Monday, 28 July 2008

Review - Fei Comodo - They All Have Two Faces

Fei Comodo - They All Have Two Faces

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10 out of 10


Finally. A British metal album that is new, fresh and exciting. Obvious influences aside, it would be all too easy to compare Fei Comodo with contemporary British acts such as InMe and Enter Shikari. The Essex five-piece are, frankly, awesome - the album starts well and ends brilliantly and anyone who doesn't leg it into a record shop when it hits the shelves on September 8th is a bit of an idiot.

I could spend paragraphs here detailing the stunning complexity with which this record is constructed, the layered vocal harmonies, the searing attack of the guitars and the thundered assault of the bass and the drums, but you know what? I'm not going to. Get hold of this album, hear it for yourself. Listen in awe. Then forget the fact they have a really daft name.


1. The Rest Will Follow
2. Break The Ice
3. The Cost Of Living
4. Leave Nothing Behind
5. Just Another Day
6. Watch Them Feed
7. Burn It All
8. Behind Bars

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