Thursday, 31 July 2008

Review - Envy On The Coast - Envy On The Coast EP

Envy On The Coast - Envy On The Coast EP

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4 out of 10

Sometimes I just hit brick wall of vocabulary. Every now and then, I hear a band that falls strictly into a category I like to call the "Mum" category. I call it this because my Mum always taught that if I haven't got anything nice to say, say nothing at all. The main reason that a band falls into the "Mum" category is lack of originality and that is precisely why Envy On The Coast find their way tumbling into the black hole of my "Mum".

I could spend the entirety of this review listing bands that sound exactly like Envy On The Coast such as Saosin or Taking Back Sunday. I could spend the entirety of this review listing things I find more interesting than this music such as ironing my socks or giant squid. However, I'm a professional. The thing about this record is that it's exceptionally easy to listen to and not in a good way. The heavier bits are rounded in such a way that they sound pleasant whereas the quiet bits are louder so they don't sound so quiet. This all means that the record slips into your ears easily however, it means the record has zero dynamics. There is no impact, no hammer, no balls to any of it. The musicianship of the EP is excellent. Smooth guitaring, tight drums & nice clean vocals. All the elements are there to make a good record but it's completely destroyed by the radio friendly production. I think if this record had some balls then I might like it a touch but as it is it's just a pop record dressed up like a post hardcore one. I think that's my biggest gripe with this record, this band and this genre of music. All the elements are there to make great records but instead of writing a good post hardcore record everyone seems to be writing pop songs with riffs.

Straight to the "Mum" category, do not pass go, do not collect £200.


1. Paperback
2. You Won't Hear This
3. Temper Temper
4. Suckerpunch
5. Green Eyes Don't Lie

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