Monday, 28 July 2008

Review - Midasuno - Sister Temptation (Digital Download Single)

Midasuno - Sister Temptation (Digital Download Single)

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7 out of 10

I mentioned in my review of Midasuno's 'Songs In The Key Of F*ck' album that the band were, shall we say, somewhat relaxed in their release schedule. Well, surprise surprise, they've done it again. Just shy of a year after the album and first single were released, second single 'Sister Temptation' has arrived, ahead of a supposedly extensive summer touring schedule and writing for a new album (See you in 2010 then).

But whilst they may be a bit slow, these boys can certainly build up a decent bit of momentum when they get going. 'Sister Temptation' is a good example of why its parent album was such a treat, switching between big rocking QOTSA riffs, keyboard-laden verses, and a cheeky lone rave sample, all welded together with tons of energy.

The B-sides, from a BBC live session, are a bit of a mixed bag. 'Taste the Virus' harks back to the days of the When Bulls Play God EP, and has a distinctly more nu-metal flavour (The opening section is pure down-tuned Korn worship), but still with the occasional groove and stab of melody. 'Reactions' is a lot more up to date (Less Korn, more Muse), with a huge chorus, but it loses some of the fun compared to the album version without the heavy effects on the pre-chorus vocals.

So I suppose I'll have to say it again. Welcome back guys. Try not to stay away so long next time.


1. Sister Temptation
2. Taste The Virus
3. Reactions

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