Friday, 29 August 2008

Review - LizzySpit - Eggbox

LizzySpit - Eggbox

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7 out of 10

Once in a while, if you search hard enough, you are rewarded with finding a female singer songwriter, who doesn't sound like Kate Nash, or Lily Allen, and who offers something that is a bit of a departure from your everyday MySpace search. The interestingly named Lizzyspit has offered an album, which showcases a lovely voice and has already received some good feedback. The album was recorded and mixer by Lizzy herself, in her bedroom, which does make it slightly questionable in terms of quality. I think her songs could really benefit from some good studio time and maybe some more care could be taken with the recording process. The guitar sound hard to agree with, there are tuning problems and some obvious mistakes, which could be avoided with a bit more care and time. Stand out tracks on the album include 'Little Dan' and 'Laura's Diary'. I am a big fan of acoustic guitar music, but I think this could get tedious to the average listener. What Lizzyspit could benefit from is a good arranger, a good studio and some good musicians. 'Eggbox' contains some musical gems, which are just waiting to be worked on, allowing them to explode on to the music scene, and become firm favourites.


1. Not After This
2. Jack Of All Trades
3. I Don't Need A Drummer
4. Little Dan
5. Rollercoaster
6. Eggbox
7. Another Word For A Lie
8. Laura's Diary
9. Stars In The Water
10. World's Apart

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