Friday, 29 August 2008

Review - Finlay Morton - Back To Basics

Finlay Morton - Back To Basics

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7 out of 10

Back To Basics is drenched in gorgeous Hammond and classic guitar sounds. Finlay Morton has written a collection of agreeable tracks here, which are based around true to life experiences. Some songs are drenched with a feel that is reminiscent of artists like Bob Dylan and Neil Young, and others have a real Lynrd Skynrd, Eagles kind of feel. Standout tracks include 'Real Long Day' which is soaked in emotive lyrics and, 'The Circus', which has a great vibe running through it. The mixes and the production on the album are great as well.

Morton's dedication can't be faulted, after suffering a heart attack; he still endeavoured to finish the album, and came up with something that I'm sure will have a positive impact on many people.


1. Scary Monsters
2. The Devil (Ain't Getting Hold Of My Soul)
3. Real Long Day
4. Scholey King
5. Hang On To Your Dreams
6. The Circus
7. My Friend
8. Come Along With Me
9. Too Many Hearts
10. Back To The Start

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