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Review - The Hustle - The Hustle

The Hustle - The Hustle

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7 out of 10

The Hustle is a five piece from South Wales. A bunch of lads with an appropriate name, their four track (Self-titled) CD ticks along at a fair pace leaving a good impression, certainly enough of a teaser to follow the MySpace long enough to check out a local gig.

You probably know Snow Patrol's music, these guys remind me of them. My biggest problem with Snow Patrol is the downbeat lyrics and often-predictable style of song; most of their better tunes have rather depressing style that only adds to the monotony of the bus journey to work.

Trust the Welsh to show the Scottish the error of their ways, in this well produced recording The Hustle manage to capture the good elements of Snow Patrol without draining the colour out, and giving a lesson that indie/rock people can be a happy bunch at times, quite an achievement. Other similarities borrowed from the British and American indie scene are carried off by capable musicians.

Vocals are bright and strong, just enough to let the bass and guitar get to work whilst not straying too far from a friendly three and a half minute mark. I like this bass player; he makes the songs stand out, very capable and not scared to bring a different perspective on bass to the tried and trusted Panic At The Disco indie/rock mould. This lets the guitar dive in and out of melodies into some clean picking work. Hanging Round, Slowing Down, is a good example of my thoughts, almost a complete bass lead throughout, great vocals and solid drums boosting the confidence of the guitarist to showcase some nice melody and licks, think Vampire Weekend with an interested singer.

They aren't doing anything new but they have a good grasp on satisfying the listener with well thought out songs. These guys are fresh, full of energy and they work well together, I've no idea if they will go far, they have the tools and what I've heard is rather impressive, it's a great start, long may it continue.

Available on iTunes for less than three quid it's worth checking out even if only to disagree with me but I do think there will be at least one element of this band that you will like.


1. These Days
2. Hanging Round, Slowing Down
3. Wish I Had the Time
4. Good Intentions

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