Friday, 25 July 2008

Review - Edgar Winter - Rebel Road

Edgar Winter - Rebel Road

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6 out of 10

Try as I might, I just can’t get that excited about this album. Sure, Edgar Winter is a classic artist that has produced some great tracks and LPs over the years but to be honest this release is a bit weak, like over watered orange squash. The problem, when it all comes down to it, is that there is a lack of consistency on one hand and on the other is a sense of trying a tad too hard to make a good album.

Lets get analytical here, this is an album that compiles tracks by sound, coming in hard and curving softer and slightly harder and softer again. Starting off on a hard rock edge with "Rebel Road", going into a more radio rock/rhythm and blues territory with "Eye On You", going southern country with "Power Of Positive Drinking" before crashing in to full on Barcley James Harvest mode for "Freedom". Don’t get me wrong, I like the BJH, but to be honest it’s fairly out of place on here. It also clashed a fair bit with the return to hard rock follow-up of "Rockin The Blues". Of course that’s nothing compared to the clash with the Eric Clapton meets Donny Osmond acoustic soft rock of "The Closer I Get". It doesn’t fit, partly due to the drop in tone and attitude as well as the change and pace, it’s really annoying to trying to listen to as result and gets skipped on a regular basis, especially with the driving rock of "Do It Again" following. It reminds of Alice Coopers "Trash" a fair bit though that was 3 progressively lighter tracks followed by a sleazy love song, made me want to vomit though this LP just makes me want to hit the skip button depending on my mood and the track.

And this is what gets me about it, there is potential for a top class album here but the lack of consistency just trashes the hopes. "The Closer I Get" is pretty decent but should not be on this album at all, along with the Beatles inspired "Peace And Love" as they don’t fit for a start. Stick those two out as a single only release or on an acoustic album. "Texas Tornado" and "Freedom" just fit, though they would of probably been better on an EP with another couple of tracks.

Over all the tracks are good, but you may want to split them into playlists on your PC or MP3 player, because they don’t work that well all in one go.


1. Rebel Road
2. Eye On You
3. Power Of Positive Drinking
4. Freedom
5. Rockin The Blues
6. The Closer I get
7. Do It Again
8. Texas Tornado
9. Peace And Love
10. Horns Of A Dilemma
11. Oh No No

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