Thursday, 31 July 2008

Review - The Hollow Earth Theory - Rise Of Agartha

The Hollow Earth Theory - Rise Of Agartha

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3 out of 10

The Hollow Earth Theory paid for a 2 month stint in Sweden with Fredrik Nordstom producing this album by themselves and have played with a nice long list of name bands. That begs the question, why hasn’t any of that rubbed off on them?

Technically proficient and possessing of a big sound (More production than anything else) it's just the slightly dated feel that the majority of tracks have. Opener "Rise of Agartha Pt1" so clearly lifts the melody (Previously stolen by Papa Roach) of Iron Maidens "Fear Of The Dark" before the standard Killswitch/AVX esque riffing comes in. Melodic vocals that swap between throaty shouting and "crooning" dominate the mix quite heavily.

I really can’t think of anything else to really say about this. It's well played and performed but without this shit hot production they wouldn’t sound anywhere near as good as they do. Nothing to raise them above the millions of other melodic metal bands that play every pub and shit hole in this god-forsaken country. If you like Exit Ten, Killswitch Engage and Avenged Sevenfold and you want to listen to an inferior version of these then by all means give The Hollow Earth Theory a go.

Sadly I don’t.



1. Rise Of Agartha Pt1
2. Steps Of Solomon
3. Transmission
4. Epidemic
5. City Of The Damned
6. Hostage
7. Hero before Dawn
8. A Hundred Suns
9. The Serpent
10. North Star
11. Tempus Terminus
12. Rise of Agartha Pt2

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