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Review - Jinn - Jinn

Jinn - Jinn

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8 out of 10

People find new music in many different ways. They use the radio, MySpace, blogs & other such wonderful mediums to pick up music that they haven't heard and might like. But why trawl through various MySpace pages, hit & miss blogs & the rubbish Zane Lowe plays when you can simply use the law of averages to your favour? If you like a band that is released on an independent label (Because Majors will pretty much release anything) then why not go to the labels website/MySpace and listen to their other bands? What a wild idea, eh? You see, being released on an indie label is almost like getting a stamp of approval because the guys (Or girls) who run these labels are normally a one/two man/woman band who only really release stuff that they like, ya feel me? So, when a CD arrived through my door with the SuperFi Records stamp of approval right there on the inlay, I was pretty excited.

SuperFi Records, basically, don't release shit bands. Whether it is some mad grind like Narcosis, some clever indie like the Mock Heroic or the just plain brilliant like Snowblood, you can't really go wrong. So, when Jinn's self titled release found its way into my CD player it's fair to say I was extremely disappointed......just kidding!!

The simple fact about this record is that there is only one way to listen to it, loud. From start to finish, this CD is relentless, destructive & abrasive. Although this album is pretty consistently heavy from start to finish there is some quite subtle, clever dynamics slipped in there although the dynamic is basically "heavy" & "heavier". There are some nice transitions from cleaner guitar into the crushing stuff. Whereas a lot of bands rely on riffs to make their songs good and interesting, Jinn don't. Jinn do bang out some naughty guitar riffs but, to be honest, they are not the sorts of guitar riffs that will blow your mind. In fact, there is nothing particularly special about any of the actual elements of this record. Nothing stands out, nothing makes you go "wow" but the whole feel & sound of the record is what makes it good & is probably why I like this record. The album just comes across as a whole massive wall of noise that fills your ears & head with dirty, crushing sounds.

This is definitely a record for fans of Narcosis, Swarm of the Lotus & Bucket Full of Teeth.

I'd like to congratulate myself on writing this entire review without making one "Jinn & Tonic" joke.mainly because I couldn't think of a genuinely funny one...and I didn't mention Jin, the Korean guy, from Lost either..


1. It's Not Getting Any Better
2. Damaged
3. Song For?
4. Global Warming
5. Harvest
6. Negative God
7. Drawn Shut
8. Blind Eye
9. We Should Have Done This
10. Mickey's Revenge
11. Vikings Bloody Vikings

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