Thursday, 21 August 2008

Review - Carlotti - Your Guess Ain’t As Good As Mine (Single)

Carlotti - Your Guess Ain’t As Good As Mine (Single)

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8 out of 10

Music should be fun for the listener and I must admit, in a world where bands form aiming to sound like X/Y/Z band and production line manufactured artists get churned out ten to the dozen and with labels picking up the first thing that happens to sound like the latest big thing I’m finding it increasingly hard to find music that’s released because someone actually thought it was good, not because it sells. As a result it’s a good thing to find that bands and labels that counter this way of thinking exist, Carlotti being one of them.

Rather than aiming to sound like the bands that came before they’re content to take a few genres, look at the way the music works and form their music from that. And what a way to work, the bands have crafted two fine tracks. Country influence? Sure, but it isn’t Country. Blues influence? Sure, but it isn’t Blues. Rock and Roll influence? Sure, but it isn’t Rock and Roll. Like wise I could say they sound like the Coral, Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones, but that would only be due to genre. They don’t actually sound like those bands. Though they do. Though they don’t. Though they...oh god, we’ll be here all night! To be slightly more serious, this is a great fusion of Blues, Country and Rock and Roll influence. There’s a standard mix of instruments in guitar, bass, drum, keyboard and vocal coming together to form an upbeat swinging quality blend that you can certainly dance along too.

If you’ve got a couple of spare quid then hop on over to iTunes and pick it up because it’s well worth it.


1. Your Guess Ain’t As Good As Mine
2. The Count

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