Saturday, 26 July 2008

Review - Ironik - Stay With Me (Single)

Ironik - Stay With Me (Single)

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3 out of 10

Ironik represents the ever growing stable of artists finding fame through the internet. With MySpace, Youtube, etc the possibility of streaming music and presence relatively cheaply and without a massive record contract or advertising is increasing exponentially. Now you don't have to be signed to be seen or get heard. With this Ironik comes to the table with a huge fanbase and because of this and the overall song message, he has to be commended.

The song is meant to be for his younger sister and his concern over a society where knife crime and violence is possible. However, this is overlooking the actual 'music' that I'm meant to be reviewing. For all the good, it doesn't really overlook the fact that the song is a bit crap really. I mean from my point of view, it sounds like an English version of Akon, which more or less is equating the track to the Crazy Frog in terms of musical ability.

It's just a slightly melancholy mix of R'n'B and pop that gives an unfortunately sickly aftertaste. Which I know will make it heartfelt and special to some people, but for myself, it's just another example of music pretending to something it's not.


1. Stay With Me

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