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Review - Childbite - The Living Breathing Organ Summer

Childbite - The Living Breathing Organ Summer

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6 out of 10

Look at that score! What does it usually tell you about a record when it only receives a 6 out of 10? Bit "meh"? Nothing really special? Lacks promise?
Well usually that is the case when a record gets awarded a-middle-of-the-road-six out of ten. In the case of Child Bite's latest effort. It's a 6 because as much as I like there sound and obvious musical knowledge, there is something even better to come. Not even the fact its on the awesome Joyful Noise label either.
"The Living Breathing Organ Summer" displays an almost encyclopaedic knowledge and understanding of alternate and left-field rock from the past ten years. At times recalling the noisy stomp of The Jesus Lizard, at others the howling rock of Jon Spencer before switching to QOTSA-in-pop-mode melody but without sounding like a crude amalgamation of these influences. Child bite have enough nous and style to mix it up and coherently hold it all together while still sounding like the schizophrenic cousin of the The Dead Kennedys and Devo's love child.
Despite all this praise my main complaint with it is the fact the songs are not that refined yet. There good. Don't get me wrong there; they just don't stick in the brain fast enough. Something which Child Bite sounds pretty close to accomplishing. When they do, be warned, it should be pretty sweet.

2.Odd Inn
3.Age Of Vacuum Trotters
4.Paws Perilous
5.Limpin' Round And Pussy Footin
6.Organ Summer
7.Barks To Addle
8.Black Pyramid Mausoleum
9.Mates In Torso
10.Born With Both Parts
11.Savory Grandeur
12.Grotesque Holiday
13.Flags Of Vermillion

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