Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Review - Guilt-Trip - Suffer In Silence

Guilt-Trip - Suffer In Silence

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6 out of 10

Due for release on the 15th September, the debut album from UK melodic metal-core outfit Guilt Trip is a conundrum indeed. Despite some outstanding musical moments - bone-crushing riffs, pounding bass and drums and some serious head banging on my part, I can't help but feel the record has an unfinished quality to it. The band are already making a name for themselves on the live circuit having supported Devil Sold His Soul, Exit Ten, Sikth and Dopamine among others and are a clear talent. Tracks such as "Short Story Long" and "Failing Expectations" are great examples of Guilt-Trip's diverse and massive sound and there is even the cliché-laden acoustic moment in "Interlude" to wave a mobile phone in the air to. I think the main problem I have with this album is the combination of the two vocal styles, which don't seem to blend well. That aside I have high hopes for these guys - they may not be the new phase of metal in this country but they will keep a lot of folks happy while they batter out their offerings up and down the UK.


1. My Life
2. Short Story Long
3. Trying Words
4. Questions No Answers
5. Suffer In Silence
6. Fallen
7. Interlude
8. Failing Expectations
9. Passion Of Two Minds
10. End Of Days
11. Time Release

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