Thursday, 31 July 2008

Review - Our Own Devices - All Have Gone

Our Own Devices - All Have Gone

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8 out of 10

They're called Extended Players for a reason I guess, and the term 'EP' has rarely been more appropriate than here because this is one is nearly 40 minutes long, albeit with almost ten minutes of silence before a hidden track at the end. Self-released on the label co-run with Cats And Cats And Cats, this is London-based Our Own Devices second EP and it deals in all the posts: -rock, -hardcore, -punk, and even post-metal on the two minutes of shimmering drone snuck in at the end of 'Hate Will Make Us Powerful Lovers'. The doomy bass and screechy, scratching guitar and vocals that build up to 'Lucky Needle's' excellent clattercore also have a metal quality, but there is still a suggestion of Cats' sparkling euphoria.

OOD are a genuinely experimental rock band, messing with time signatures, break downs, off-kilter arrangements, volume and speed on 'Polecats', while 'Harridan's Heart' is a dysphoria of progressive emo, with its dark synth buzz, subdued guitar manglings and occasionally muffled vocals. The best song here, however, is 'Falling Off Little Walls'. Propelled by a heavy bass synth (Think One Day As A Lion), it's searing, compulsive jerky punk rock.

The less direct songs are also worthy note. 'Someone Else's Blood' is an exceptional post-rock mini-epic, like Sigur Rós but with proper singing and a drum machine, while the lengthy closing track is, the rest of 'All Have Gone', captivating almost throughout.


1. Lucky Needle
2. Polecats
3. Harridan's Heart
4. Someone Else's Blood
5. Falling Off Little Walls
6. Hate Will Make Us Powerful Lovers

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