Thursday, 31 July 2008

Review - The Undertones - Dig Yourself Deep (Single)

The Undertones - Dig Yourself Deep (Single)

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5 out of 10

The hard thing about being in a band is topping your greatest hit or your greatest album. So many bands live in the shadow of one song or one album that made them big & then strive for years to top that achievement. But eventually, and inevitably, bands just give up, cut their losses and live off the royalties of their finest hour. But what if you had always thought yourself a career musician and that you would consistently make great music that people would love? And what if your first ever single was described as "The Greatest Song of All Time" by one of the most influential voices in music? What would you do then? The Undertones kept knocking on the door.

And they still haven't been let in. Having their hay day in 1978 when Teenage Kicks hit the shelves & airwaves, The Undertones have, frankly, failed to follow it up with anything of note. Now, having been around for 33 years & releasing loads of albums and even more "Best Ofs" The Undertones are releasing another single "Dig Yourself Deep". The single comes from their latest album of the same name.

"Dig Yourself Deep" isn't a bad track but it's not exactly going to win the Mercury Music Prize. It's bland, radio friendly & doesn't really have any substance. The riffs are ok, the whole sound of the track is nice if not a bit guitar heavy on the mixing but its such a middle of the road song that there's not really much you can say about it.

For people who like their music to go into their ears with minimal thought required.


1. Dig Yourself Deep
2. Fight My Corner
3. Tomorrows Tears

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