Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Review - Pendulum - The Other Side (Single)

Pendulum - The Other Side (Single)

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6 out of 10

Six years on the job and still no-one can work out exactly where to file Pendulum, but this second single from the band's second album, In Silico, contains all the expected and familiar elements, even if you're not sure just where to stick them!

Synth fused heavily layered vocals? Check. Diluted, D n' B beats that would propel any tired feet back to the dance-floor come 3am? Check. Umpteen remixes with only-slight variations, Check. Pendulum will even have you questioning whether Gary Numan and his friends electric, took to the decks for a synth stand-off in the VIP remix of the Other Side. Alas he has not. With their promise to, "Drag you from where you are", the Pendulum boys create a mini sci-fi saga between your ears with their electronic melancholic decadence that will haunt you until your next play of the song, a familiarity that's hard to banish.


1. The Other Side (Original Mix)
2. The Other Side (Radio Edit)
3. The Other Side (VIP Mix)
4. The Other Side (Dubstep Mix)

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