Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Review - Jaya The Cat - More Late Night Transmissions With.

Jaya The Cat - More Late Night Transmissions With.

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9 out of 10

Immediately loving the fact that they made their CD look like a small vinyl record with grooves and everything, I got myself ready for a good listen of Jaya The Cat's album. Ninety second instrumental opener "Hold My Beer And Watch This" gave a great sense of what this band would be like live, a musical experience stuffed with party anthems and good times. The album continued with reggae/ska influenced "Blur" and I was already hooked. The album went from strength to strength and by the time I was halfway through at track six, "Mistake", I had become a fan of the band.

There are absolutely no criticisms I can level at this band, and indeed, this album. There is simply nothing wrong with it. Those of us lucky to be living in Newcastle, Glasgow, St Albans and London will also get the chance to see Jaya The Cat live in November on their only UK live dates of the year. If you love the summer sunshine, go and get this album.


1. Hold My Beer And Watch This
2. Blur
3. Goodmorning
4. Thank You Reggae
5. Hello Hangover
6. Mistake
7. Chemical Salvation
8. Pass The Ammunition
9. Night Bus
10. The Carnival
11. Voice Of The Poor
12. Government Center
13. Closing Time

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