) and a supporting UK Tour that kicks off in Manchester on 21st October; please see below for full details.


21st October, Manchester Roadhouse.
Office Tel: 0161 237 9789. 8 Newton Street, Piccadilly, Manchester, M12AN. Capacity 200.

22nd October, 02 Academy Birmingham 3.
Tel: 0121 622 8250. O2 Academy 3 Birmingham, 16-18 Horsefair, Bristol Street, B1 1DB. Capacity 250.

27th October, 02 Academy Oxford 2.
Tel: 01865 813 500. O2 Academy 2 Oxford, 190 Cowley Road, OX4 1UE. Capacity 436.

28th October, 02 Academy Islington 2.
Tel: 020 7288 4400. O2 Academy 2 Islington, N1 Centre, 16 Parkfield Street, Islington, London, N1 0PS. Capacity 250.

Never ones to rest on their laurels, JGTG also have a full length album in the works, which is set to be unleashed early 2012. Aided with a dramatic increase in fanbase served by extensive touring and widespread DIY promotion, Johnny Get The Gun are set to carve their place alongside fellow UK's Brit-rock rising powerhouses.


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The Bristol Reggae Explosion Vol 2 - The 80's
Released 17th October 2011

Following the critical and commercial success of "The Bristol Reggae Explosion 1978 - 1983" Bristol Archive Records have dug even deeper into the city’s reggae heritage for the follow-up, "Bristol Reggae Explosion Volume 2 - The 1980s". This time we continue our quest not only with a selection of rarities, but with several tracks that have never been previously released, by popular demand Volume 2 also comes with greater dub content.

Bristol’s top roots exponents Black Roots feature once more, "The Father" is a prime example of their early roots style. Whilst "Pin In The Ocean" shows the later more commercial sound they adopted in collaboration with the Mad Professor, both tracks can also be found on the label’s "Black Roots The Reggae Singles Anthology", a career spanning overview.

Bunny Marrett wrote Black Roots’ "Bristol Rock", the opening track on Volume 1 so it’s only appropriate and with great pleasure that we include his sole vinyl outing, the very scarce "Times Are Getting Harder", a great slice of UK roots. When it comes to scarcity there were reputedly just 200 copies pressed of "Robin Hoods Of The Ghetto" by Cool Runnings, we believe it deserves a much wider audience.

The Radicals, 3-D Production and Joshua Moses will be familiar to those who have Volume 1 and return with more of the same. The Joshua Moses track is previously unreleased and appears here thanks to the detective work of Mike Darby. Another unreleased track we’ve managed to uncover is Alfred McIntosh’s "Wicked Dub" a 7 minute workout that helps give this release a greater dub flavour.

The mid part of the decade is represented by Zapp Stereo’s appropriately titled "Way Out West" and Lord John Hutchinson’s "Little Eyes". Both tracks are previously unreleased. The albums closing track is Dan Ratchett’s "Raggamuffin Girl". Recorded in 1989 it perfectly sums up the way Reggae music started to change direction. Dan was an ever present part of the Bristol scene in the late eighties and nineties and hopefully this will be the first of many tracks we get to license for future releases.

Rather than discuss all the tracks in detail we’ve left a few surprises for the listener to discover for themselves, but you can be sure that this release builds on the strengths of Volume 1 and explores the Bristol scene in far more depth. Hopefully it shows how the live, band based scene at the start of the decade evolved to be more solo artist based a few years later. This sowed the seeds for the explosion in studio based production companies that were just around the corner, the two volumes compliment each other perfectly, roll on Volume 3!

Thursday, 28 July 2011


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’ of the best unsigned British modern rock bands around...’ - Fireworks Magazine

Hailing from the South of England, Feud spit out highly alluring tuneage that meshes the hard-hitting delivery of Nirvana (ala Bleach era) with the song-writing sensibilities of Weezer. Quite rightly, Feud have gained wide recognition for their energetic and noose-tight live performances. The engaging riff monsters are now set to push the envelope further in the shape of their stunning debut album 'Waterdog', out 19th September 2011.

The band marks its earliest origins in the country of South Africa, where brothers Greg & Guy Combrinck began work on songs that would eventually make their way across continents to land in the UK and become the framework for Feud. Setting about to put a band together, the Combrinck brothers hunted for members with a kindred passion and intent. After a relentless search, Ian Harper (Guitars/Vocals) and Tom Syrett (Bass) were brought into the fold, and quickly proved their worth, impressing their own footprint into the band's already accomplished sound.

During the past four years, Feud have cut their teeth playing a host of shows throughout the UK, sharing stages with everyone from Bad Manners, Cancer Bats, Young Guns, Jettblack and Days In December. Along the way, the band picked up critical praise and rave reviews for their debut release, the four-track EP "Out From The Inside." The record was sculpted at Outhouse Studios (Funeral for a Friend, Enter Shikari) and racked up solid worldwide sales. Praise for the EP release, along with Feud's captivating live performances, earned the band a place on the 2007 Reading Festival bill, as well as an appearance on the BBC Three Channel.

Taking their influence from a variety of artists ranging from U2 to Nirvana, but most notably Stone Sour and Foo Fighters, Feud distil and break their music down into something that's both honest and all-encompassing on impact. The dynamic four-piece have now pooled their sound to tape and set loose their greatly anticipated debut full length album 'Waterdog' this September. The record instantly marks its arrival, packing a hefty blow to the senses. Rammed with blistering guitar riffs, crushing rhythms and contagious rock anthems, 'Waterdog' is a truly honest and potent modern rock record. Everything is now in place for the rising riff-slingers to fight for their place as one of the truly exciting bands of 2011!


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â?oWarped Tour disciples have a new name to check for. 3/5â? Kerrang!

â?oThe punk sound of Florida can certainly be heard in EWLB. 7/10â? RockSound

Bristol punk-rockers â?~Everything We Left Behindâ?T are back and primed for ascension with their killer debut album â?~Our Ears Are Bleedingâ?T, out Monday 3rd October through all digital outlets. Rampant sweat-box touring will also follow suitâ?¦â?¦â?¦

You would think that after 6 years of various line-up changes, back-stabbing friends, and copious amounts of money problems, it would be enough for any band to throw in the towel; Everything We Left Behind have done just the opposite. Instead of cracking under the pressure, the industrious quartet have galvanised the gusto to push through, managing to create a brotherhood-like bond within the ranks. Sparking glowing comparisons to Captain Everything and US punk legends NOFX, Everything We Left Behind pack together a crafty tunesmith approach with a sincere and energetic delivery.

Since the turn of the year EWLB have been locked in the recording studio hammering down cuts for their debut full length, entitled â?~Our Ears Are Bleedingâ?T. True to punk rock form, the energetic upstarts recorded the album with real sincerity; it is raw, honest, and sculpted with minimal takes. Just as punk should be. The band have emerged with a stunning debut album that is even faster and even more emotive than their highly-acclaimed debut EP â?~Pull Back and Goâ?T, which racked up impressive national press from Kerrang! and Big Cheese through to RockSound and Black Velvet magazine.

â?~Our Ears Are Bleedingâ?T kicks off with an explosive opener in the shape of â?oGenericaâ?, which springs wildly from the traps beating anyone in earshot into submission. The cut is a potent slab of captivating high velocity punk rock that suitably kicks off proceedings. Next up is the exhilaratingly pacey â?oGuillotineâ? which barrels over you like a ferocious bullet train, threatening to fly off the tracks. From top to tail, EWLB have nailed down a genuinely breath catching record that is fast and furious and will easily draw fans through its euphorically hypnotic pull.

Everything We Left Behind do not create music for their parents or for the radio. They do not churn out money-fueled, over-produced â?obubble-gum rockâ?. They spit out engaging punk-rock that is real and gritty. They may lose the marketing or advertising fight, but they will go down fighting all the wayâ?¦..

Thursday, 9 June 2011


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'The Reggae Singles Anthology'
Released 5th September 2011.

Double Vinyl LP - Limited Edition Pressing with
Insert plus Deluxe Edition CD/DVD and Download

Thirty years after they released their first four track EP Black Roots’ singles output is finally showcased on "Black Roots - The Reggae Singles Anthology". Released on September 5th, by Bristol Archive Records in collaboration with Nubian Records this 16 track album spans the band’s creative peak of the 1980s.

Black Roots were Bristol’s leading exponents of reggae, constantly touring throughout the UK and Europe. They also managed to release a steady stream of LPs and singles mostly on their own Nubian label. Now for the first time the majority of those singles are brought together on a single CD and limited double vinyl LP.
The music includes all of their key early singles, their first EP in its entirety, the three track follow up, the original single mix of "The Frontline" from the BBC series of the same name and later releases such as their collaborations with the Mad Professor.

This release wouldn’t have been possible without the full support of the Band’s own label, Nubian Records, who have allowed us free reign of their archives, the result being a 16 page booklet to accompany the CD that is packed full of previously unpublished photos of the band, the limited double vinyl issue comes with a similarly illustrated LP size insert.

As if a 16 track selection of some of the finest UK reggae wasn’t enough the initial run of CDs have an added bonus, the first DVD issue of the impossible to find "Celebration". A great live show from 1986, recorded at the Bristol Studio and previously only available on the original self financed video cassette issue. Taken directly from the video master this performance catches the band in fine form, joined by a horn section that includes the legendary Vin Gordon on Trombone the ten tracks are evenly split between their then pending "All Day All Night" album and their earlier more roots orientated material. Seeing them on stage 25 years ago really brings home how versatile the band were. Fortunately the original line-up of Black Roots reformed last year and with plenty of gigs in the pipeline everyone will be able to experience their live shows again.

As is usual Bristol Archive Records have paid meticulous attention to detail and, not only do you get a selection of great music, sleeve notes, a booklet packed with great photos, and a bonus live DVD, but we truly believe the music has never sounded so good on CD.


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Brighton Beach ska-punkers 'the Junk' unleash their hotly anticipated debut full length album "Problem. Reaction. Solution." on 12th September 2011 through 12 Step and available from all digital stores. In support of their upcoming record launch, the energetic posse
also undertake further UK and European shows to follow.

With a host of influences spanning from 60's soul legend 'Sam Cooke' and 80's pop merchants 'Men at Work', right through to fellow UK ska-nuts 'Capdown', the Junk spew out alluring original ska-core punk fueled with political rage and wit. Boasting skanking guitars and enticing dub bass grooves that cross swords with jack hammer beats and earnest melodies, the band forge a sound that will undeniably bear its mark!

Since their inception back in 2008, the Junk have built a sturdy live reputation for their hard working ethos and fantastic live shows, and have played numerous shows throughout mainland Europe and the UK. Along the way, the animated punksters have played shows with the likes of Capdown, Big D and the Kids Table, Catch 22, the Skints, Random Hand, Citizen Fish, and Rentokill. To cap this, the frenetic eight-piece are prepared to announce a full UK and European tour for the summer with their sights on touring Japan and East coast USA at the end of the year.

The high-flying skankers have already been widely touted by the national press for their stunning debut EP, 'Novus Ordo Seclorum', which was recorded, mixed and mastered by Dave Chang (CAPDOWN/LIGHTYEAR). The UK mobsters also bagged critical acclaim and coverage from Big Cheese Magazine, Kerrang!, Rocksound, Powerplay and Rhythm through to extensive radio play on Kerrang! Radio and many independent stations. Hot on the heels of their debut EP, the Brighton crew were snapped up by hip Swiss label 'Bad Mood Records' who set about co-releasing the band's debut full length album 'Problem. Reaction. Solution' . Now loaded with a stunning debut album, which packs 14 neatly-woven tracks from the juggernaut rhythms and potent delivery of 'Left for Dead', to the insanely contagious live fave 'Scream Your Dreams', the Junk have crafted a truly delectable beast that is ready and primed for the taking.


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New guns 'Beyond Dreams of Grandeur' are primed to make their mark on the UK scene with their captivating blend of melodic hardcore.

Neatly bonding infectious melody-drenched choruses with upbeat guitar parts and jack hammer beats, BDoG release their rousing self-titled debut EP on 12th September through all digital stores and line-up UK shows in support.

Born in late 2009 from the backstreets of Birmingham, Beyond Dreams of Grandeur were birthed by old school friends Joe Morton (Vocals), Will Sanderson (Guitar/Vocals) and Chris Daccus (Bass), along with brothers Chris Green (Guitar/Vocals) and Jack Green (Drums). Ever since their formation, the post-hardcore quintet have carefully honed their sound, drawing inspiration from a range of sources, from the undeniably sheer song-writing brilliance of 'The Beatles', through to the angular Deathcore armoury of 'The Black Dahlia Murder'. Throughout 2010 the band undertook numerous intense rehearsals and a plethora of fiery live shows, all in anticipation of laying down plans for their debut record.

The Midlanders entered the studio at the turn of the year to record tracks for their self-titled debut EP. Now fully armed with a killer record unfolding five ferocious cuts, from the muscular cascades and scatter-gun dynamic riffage of 'Sobriquet', to the stunningly anthemic 'Dust Brings Shells', the fivesome have created an EP that almost effortlessly showcases BDoG's glide and full-hearted intent. The energetic emo-scamps will now raise the bar again as they prepare for a full-blown assault of the UK; look out for extensive tour dates soon to be announced for the remainder of the year!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

News - Metal Blade bands on tour galore!

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May 2011

9th LONDON - Barfly
10th DERBY - The Old Bell
12th NORWICH - B2
13th CARDIFF - Millennium Music Hall
14th PLYMOUTH - White Rabbit

Bring Me The Horizon + Architects + The Devil Wears Prada + WHILE SHE SLEEPS

May 2011

4th SHEFFIELD - O2 Academy


May 2011

5th LONDON - Underworld
6th MILTON KEYNES - Crauford Arms
7th CARDIFF - Millennium Music Hall
8th DERBY - Old Bell
9th MANCHESTER - Moho Live
10th (IRE) - DUBLIN - Whelans
11th BELFAST - Limelight
12th NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE - Trillians
13th GLASGOW - King Tuts
14th SHEFFIELD - Corporation
15th BIRMINGHAM - Eddies

Earthtone9 + THE OCEAN + Maybeshewill + Humanfly

May 2011

17th BIRMINGHAM - Academy 2
18th DURHAM - Live Lounge
19th GLASGOW - Stereo
20th MANCHESTER - Club Academy
21st BRISTOL - Thekla
22nd LONDON - Relentless Garage


May 2011

24th EDINBURGH - The Banshee Labyrinth
25th ABERDEEN - Tunnels
27th HULL - The Lamp

SHAI HULUD + Last Witness

June 2011

20th SOUTHAMPTON - Joiners
21st EXETER - Cavern
22nd LONDON - Purple Turtle
23rd MANCHESTER - Star And Garter
24th PETERBOROUGH - Club Revolution


July 2011

8th SONISPHERE @ Knebworth


July 2011

8th - 10th SONISPHERE @ Knebworth


September 2011

20th LONDON - Underworld
21st LONDON - Underworld
22nd MANCHESTER - Moho Live
23rd GLASGOW - King Tuts
24th LEEDS - Cockpit
25th BIRMINGHAM - Academy 3
26th BRISTOL - Academy 2
27th CARDIFF - Clwb Ifor Bach


September 2011

24th (IRE) DUBLIN - Academy


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"This Hampshire quintet show incredible maturity for such a young band. Every song on this five-track EP
is a beastly mix of technicality & groove" Metal Hammer 8/10


Southern metallers ’Ruins Of Earth’ are quickly carving a prominent name for themselves within the UK metal scene. By delivering shattering live shows that illustrate boundless energy and earnest passion, the driven quintet are intent on pushing themselves into the national arena and are all set to destroy every flea-pit along the way.

Ruins Of Earth have already extensively toured throughout the UK, impressively notching up over 150 shows in a little over a year, and in the process, bagging tour slots with the likes of Viatrophy, Shadow Law, Osmium and Plague of Ashitaka. ROE's shows are sweat-drenched affairs that are both full-blooded and full-hearted. The Thrashcore crew will hit the road yet again this Summer in support of their bone-crushing ’Misguided Lifeforms’ EP.

Ruins Of Earth's debut offering 'Ashes of the Ocean' racked up national critical acclaim in Metal Hammer, Powerplay, Rocksound and Zero Tolerance, and tracks from the record also picked up heavy radio rotation with XFM Rock Show and Total Rock Radio. Now fully equipped with an explosive follow-up in the shape of ’Misguided Lifeforms’, the young guns are set to raise the bar once again. ’Misguided Lifeforms’ is loaded with soaring melodic passages and brutal breakdowns, weaving technically tinged thrash metal with gritty deathcore. Ruins of Earth make their way from melody to brutality with practiced ease, orchestrated and solidified through alluring lyrical content. The five-piece display their ability to fuse and meld genres, delivering memorable and intelligent songs distilled from a range of influences stemming from The Black Dahlia Murder and Cult of Luna to the likes of Sylosis.

Balancing passion with aggression, whilst maintaining their renowned high level of musicianship, Ruins of Earth bring fire and spirit to the stage in support of their aggressive music, a nostalgic feat all too missed in today’s metal bands who seem to lack the same passion and energy. Through their live shows, ROE display their ability to draw from a vast array of styles, setting themselves apart from other bands restricted to a recycled musical vocabulary. Establishing themselves as a band "not to be missed live," Ruins of Earth are destined for great things in 2011.

Thursday, 28 April 2011


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Goodbye Jersey


German Skate-Punk crew ’Goodbye Jersey’ set free their debut long play ’Entertain Me!’ on 20th June 2011 through Long Beach Records Europe (home to Templeton Pek) / Plastic Head Code 7.

Labelling themselves as ’melodic bugle-punk’ ["mellodick bjugel pank"] - in short, a heady mix of pacey melodic skate punk and offbeat structures laced with hardcore tunes, the band’s sound fuses crusty guitars, hard hitting drums, and contagious sing-a-long anthems all mixed with real grit and delivered by a vocalist who has already been compared to a cross between Tom Delonge & Fat Mike - this is Goodbye Jersey.

Hailing from Hamburg, Germany and formed in January 2009, five young scamps sporting a healthy obsession for a number of Fat Wreck bands decided to lock themselves up in a fifteen-square-metre windowless basement to celebrate punk rock the way it should be: fast, angry, dirty and sweaty. Within just one year, Goodbye Jersey recorded their debut EP which racked up underground praise, leading the quintet to sign with Long Beach Records. Thereafter, the band hit the road and bagged a series of shows with the likes of "This Is A Standoff" from Canada, "Left Alone", "Star Fucking Hipsters" and US ska-kings "Big D and the Kids Table".

The melodic-punkers now release their debut album which molds captivating lyrics with a social consciousness and brims with uncontrollable hi-octane phrasing. Right from outset, the opening track "Angels & Western Waves" is an audible reference to the coalition currently governing Germany. "Wasteland" deals with the phenomena of gentrification in their hometown of Hamburg. "Kill Your TV" and "Radio Sux" are both damning verdicts of the mass media influence which consumes today’s youth. The band’s debut album ’Entertain Me!’ is aptly titled and also serves as a cynical swipe at society's obsession with popular culture. Goodbye Jersey want people to take ownership for their lives instead of living life through a TV screen. This is their message and they’re intent on creating music that will help deliver it, be that in a sweaty venue or with their upcoming record - the lively quintet will be heard!


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German Skate-Punk crew ’Goodbye Jersey’ set free their debut long play ’Entertain Me!’ on 20th June 2011 through Long Beach Records Europe (home to Templeton Pek) / Plastic Head Code 7.

Labelling themselves as ’melodic bugle-punk’ ["mellodick bjugel pank"] - in short, a heady mix of pacey melodic skate punk and offbeat structures laced with hardcore tunes, the band’s sound fuses crusty guitars, hard hitting drums, and contagious sing-a-long anthems all mixed with real grit and delivered by a vocalist who has already been compared to a cross between Tom Delonge & Fat Mike - this is Goodbye Jersey.

Hailing from Hamburg, Germany and formed in January 2009, five young scamps sporting a healthy obsession for a number of Fat Wreck bands decided to lock themselves up in a fifteen-square-metre windowless basement to celebrate punk rock the way it should be: fast, angry, dirty and sweaty. Within just one year, Goodbye Jersey recorded their debut EP which racked up underground praise, leading the quintet to sign with Long Beach Records. Thereafter, the band hit the road and bagged a series of shows with the likes of "This Is A Standoff" from Canada, "Left Alone", "Star Fucking Hipsters" and US ska-kings "Big D and the Kids Table".

The melodic-punkers now release their debut album which molds captivating lyrics with a social consciousness and brims with uncontrollable hi-octane phrasing. Right from outset, the opening track "Angels & Western Waves" is an audible reference to the coalition currently governing Germany. "Wasteland" deals with the phenomena of gentrification in their hometown of Hamburg. "Kill Your TV" and "Radio Sux" are both damning verdicts of the mass media influence which consumes today’s youth. The band’s debut album ’Entertain Me!’ is aptly titled and also serves as a cynical swipe at society's obsession with popular culture. Goodbye Jersey want people to take ownership for their lives instead of living life through a TV screen. This is their message and they’re intent on creating music that will help deliver it, be that in a sweaty venue or with their upcoming record - the lively quintet will be heard!


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Versus You originate from Luxembourg and were brought to life in 2005 by Eric Rosenfeld (vocalist/guitar) and Giordano Bruno (bass). Without any time to waste, the driven unit pulled together their first record ’Marathon’ in 2006. Their second release ’This Is The Sinking’ soon followed, and the band began to pick up prominent attention with their track ’The Hotel Room’, which managed to top the national charts. Continuing to spread their wings, the lively foursome undertook a mammoth tour in support of ’This Is The Sinking’ which hit up Germany, Belgium, Holland and Italy. Along the way, Versus You also impressively bagged shows with Queens of the Stone Age and The Killers. As the band’s sound evolved they drafted in Jimmy Leen to contribute with songwriting, vocal and guitar duties. Opening for the likes of ’No Use For A Name’ and soon to be friends ’the Flatliners’, they then toured through Eastern Europe and Russia playing shows with NOFX, Propagandhi, White Flag and Bayside. At this time, Versus You went into the studio again to produce their third album which was recorded live on the back of the tour. Inspired by the scribblings of Jack Kerouac and suitably titled ’The Mad Ones’, the record further cemented the band’s development and increase in popularity.

Throughout 2010, the irrepressible quartet played a handful of shows with numerous fraternal spirits from ’Alkaline Trio’, ’Strike Anywhere’, ’Dead To Me’, and ’Rise Against’ to the likes of ’Star Fucking Hipsters’. Now in 2011, Versus You team up with US punksters ’White Flag’ and present seven of their own edgy and formidable punk rock cuts led by the distinctly raspy voice of Eric Rosenfeld. The songwriting is melodically direct and catchy, yet intense enough to burrow deep paths into the cranium. From the dynamic guile of "This War Is Like A Drug To You" to the energetic "Spread The Epidemic", Versus You have drawn together an impressive collection of tracks to kick off a stunning collaboration.

The second part of this split release highlights the talents of Californian Punk-Rock vets White Flag. Impressively, the long standing punk rockers have released 23 records within 28 years and have racked up shows from all reaches of the globe, from Greenland to Faror, and everywhere in between. White Flag are and have fully embraced the punk rock lifestyle ever since they formed back in 1982, opening for the legendary Black Flag.

Not only do the the US punks have a rich and lengthy history, but their notable list of rotating band members is also a unique feature. Since their formation, more than 20 musicians have contributed to White Flag, including members from Bad Religion, Circle Jerks (Greg Hetson), The Muffs (Ronnie Barnett), Lagwagon (Ken Stringfellow) and Hole (Eric Eraldson). Rightly so, White Flag are firmly stapled into the heart of American rock and Punk Rock history.

The L.A. Punk Rock roots of White Flag are instinctively recognisable right from the first chord and this split release ideally showcases eight charismatic old school-styled punk tunes that, reminiscent of true rebellion, serve as a timely marker that substance is paramount and fashion is redundant. Old School is back with a vengeance!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


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Enterprising metal quintet ’Promethee’ emerge and release their self-titled debut EP, through Bad Mood Records and all major digital outlets from 4th July 2011.

Promethee pull from an array of influences that stem from noise-king contemporaries such as ’The Black Dahlia Murder’ and ’Job For A
Cowboy’, through to the likes of US melodic death metal combo ’Darkest Hour’. Inspired by their predecessors, Promethee have cultivated their own highly addictive sound that is venomous, heavy, downright aggressive and ultimately engaging.

Originally founded in Geneva, Switzerland back in 2006 by three lifelong friends, Ludo, Nils and Elri, the youthful trio began to form foundations and recruited Josh and Mathieu in 2008 to suitably complete the line-up. The fiery five-some then started to cut their teeth for the next two years through delivering a highly impressive, not to mention sweat-drenched, cluster of shows in just about every fleapit in Switzerland. During 2010 the band continuously toured throughout France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Hungary, including a prestigious appearance at the Greenfield Festival playing alongside Rammstein, The Prodigy, HIM, and The Dillinger Escape Plan among others. Never ones to rest on their laurels, the Swiss metallers continued their rise by securing a mini-tour in Canada before heading into the studio to lay down tracks for their début EP.

Promethee are now loaded with their self-titled debut EP which features five full-blooded cuts. The record is ram packed with steamroller riffs, deeply-growled vocals and blast-beat rhythms that will pummel the listener into submission from the get-go. With further European and North American touring planned to coincide with their debut album launch set for later this year, the band are all primed to break into the UK and beyond!


News - Duran Duran announce All You Need is Now limited edition vinyl

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The Vinyl Factory and Duran Duran have announced the release of an exclusive, limited edition vinyl of Duran Duran's All You Need is Now - their critically acclaimed and return to roots tour-de-force, produced by Mark Ronson.

All You Need is Now, released by The Vinyl Factory, is an exclusive, limited art edition, with only 500 copies available worldwide, each hand numbered and signed by the Duran Duran. Designed by Clunie Reid (Saatchi Gallery, Tate, New Museum NY) with art direction from POP's Rory McCartney, this stunning release features music and artwork exclusive to The Vinyl Factory edition.

Available to order exclusively from The Vinyl Factory, each collector's copy comprises:

- A hand-crafted, transparent black Perspex box with clear face on outer front, providing an artwork frame that can be individually tailored by the owner.

- Five heavyweight 180-gram clear vinyl records pressed on the classic EMI 1400, each mastered for vinyl, with the new album pressed across two records, plus an LP of bonus tracks and two 12" remixes (full tracklist available on request), including the much sought-after David Lynch reworking of Girl Panic!

- Five beautifully treated bespoke record sleeves, featuring exclusive artwork on both sides by Clunie Reid.

- Exclusive 36-page book with lyrics silver foiled onto black pages, housed in a gorgeous silver mirrored paper cover, each hand signed and numbered by the members of Duran Duran.

- Exclusive 36-page book showcasing Clunie Reid’s album artwork, with a die-cut front cover of the band’s instantly recognisable D logo.

News - Diesel School of Island Life: Diesel Island Disco

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Diesel School of Island Life is a series of cultural events taking across the UK throughout May and June. Some highlights include a series of lessons by Howard Marks, talks by Goldie, and a ’field trip’ to the latest Metronomy video in June where Diesel Islanders can star as extras in the video. As part of the series of Birmingham events, the Custard Factory will play host to to a Diesel Island Disco featuring artists such as Joker & Mc Scarz and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.

For more information about the Birmingham events and to find out about getting your ticket, go to

News - THE1234 festival announces more acts

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Taking place in the heart of Shoreditch on July 9, THE1234 Festival is the definitive independent London music festival, energetically showcasing up and coming acts alongside more established cult talent, engaging with the local creative community, and embodying the innovators and agenda-setters who have remained loyal to the festival since its beginnings in 2007.

This year is as diverse and challenging as ever, with headline performances from Black Lips and The Raveonettes as well as exciting new electronic act Becoming Real, Honey Owen's house music project The Miracles Club, and many other emerging acts including Chapter Sweetheart, Echo Lake and Sex Beet.

Alongside this line up of groundbreaking acts, THE1234 festival is also excited to announce an exclusive performance from New York no wave icon and post-punk pioneer Lydia Lunch, with James Johnston and Ian White. She is one of the most influential and controversial artists of the last three decades, and is a highly anticipated addition to THE1234 festival lineup. She is joined by The King Blues and their unique, politicised sound, and Damo Suzuki, of Can fame.

For a full line-up, go to

Sunday, 17 April 2011


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Sturdy UK Hardcore crew 'Impact' hurl out their impressive debut EP 'Strength Through Loyalty' for national consumption on 20th June 2011 and tour throughout Europe this summer.

Formed back in 2001 during their mid teens, the original members of Impact hooked up at their local skate and BMX ramps in their hometown, St. Neots. With a mutual obsession for the gritty hardcore of bands like Agnostic Front and Sick of It All, to the metallic guile of Slayer and Pantera, the young upstarts began to put down their own tunes and started to play shows in their local area.

Fast forward some years, and after a series of set-backs and some necessary line-up changes sparked by the band's recent conviction and newly found drive, Impact have laid down their commanding debut EP 'Strength Through Loyalty.' The record is enthralling, energetic and earnestly intense. From the colossal opening of ’To Those Lives Lost’ to the slamdown supercharged phasing of 'Bite the Bullet', the boisterous quintet have crafted a debut offering that oozes honest fury and bursts with pounding riffery.

Pulling influences from a series of hardcore/punk and metal bands, and serving up intelligent lyrics with full on heavy, yet melodic riffage, Impact deliver a sound that is sincerely potent and uncompromisingly brutal. The fivesome have already amassed a hefty collection of support slots from the likes of Agnostic Front, Madball, This Is Hell, Wisdom In Chains and Death Before Dishonor, to name a few, and have broadly toured throughout the UK, heading out to mainland Europe this Summer. Aided with radio airplay on BBC Radio 1s 'The Lock Up Show' and acclaim from Metal Hammer, the Cambridgeshire hardcore crew are set to drive home their imprint nationwide.



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Euro alternative-rockers 'borderline syndrome' release their self-titled debut offering on 27th June, available through all digital outlets and prepare for a full- blooded launch this summer!

Hailing from Athens, Greece, borderline syndrome were formed in 2010 and derive influence from such big guns as 'The Dillinger Escape Plan' and 'Tool' to the likes of 'Radiohead' and 'Bjork'. This Greek alt-rock crew strip down their laudable influences and neatly fashion their own imprint combining alternative rock with an impressively wide variation of progressive structures and irregular time signatures.

From melodic, simple easy-going songs through to more complex and stout tracks, the Greek rockers have a notable knack for producing fine cuts that display the band's unique qualities, distinguishing them from their peers.

borderline syndrome now set loose their debut promo which showcases the progressive quintet's innovate ideas and off-kilter framing, highlighting their firm ability to craft a dynamic tune. With a full length album penned for the summer, the future is definitely looking bright for the alternate rock crew.


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

News - NARROWS vs EUROPE: Pt. 2

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NARROWS (members of Botch, Unbroken, These Arms Are Snakes, Tropics, Some Girls) return to Europe for the second time this May.

As ever, with their vast geographical inconveniences (2 in Seattle, 2 in San Diego and 1 in London) and tight schedules, the tour will be just under a couple of weeks of which there will only be 3 dates in the UK:

MAY 2011
20 - LONDON, OLD BLUE LAST > Tickets:

The band will also be recording a BBC Session for Radio 1’s Rock Show but the airing date is TBC.

There will be a new shirt design from the awesome Drew Millward and also copies of the NYC show only split 7" with Heiress.

For more news / updates with the band and tour, check out any of the links below:

Thursday, 31 March 2011

News - The Vinyl Factory release limited edition vinyl of The Pet Shop Boys’ Most Incredible Thing

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The Vinyl Factory is proud to announce their collectible art and vinyl limited edition of the Pet Shop Boys new ballet score, The Most Incredible Thing. Based on a Hans Christian Anderson short story, this is the iconic pop duo's first ever full-length dance score and their debut collaboration with Sadler's Wells and choreographer Javier de Frutos.

The Most Incredible Thing release by The Vinyl Factory is an exclusive, limited art edition, with only 500 copies available worldwide, each hand numbered and signed by the Pet Shop Boys. Designed by Farrow, who also collaborated with the artists on the much sought after collector's edition of their last album, Yes, this stunning release features music and artwork exclusive to The Vinyl Factory edition.

Comprising a silk cloth bound hard board slipcase containing a hardback book with seven record sleeves. Six of these house heavyweight 180-gram vinyl records pressed on the EMI 1400. The records feature the Pet Shop Boys' music for the ballet, as well as exclusive original demo versions of each of the compositions, only available in this release.

The seventh sleeve contains an oversized foldout sheet music print, signed by Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe. The ballet's synopsis is printed onto the record sleeves so that each has an accompanying narrative that reads like a storybook.

Set to become a prized collectors item, this beautiful deluxe edition is the perfect companion piece to what is one of the Pet Shop Boy's most unusual and intriguing projects to date.

The Vinyl Factory's previous limited edition for Yes - Pet Shop Boys, which sold out in two hours at the price of £300, has since re-sold for over £3,000.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

News - the new live music experience featuring the best emerging bands around the world

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This week marks the launch of, a new music discovery platform that profiles some of the most talented new bands and local music scenes from around the world. Through captivating original short videos, Noisey gives viewers unprecedented access to the lives of bands on and off the stage. By capturing the complete live music experience, viewers can join bands on the road and share their experiences as they get ready for a show, meet fans and industry insiders, and explore the city and its local culture.

Noisey showcases bands from more than 10 countries including US, UK, Brazil, Mexico, France, Germany, Spain, China, Japan, Canada, and Australia. Noisey is available in eight languages and offers an app-like web experience built on an above-the- fold, HTML5 user interface. Beyond Noisey's homepage, users can also find artists through a site-wide comment feed, allowing user activity to influence the discovery process.

Justin Young from The Vaccines, filmed by Noisey in Glasgow at The Captain's Rest, stated "Noisey were good people who understood what we were about and managed to get an in-depth and honest portrayal of what daily life entails for our band, without ever being invasive."


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"Norwich is known more for the Canaries and Alan Partridge than for its produce of post-hardcore quartets, but DEPTH are here to change all that" - Rock Sound

"Superb vocal melodies and catchy riffs, recalling the Blackout’s more hummable moments" - Kerrang!

"DEPTH show a lot of potential and passion for their music" - Big Cheese

High Flying Norfolk Post-Hardcore crew 'Depth' unveil their debut album 'Situations Fulfilled' on 6th June 2011, through Rising Records and all digital stores, and announce UK tour to follow.

Since their origination in the summer of 2006, Depth have greatly evolved. No longer the young scamps that spat out cover versions in their local village hall, they are now a seasoned and touring Post-hardcore unit that have progressively honed their own songwriting craft to produce finely-tuned rock cuts. During the past three years the enterprising four piece have played shows throughout the country sharing stages with everyone from the Undertones, through to the likes of My Passion, Exit Ten, Don Broco, and Everything Burns. The band have garnered critical acclaim from the likes of Kerrang!, Rocksound, and Big Cheese and they have been featured on the Red Bull Bedroom Jam competition, also receiving great TV airplay from Lava TV for their new video 'True Escape'.

Pulling from the old school metal riffage of Iron Maiden and fusing together the infectious nonce and energy of heavyweights Funeral For A Friend and Killswitch Engage, Depth have created their own sound and have produced a thunderous debut full length album, entitled 'Situations Fulfilled'. The record is genuinely engrossing and captivating, from the melody soaked refrain of their brand new video 'True Escape' and the fist-pummeling gang shout-outs of 'No One Sings For Second Place', through to their recent single 'Burning Pages' which packs muscular Post-Hardcore dynamisms with anthemic rock. The Norfolk Rockcore crew know how to kick out the jams and have unleashed a stunning debut record that is both ballsy and memorable. Depth reboot 'Situations Fulfilled' this June and will play the following live shows in support:

18 Mar 2011 Gildridge, Eastbourne ; 20 Mar Leicester Sound House; 21 Mar Fiddlers Elbow, Camden, London ; 22 Mar Greenwich University ; 23 Mar The Twist , Colchester; 24 Mar B2 Norwich ; 25 Mar PJ McGinty, Ipswich; 26 Mar The Plug, Birmingham.



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Southwest Alt-rock merchants 'Mind Museum' unveil their hotly anticipated
debut record 'Rat Race' on 23rd May and prepare to hit the road....

Bristol new guns, Mind Museum are set to make their own mark on the currently buoyant Brit-rock scene with their uniquely alluring sound that merges earnest alternative rock, underpinned by probing guitar rhythms and engaging emotive vocals, with potent post-punk DIY ethics. Pulling from an eclectic array of influences from the likes of Biffy Clyro and Story of the Year, through to the likes of The Cure, The Police and Rush, the band have created an engrossing sound that genuinely commands your attention.

Comprised of Justin E Percival (vocals/bass), Will Slater (guitar) and beatmaster Chas Bacon (drums), Mind Museum, although only formed in August 2010, were actually born from the ashes of 'I Am The Door' and 'Full Scream Ahead'. Both IATD and FSA had good underground successes, notching up national radio airplay on BBC Radio 1, critical acclaim from the likes of Rocksound & Kerrang! and also extensively toured the UK, chalking up slots with the likes of Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, Enter Shikari, Minus the Bear, Attack Attack, and Straight Lines, to name a few.

Mind Museum now stride forward in their own right and are geared to step up to the plate; the dynamic trio are already picking up national exposure for their debut video ’Rat Race’, which is presently gracing screens via Lava TV, and the band are also racking up great radio airplay on BBC Introducing. The Bristol tunesmiths are now set to officially serve up their debut EP 'Rat Race' for national release this May. The record is jam-packed with sturdy riffs and hooky cuts, layered with classy anthemic melodies and thoughtful up-tempo arrangements. The alt-rockers wield a sharp knack for killer melody and have unveiled a powerhouse debut offering that is sure to propel the band to giddy heights for the remainder of 2011 and beyond!


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

News - The Fall, The Rise - New Songs of the Hard Rocking Persuasion

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Birmingham’s The Fall, The Rise have 2 new songs plus a cover up on their SoundCloud page.
If you like your songs to be of the kicking ass variety, we suggest you head over to the link below and ’get your rock on’ or something like that...

We’re liking their 90’s alt-rock vibes so give em a go.
Help em spread the word and share those riffs all over your social networking pages. Get to work!

Saturday, 19 February 2011


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"..inspiration to a brutal, bludgeoning boil" TERRORIZER

"..slaughterhouse screams with speed shifts worthy of motion sickness" METAL HAMMER

Highly rated Northern Extremists 'XisForEyes' spit out their greatly anticipated new EP 'Insidious Existentialism’, out on 25th April through all good outlets.

Since their formation in 2007, Newcastle’s XisForEyes have destroyed stages across the UK with their face-melting concoction of modern deathcore laced with eerie black metal choirs and the band’s own twisted sense of humour.

The innovative Deathcore crew originally found their feet playing a host of sweat-drenched hardcore shows in the vicinity of Newcastle. Their early shows involved a certain amount of theatrics, all the way from wrestling to trampolining. Although such 'horseplay' managed to ban the playful upstarts from several venues due to property damage, they did provide audiences with a clear illustration of their abundant enthusiasm and great sense of fun. With a host of varied influences mapping from Deftones to Cradle of Filth and Cannibal Corpse, the progressive fivesome strive to etch an individual approach on an increasingly stigmatized genre. They take their musical output seriously, yet still thrive on humour and ballsy originality.

After the release of their debut demo, the metal scamps caught the eye of hip underground metal label Foot And Mouth Records who served up their highly acclaimed EP ’Absolute Corporeal Besmirchment’ at the end of 2008. Critical acclaim and genuine support followed with the likes of Metal Hammer and Terrorizer heavily backing the Northern quintet. The band also marked their stamp on the nation's highways, playing a cluster of fleapits as far afield as Scotland through to the depths of the Midlands, and supporting the likes of Trigger The Bloodshed, Sylosis, The Casino Brawl, Viatrophy, Bleed From Within, Eternal Lord, Martyr Defiled, Romeo Must Die, Lavotchkin and The Arusha Accord along the way.

XisForEyes reach new heights in the shape of their brand new EP 'Insidious Existentialism’, which is a sheer beast of a record. From the highly intriguing beginnings of 'The Sermon", through to the blistering conclusion of the colossal 'Crow Road', it's a truly killer record that has enough intensity and unbridled power and precision to level an apartment block. There's nothing stopping XisForEyes from earning a prominent place within the UK Metal hierarchy. Watch this space!


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Born out of the depleted industrial area of Grimsby, Lincs, From A City In Ruins stride forward with their mouthwatering mix of razor sharp and dynamic Alt-Rock. Brimming with raw passion and boundless energy, the youthful upstarts continue their ascent with a cluster of UK shows and the release of their debut single ' Fin, Fin, Fin', out Monday 4th April 201l.

With a flurry of influences ranging from the edgy post-hardcore sounds of Refused through to the atmospherics and artsy cool of Joy Division and The Cure, From A City Ruins have amassed a riveting sound that is laced with innovate ideas, peppered with hooky riffs and perfectly complimented by jagged guitars and off-kilter phrasing. The alt-rockers have locked their absorbing sound down to tape and it's ideally showcased on their debut single "Fin! Fin! Fin!" which is also backed by the quite fantastical "Introverts". With a full length album in the works and further touring in the pipeline, everything is slipping into place for the northern upstarts.

FACIR have already racked up an impressive 200 plus shows during the past two years, including dates with the likes of We Are The Ocean, Flood Of Red, Exit Ten, Not Advised, Deaf Havana, and This City, to name a few. With an increasing fanbase, further UK and European shows scheduled throughout 2011, with broad underground support already garnered, and having been touted by Rocksound Magazine as ones to watch, it's evident that this industrious quartet show no signs of letting up!


Sunday, 6 February 2011


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Surrey based quintet map out extensive touring throughout 2011 and release their much anticipated debut album 'Depths', available on 11th April 2011 from all good outlets.

Forever Wednesday burst onto the UK scene with their explosive debut album 'Depths'. Jam-packed with a heady mix of anthemic tunes and delivered with an under-belly of dark aggression and fiery youth, 'Depths' is a true marker for a band on a rapid incline. This record is sure to place Forever Wednesday among the new generation within the UK rock fraternity.

Born in Farnham, Surrey back in 2006, the early beginnings of Forever Wednesday were blighted by member changeovers and a lack of stability. All this changed however in 2010, when original founder Andy Allen (Drums) hooked up with old friend Charlie Grout-Smith (Voice) and new recruits Jack Robinson (Guitar & Vocals), Josh Irvine (Guitar) and James Worthington (Bass). After locking down an impressive array of new songs and a brand new set, Forever Wednesday set their sights on an extensive foray of touring throughout the country.

During the past year, FW have toured throughout the whole of the UK, notching up shows with the likes of You Me At Six, Kids In Glass Houses, We Are The Ocean, Deaf Havana, All Forgotten, Attack Attack, Paige, and Young Guns. Besides a hefty touring schedule, the post-hardcore five-some have picked up coverage throughout the underground press and were also featured by Kerrang! (Local Heroes).

The lively rock-core crew are now armed with a killer debut album 'Depths'. The record pulls from the stimulating essentials of Hardcore, Metal and Punk, and occasionally delves into the most engaging elements of southern rock and experimental. The end result is an enterprising Brit-rock band that have laid down an exciting debut offering loaded with enticing technical guitar riffs, pounding jack hammer beats, and monstrous sing-a-long choruses. The album kicks off in stunning style with the anthemic and melody-drenched 'Define Irony' before it rapidly moves onwards to 'Mr Wolf,' which spits sturdy metalcore grunts and riffage to full effect. The record then continues to shift and twist with the insanely catchy guile of their previous single 'Viruses'. Forever Wednesday have most definitely created an album that is sure to take the energetic combo to brand new heights. Watch this space!


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Highly-rated Australian metal quintet emerge and release their debut EP 'Lord of Woe' through all major digital outlets from 28th March 2011.

Make Them Suffer have already swept their homeland down-under by storm and are ready to tackle the international scene, suitably armed and loaded with their stunning five-tracker debut 'Lord Of Woe', out this March 2011. 'Lord Of Woe' drags you by the hand and leads you through a darkened voyage of emotionally driven deathcore that skims the blackened waters of Death Metal and touches the shores of Black Metal. The end result is an epic passage that is brutal and mature, but ultimately highly engaging.

Formed during the middle part of 2008 and hailing from Perth, Australia, the most isolated city in the world, which is an attribute that has served as an apt backdrop for the burly quintet's brutally blackened symphonic Deathcore, Make Them Suffer are ready to unleash their colossal noiseblast to wider plains. Pulling from an array of influences that stem from the likes of noiseking contemporaries Bleeding Through and Whitechapel, through to old hands such as Deftones and even Placebo, MTS have shaped a highly addictive sound that fuses the most appealing elements of modern day Death and Black Metal through to Deathcore, all perfectly capped off by textured symphonics and intricate piano flurries.

Make Them Suffer already have a vast sea of shows under their belt including a series of impressive support slots with Between The Buried And Me, The Acacia Strain, The Black Dahlia Murder and Unearth, among others. The Aussie bruisers are now set to forge their own name on the UK scene with their debut EP "Lord Of Woe". With the full bloodied fury of 'Summoning Storms', the record instantly hammers home with brutal aggression, and continues to build intensity through to the ear-shattering riffage and epic beatings of 'Weeping Wasteland', which draws the record to a suitably breathtaking climax.

Monday, 24 January 2011

News - Rev78 debut album Boy in the Blitz strengthens the re-surge of the guitar band

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Scheduled for release on the 4th April is Rev78's eagerly anticipated forthcoming debut album "Boy in the Blitz". It comes as a giant leap for the band - an assured radio-friendly fare which instead of being forgettable, demands repeated listens. Masterly produced by "Junk Scientist" (AKA Russ Keffert) and mixed by scene luminary Catherine Marks - who’s recent portfolio includes the likes of Interpol, Foals, PJ Harvey and Placebo to name but a few - only adds further magic to the clamour of the quartet who will no doubt imminently be propelled into mainstream consciousness.

The album follows last year's release of the bands first single 'Killing Me' and B-side 'Lullaby', which boasts a colossal vocal performance from lead singer Teddy Quick. He instantly drew comparisons to various stellar rock stalwarts such as Morrissey, Ian Curtis and Matt Bellamy. Bassist James Laff, guitarist David Gritzman, Drummer Tom Hargreaves and Teddy Quick fuse modern indie with post punk assembling them somewhere between the Manic's, The Killers and Arcade Fire.

Rev78 have a massive, expansive and heartfelt sound which follows the tradition of Great British Rock music - but refreshingly interweaved with a dark-pop sensibility. As nephew to Mark Laff (Generation X, Subway Sect) bassist James Laff is aiming towards the path of British rock distinction. Certainly, Rev78 tick all the boxes to rise out of the Camden underworld and onto stadiums around the world.

Next single 'Every Bone' due for release on 28th February 2011 follows the resonating-meets-epic-ballad suit, with a gentle musicianship and Quick's soaring vocals leading listeners through a tunnel of melancholy, before reaching an affirming, "light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel" and emotively-crashing crescendo.

As 2011 has been dubbed the year guitar bands make their come back, 'Boy in the Blitz' has every chance of becoming a leading record of this year.

"I think it’s music made for arena’s."
Brent Hansen, former president of MTV

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

News - Little Comets stream their debut album via Facebook

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Little Comets today make their debut album ’In Search Of Elusive Little Comets’ available to stream via their Facebook profile Fans who ’Like’ the page get to stream the album a whole 2 weeks before its release!

The intriguingly titled 'in Search of elusive Little Comets' comes stockpiled with the authentic lovelorn paeans, awash with majestic pop hooks and the now familiar lyrical imagination from the brothers Cole.

Earlier singles , the understated cynical brilliance of 'Isles' , the oft-mentioned afrobeat tinged 'Adultery' or the plainly should have been a hit-ness of 'One Night In October' , all included here portray a band who are keen to consistently challenge both themselves and their listeners.

'in Search of elusive Little Comets' gives rise to the wonder of the band's musical artistry and whilst ebbing and flowing over the course of eleven tracks, the outcome is a complete album - one that flows from start to finish, rather than just a collection of tracks.


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Swiss noise chiefs release their furious debut album 'An Eye On The Universe' on 28th Feb 2011 through Pelagic Records / PHD (Home to The Ocean) and prepare for domination ..

Abraham create a barren aural landscape where grand rock-faces of guitars loom largely over brief moments of calm sublimity and haunting beauty. Ultimately though, abrasiveness is the word here: Abraham will wash over you like a sudden cloudburst in the desert, exposing you like jagged rock to all the elements. Whoever loves Cult of Luna's 'The Beyond' - Raise the torches, this is for you!

These bristly bruisers all grew up together; Mat (Guitar) and Val (Bass) are brothers, and Jacques (Guitar), Renzo (Voice box) and Dave (Drums) all previously played together in various bands since 1997. Originally hailing from Lausanne, Switzerland, Abraham were formed by Kruger guitarist Jacques Vierdaz in 2007 under the guise "Le Baron Vampire". The bearded crew later changed their name to the very apt "Abraham" and began to spread their assault throughout Switzerland and to parts of France and Germany, nailing down a cluster of devastating shows with the likes of Celane, Knue, Kruger, Mumakil and many others, along the way.

Drawing from a span of musical influences from old guard luminaries such as Neurosis and Breach, to modern classics as Cult of Luna and Poison the Well, right through to more leftfield artists such as Nick Cave, Xasthur, and even Mike Oldfield, the band have harnessed their influences, etching their own stamp, and have created a killer debut record in the shape of 'An Eye On The Universe', which is unleashed through Pelagic Records / PHD this Spring.



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Berlin bonecrushers 'Earthship' throw down their debut album 'Exit Eden', through Pelagic Records (home to The Ocean) / PHD on 28th February 2011.

Laden with mighty riffs, bags of groove, and loaded up on home-brewed whiskey, Earthship surge ahead like a nuclear-powered icebreaker through the Barents Sea.

Earthship were launched in the Spring of 2010 when former drummer of The Ocean Jan Oberg plotted a course with long-time friends Dennis Boettcher (Drums), Robin Staps (Guitar) and Bastian Gutschke (Bass) during a lengthy evening of visiting the shady bars of Berlin, absorbing copious amounts of cheap whiskey. Staps, who officially joined slightly later than the others, remarks: "I have not been involved in the songwriting at all. It is entirely Jan's creative work".

Although Earthship are a relatively newborn baby, the riff monsters have all known one another for some time. "Jan has been my neighbour for years here in Berlin; we've known each other for ages and had our first band together more than 12 years ago... we grew up going to shows and playing music together. Jan is a very skilled song-writer and I was always into his stuff, so when he asked me to join his band I agreed right away", comments Staps.

Earthship release their debut album "Exit Eden" which was recorded by Captain Oberg at his very own Hidden Planet Studios in Berlin. The record is a gut-punching musical stampede and serves as a grim, ugly soundtrack to a rough and dangerous passage through dark, icy waters. Board the Earthship for a ride throughout the vast Black Sea of doom, metal and prog n'roll.


Sunday, 16 January 2011

Review - Capsule Promotions - Supersonic 2010

Capsule Promotions - Supersonic 2010

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8 out of 10

Supersonic 2010

As a long time follower and customer of the myriad of music that Capsule ( promote with Birmingham, I must admit this is the first time I’ve actually attended Supersonic. Now in it’s 8th year, the festival has grown again bringing us some particularly exciting bands this year. More of those in a few moments though.

I think it’s worth noting that this is one of the most friendly festivals I’ve ever been to. As an outsider, the mix of extreme music, beards and alcohol could paint a rather scary picture but I do honestly believe that on the whole this festival (although catering for the more ’alternative’ end of the musical spectrum) would have something for everyone amongst the approximately 40-50 bands playing over the 3 days.

Another noteworthy point is the location and layout of the festival. Held in Birmingham’s Custard Factory ( you get the run of the whole place with venues including not only the warehouse down the road but an outside marquee, smaller indoor hall and a theatre for films, discussions and various other musical themed media. There is also 2 areas (maybe more?) selling merch from various local and national (Rough Trade) record shops, sweets, cupcakes and there was even a collectors card stall. I was quite a fan of the Cyndi Lauper cards complete with interestings facts such as: "Other kids used to throw stones at Cyndi as a child because she liked to look different".

The main reason we were all attending though was obviously the music. Napalm Death, Swans, Hallogallo and Melt Banana headlined along with the exciting news of the reformation of Birmingham’s own Godflesh as the final headliner. As a follower of newer band Jesu, I was quite interested to see Godflesh perform live on the 2nd night.

So, with the scene set and myself and a friend headed into the festival. The first band we saw were "Gum Takes Tooth" ( mid-set as we walked into the outside marquee. The duo consist of a drummer and singer/electronics/keyboard player who are wired together via the various effects and drum kit. This results in a sound where every beat played on the kit can be manipulated into something else. Ingenious stuff. They blasted out noise one minute to absolutely blinding bass driven grooves and beats the next. Extremely catchy music and I was impressed enough to buy a CD straight away after. Following on from this was Birmingham grind metallers "Fukpig" ( Playing a non-stop blast of crust/grind/punk in the late 80’s style, they feature members of the acclaimed Mistress and Anaal Nathrakh. A truly extreme slice of music which got the crowd riled up into a rather large group of happily grimacing faces nodding along in appreciative unison not to mention the obligatory "pit" breakout during several of their songs. After Fukpig, we popped over to "The Old Library" to catch "Demons" and were greeted with the Purity Ales bar allowing me to get a pint of "UBU" ( Things are going from good to better I think! Demons play a particularly dark brand of noise which I have to admit wasn’t for me. I finished my UBU and we wandered outside. It was at this point I realised the time and regrettably had to call it a night as my last bus home was due very soon. This of course meant I missed Napalm Death who I hear were very good.

Saturday’s line up brought a few more gems our way. The music was spread over a longer amount of time so we took a more leisurely approach to seeing bands. On the flip side, this unfortunately meant our intake of alcohol was far greater resulting in very hazy memories and illegible notes! First up for us were "Stinky Wizzleteat" (, a local band I’d been lucky enough to see before opening up for Eyehategod. These guys were very good indeed and dished out some heavy, heavy riffs supported by a guttural vocal and some rather nice grooves. One of my bands of the weekend I think. Another gem of the weekend for me was "Tweak Bird" ( These Illinois, USA based brothers play some amazingly catchy music using only a guitar and drums with the odd vocal melody thrown in for good measure along with a spot of saxophone here and there. A strange combination you might thinking but the result was one of the most fun and interesting things I saw all weekend. They were very ’stoner rock’ in places I thought and I liked them so much I bought their latest album!
Next up were "OvO" ( This for me was one of the weirdest yet strangely drawing bands of the weekend. The Italian duo consist of a female guitarist/vocalist and percussionist. The music’s hard to describe. In places the drumming felt like it was going to floor me (which is a good thing) and the heavy almost droning riffery accompanying it had my head nodding along. At the same time though, it was completley baffling in places....especially when singer Stefania Pedrett started playing her dreadlocks with a bow. On the whole I enjoyed what I saw (especially the drumming!) it but I came to the conclusion this was something I’d watch live but probably never ever listen to outside of that format.
On to headline band of the day "Godflesh" ( The influence of this band spread far throughout the metal scene and this would be their first appearance on stage in over 10 years. As I stated above, I myself have seen mainman Justin Broadrick perform on a number of occasions in his later incarnation "Jesu" but this is my first encounter with Godflesh. Playing in the vast hanger space, this seemed to me to be the perfect setting for their industrial tinged metal. The stripped down riffs, played at a leisurley pace had me nodding along with a smile on my face. This is crushing music which was raising the bar when the likes of album "Streetcleaner" was released all those years ago. A real treat for fans old and new I think. With that it was time to run for the bus again.

My friend and I met up on Sunday mid-afternoon for the final instalment of the festival. It saw us return with a little less sleep and some mild hangovers but that wasn’t going to stop us grabbing one final slice of music. That said, we did seem to spend our time just wandering around without any real agenda on this day. My personal main aim was to see Swans play but on inspecting the timetable it wasn’t to be. My last bus was over an hour before they would even set foot on stage. This I think was my only ’gripe’ of the festival. If you are bound by work or public transport timetables, it makes it very difficult to see some of the headlining bands. A tad frustrating as Swans latest album is something I listen to regularly and tales of their crushingly loud live sound was something that I really wanted to experience. Reviews I have read do seem to indicate I missed out not seeing them. Oh well. With a dip into Mugstar’s ( great blend of building riff/electronic laden rock and Hallogallo 2010’s ( treat of the music of "Neu!" it was time to head home and gear up for another week at work. It all went so fast.

As a first time visit to Supersonic, this was for me one of the most varied and interesting festival experiences I’ve had outside of All Tomorrow’s Parties and all in my own home town as well. Definitely not for everyone’s tastes but then with so much music to choose from you’re bound to find something new you like. I’d recommend the festival to anyone wanting to broaden their horizons musically. Capsule have created and maintained something which brings together a number of music communities and fans alike all under ’one roof’. A one of a kind achievement.




Thursday, 13 January 2011


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Italian High-octane Rocksters drop their hugely impressive debut offering through Ant Street Records on 7th March 2011.

Hailing from Northern Italy, from the quaint seaside town of Savona, Italian riff merchants Aaron’s Agony were formed in 2008 after the demise of their previous band, The Choice. Members Gabry (drums), Max (guitar/backing vocals) and Zack(bass/lead vocals) joined forces with Eros Pedone, aka "Diè" (lead vocals) and Gionata Damele (guitar/lead vocals), to form Aaron's Agony. Tied by a long time friendship stretching back to school and in brothers Gabry and Max, by blood, the posse have grown up together sharing the highs and lows of life's challenges. Last year, the up-and-coming rock combo locked down management with established Italian management agency, Alkemist Fanatix Europe. After securing management, the vigorous five piece soon penned an album deal with German label Antstreet Records. Aided by a melting pot of influences ranging from the hardcore through to electronica, and from punk to metal, Aaron's Agony have sculptured a sound that is rammed with melody and riff stomping ingenuity.

Aaron's Agony are now all set to drop their eagerly awaited debut album entitled "Lost Inside Myself". Blasting from your speakers with soaring sing-a-long choruses and super-charged riffs, the record unleashes a hefty blow to the senses and promises to please, from the hugely infectious up-tempo rhythms and shout-out refine of 'We Are Back' through to the two-prong vocal attacks and beefy jack hammer guitar slams of 'It’s Manna From Heaven' (which features Parachutes' vocalist Stefan Kinn), the record is stuffed full of innovative hooks and driving beatdowns. There's no letting up as the album draws to a dramatic close with the brutally dynamic 'Voices From Inside Call For Valkyria' where voice-box Diè scrapes the bile from the guts of his soul with a hearty performance. Mastered in New York by Alan Douches (A Day to Remember, Atreyu), the record is all primed and ready for your consumption. Load up and soak it in!


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Unstoppable Yorkshire quintet unleash self-titled debut ready for public consumption from 14th March 2011.

Sparking glowing comparisons to the likes of Bring Me The Horizon and The Devil Wears Prada, Kill The Captain spring from the traps with ferocious pace, bonecrushing riffs and earnest intent. KTC are rapidly picking up speed throughout the underground and are set to crank up velocity with their impressive self-titled debut mini-album, out this March.

Kill The Captain were initially conceived back in 2007, originally featuring vocalist Danny and bassist Sam from highly rated metalcore crew 'Asking Alexandria'. In 2008, both Danny and Sam left Kill The Captain to forge Asking Alexandria, and the remaining members Edd and Andy commenced with the dubious task of gathering new recruits to allow Kill The Captain to continue. After an eventful search, the dynamic duo enlisted Abram, Ryan and beatmaster Robbie to form a brand new line-up and chapter for KTC. After numerous rehearsals and a series of sweat-drenched shows in their hometown of York, the fiery five-piece pressed forward and began work on penning new tunes for their eagerly awaited debut record. During this time, the Yorkshire Terriers also extensively toured throughout England and Wales and racked up supports with Bury Tomorrow, Asking Alexandria, Postmortem Promises, Sylosis, Viatrophy, Exit Ten, The Casino Brawl, Fei Comodo, Trigger The Bloodshed, Empires Fade, and many more.

The band's self-titled debut features seven blistering beefy slabs of hardcore infused metal. Kill The Captain have broken down their influences and meshed together their own unique take on hardcore metal and in turn have produced a record that is genuinely compelling and sure to pull new fans from all quarters.

The metalcore crew are now all geared to nationally stamp their mark on proceedings with their debut mini-album and full blown touring onslaught set for the Spring of 2011. Hit up for tour updates.