Saturday, 19 February 2011


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"..inspiration to a brutal, bludgeoning boil" TERRORIZER

"..slaughterhouse screams with speed shifts worthy of motion sickness" METAL HAMMER

Highly rated Northern Extremists 'XisForEyes' spit out their greatly anticipated new EP 'Insidious Existentialism’, out on 25th April through all good outlets.

Since their formation in 2007, Newcastle’s XisForEyes have destroyed stages across the UK with their face-melting concoction of modern deathcore laced with eerie black metal choirs and the band’s own twisted sense of humour.

The innovative Deathcore crew originally found their feet playing a host of sweat-drenched hardcore shows in the vicinity of Newcastle. Their early shows involved a certain amount of theatrics, all the way from wrestling to trampolining. Although such 'horseplay' managed to ban the playful upstarts from several venues due to property damage, they did provide audiences with a clear illustration of their abundant enthusiasm and great sense of fun. With a host of varied influences mapping from Deftones to Cradle of Filth and Cannibal Corpse, the progressive fivesome strive to etch an individual approach on an increasingly stigmatized genre. They take their musical output seriously, yet still thrive on humour and ballsy originality.

After the release of their debut demo, the metal scamps caught the eye of hip underground metal label Foot And Mouth Records who served up their highly acclaimed EP ’Absolute Corporeal Besmirchment’ at the end of 2008. Critical acclaim and genuine support followed with the likes of Metal Hammer and Terrorizer heavily backing the Northern quintet. The band also marked their stamp on the nation's highways, playing a cluster of fleapits as far afield as Scotland through to the depths of the Midlands, and supporting the likes of Trigger The Bloodshed, Sylosis, The Casino Brawl, Viatrophy, Bleed From Within, Eternal Lord, Martyr Defiled, Romeo Must Die, Lavotchkin and The Arusha Accord along the way.

XisForEyes reach new heights in the shape of their brand new EP 'Insidious Existentialism’, which is a sheer beast of a record. From the highly intriguing beginnings of 'The Sermon", through to the blistering conclusion of the colossal 'Crow Road', it's a truly killer record that has enough intensity and unbridled power and precision to level an apartment block. There's nothing stopping XisForEyes from earning a prominent place within the UK Metal hierarchy. Watch this space!


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Born out of the depleted industrial area of Grimsby, Lincs, From A City In Ruins stride forward with their mouthwatering mix of razor sharp and dynamic Alt-Rock. Brimming with raw passion and boundless energy, the youthful upstarts continue their ascent with a cluster of UK shows and the release of their debut single ' Fin, Fin, Fin', out Monday 4th April 201l.

With a flurry of influences ranging from the edgy post-hardcore sounds of Refused through to the atmospherics and artsy cool of Joy Division and The Cure, From A City Ruins have amassed a riveting sound that is laced with innovate ideas, peppered with hooky riffs and perfectly complimented by jagged guitars and off-kilter phrasing. The alt-rockers have locked their absorbing sound down to tape and it's ideally showcased on their debut single "Fin! Fin! Fin!" which is also backed by the quite fantastical "Introverts". With a full length album in the works and further touring in the pipeline, everything is slipping into place for the northern upstarts.

FACIR have already racked up an impressive 200 plus shows during the past two years, including dates with the likes of We Are The Ocean, Flood Of Red, Exit Ten, Not Advised, Deaf Havana, and This City, to name a few. With an increasing fanbase, further UK and European shows scheduled throughout 2011, with broad underground support already garnered, and having been touted by Rocksound Magazine as ones to watch, it's evident that this industrious quartet show no signs of letting up!


Sunday, 6 February 2011


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Surrey based quintet map out extensive touring throughout 2011 and release their much anticipated debut album 'Depths', available on 11th April 2011 from all good outlets.

Forever Wednesday burst onto the UK scene with their explosive debut album 'Depths'. Jam-packed with a heady mix of anthemic tunes and delivered with an under-belly of dark aggression and fiery youth, 'Depths' is a true marker for a band on a rapid incline. This record is sure to place Forever Wednesday among the new generation within the UK rock fraternity.

Born in Farnham, Surrey back in 2006, the early beginnings of Forever Wednesday were blighted by member changeovers and a lack of stability. All this changed however in 2010, when original founder Andy Allen (Drums) hooked up with old friend Charlie Grout-Smith (Voice) and new recruits Jack Robinson (Guitar & Vocals), Josh Irvine (Guitar) and James Worthington (Bass). After locking down an impressive array of new songs and a brand new set, Forever Wednesday set their sights on an extensive foray of touring throughout the country.

During the past year, FW have toured throughout the whole of the UK, notching up shows with the likes of You Me At Six, Kids In Glass Houses, We Are The Ocean, Deaf Havana, All Forgotten, Attack Attack, Paige, and Young Guns. Besides a hefty touring schedule, the post-hardcore five-some have picked up coverage throughout the underground press and were also featured by Kerrang! (Local Heroes).

The lively rock-core crew are now armed with a killer debut album 'Depths'. The record pulls from the stimulating essentials of Hardcore, Metal and Punk, and occasionally delves into the most engaging elements of southern rock and experimental. The end result is an enterprising Brit-rock band that have laid down an exciting debut offering loaded with enticing technical guitar riffs, pounding jack hammer beats, and monstrous sing-a-long choruses. The album kicks off in stunning style with the anthemic and melody-drenched 'Define Irony' before it rapidly moves onwards to 'Mr Wolf,' which spits sturdy metalcore grunts and riffage to full effect. The record then continues to shift and twist with the insanely catchy guile of their previous single 'Viruses'. Forever Wednesday have most definitely created an album that is sure to take the energetic combo to brand new heights. Watch this space!


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Highly-rated Australian metal quintet emerge and release their debut EP 'Lord of Woe' through all major digital outlets from 28th March 2011.

Make Them Suffer have already swept their homeland down-under by storm and are ready to tackle the international scene, suitably armed and loaded with their stunning five-tracker debut 'Lord Of Woe', out this March 2011. 'Lord Of Woe' drags you by the hand and leads you through a darkened voyage of emotionally driven deathcore that skims the blackened waters of Death Metal and touches the shores of Black Metal. The end result is an epic passage that is brutal and mature, but ultimately highly engaging.

Formed during the middle part of 2008 and hailing from Perth, Australia, the most isolated city in the world, which is an attribute that has served as an apt backdrop for the burly quintet's brutally blackened symphonic Deathcore, Make Them Suffer are ready to unleash their colossal noiseblast to wider plains. Pulling from an array of influences that stem from the likes of noiseking contemporaries Bleeding Through and Whitechapel, through to old hands such as Deftones and even Placebo, MTS have shaped a highly addictive sound that fuses the most appealing elements of modern day Death and Black Metal through to Deathcore, all perfectly capped off by textured symphonics and intricate piano flurries.

Make Them Suffer already have a vast sea of shows under their belt including a series of impressive support slots with Between The Buried And Me, The Acacia Strain, The Black Dahlia Murder and Unearth, among others. The Aussie bruisers are now set to forge their own name on the UK scene with their debut EP "Lord Of Woe". With the full bloodied fury of 'Summoning Storms', the record instantly hammers home with brutal aggression, and continues to build intensity through to the ear-shattering riffage and epic beatings of 'Weeping Wasteland', which draws the record to a suitably breathtaking climax.