Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Review - Less Than Me - Crawl Walk Party

Less Than Me - Crawl Walk Party

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7 out of 10

With a considerable reputation in the South West of England and especially in their hometown of Plymouth, Less Than Me have a collection of exceptional songs for the debut album. Formed in 2006, their aim was to write melodic songs with strong harmonies and memorable riffs. Well lads, mission accomplished. Sounding akin to Brandon Boyd, Martin Crocker pulls some awesome vocal performances out of the bag on this album alongside some brilliant musicianship from the rest of the Less Than Me crew. Standout tracks on the album include "Camera Shy", "Out Of Love" and "Start It Off".

Influences on this album are abundant and clear - there is a nod towards some sounds of the 1980s ("We Tried To Give It Up") as well as tunes that stand shoulder to shoulder with their contemporary peers ("Start It Off"). All in all, this is a cracking offering - easy on the ear and accessible for all. Buy it from the 27th of October.


1. Turn To Dust
2. Camera Shy
3. Out Of Love
4. Without You
5. Streamlined And Open Wide
6. I'll Still Be Waiting
7. She's Going To Do It Again
8. We Tried To Give It Up
9. Start It Off
10. I'm Over Our Sound Already

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