Thursday, 31 July 2008

Review - Palehorse - Habitual Linestepper

Palehorse - Habitual Linestepper

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9 out of 10

It's about fuckin' time as well! Palehorse are seriously one of the best bands in this country right now. It's been all quiet on the radar since the release of "Gee That Ain’t Swell" back in 2002. A damn fine record but nowhere near their live force. 2 vocalists, 2 bassists and a drummer that batters his kit to pieces. Outstanding.

Well, they have disappeared, recruited another vocalist, new bassist and finally this EP as a teaser for an album to follow. What does signal bad news is the loss of vocalist Seedi, this being his last recordings with the band.

Anyhow, on with the positive. The most notable change in the Palehorse camp is the move away from the droning, doom esque workouts of their debut. This is an altogether groovier beast, more in line with their live sound and presence. "Waited" is a clever start. Sampling the final track of their debut, "Sunstarvedday" and building it up with drone and swells in preparation for "What Community...." and its huge rolling groove. Joint vocals are screamed out. Sometimes in unison, sometimes call and response, sometimes overlapping each other. But it's the bass sound that is king here. Clanking, distorted, rough but with so much low-end pulling through the noise and clammer.

As the EP continues there is a notable lean towards the old quiet/loud dynamic. But it's in no way tiring to hear. Almost Fugazi like at times then recalling Iron Monkey at others, all the while still being Palehorse.

An outstanding effort by the Londoners. Outstanding.


1. Waited
2. What Community, What Scheme
3. I’m Afraid We’re Still In Wheelchairs
4. We Cannot love You
5. The Guiltiest Secret

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