Monday, 28 July 2008

Review - Birds Of Avalon - Outer Upper Inner

Birds Of Avalon - Outer Upper Inner

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8 out of 10

After their recent visit to Coventry, which wasn't the best representation of the city Birds Of Avalon could have had, what with being stiffed over their original gig, then their accommodation and finally in the running order of the gig they actually did play, I was surprised when they gave me a copy of 'Outer Upper Inner'. So the least I can do for them is to give it a review.

There are only six songs on it so I suppose that makes it a mini-album rather than an EP, but I'm never too sure about that? Anyway the first track 'Measure Of The Same' is the by far and away the stand out track for me, also it is links this CD to their last one in style and sound. The rest are great but are much more laid back (With the exception of 'The Reeds') and in some cases even more trippy than their previous tracks on 'Bazaar Bazaar'.


1. Measure Of The Same
2. Shakey Tiger
3. Earthbound
4. Hazy 98
5. The Reeds
6. Keep It Together, Thackery

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