Thursday, 24 July 2008

News - In Fair Verona = R.I.P.

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In Fair Verona has split up. The band had been signed for two weeks to Standby Records/Victory Records. Here’s their blog about the situation:

"So, where to begin.......
Just to be as straight forwatd as possible. With recent events, we as a band have decided to "call it a day". Unfortunatley, with circumstances out of our control we feel as if we have been forced to make a decision, in which results in us as a band parting ways. It has been an amazing past few years, but with all good things comes an end. So, with that said we have already begun moving in new directions as individuals. We want to thank evey last person that ever supported/believed in In Fair Verona. IFV, would also hope that you guys would keep your eyes open for possible new projects with certain IFV members. This has been the most difficult decision any of us have ever made by far, but we feel as if it was the right one. So thank you again for everything over the years! We all hope you have the best day!

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Thanks & God Bless!!!!!


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