Sunday, 24 August 2008

Review - Dorp - Pigs Do Fly (Single)

Dorp - Pigs Do Fly (Single)

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5 out of 10

Though this is a perfectly listenable three and a half minutes, I can't help but feel Pigs Do Fly is just a little, well, meh. It is well written, well produced and well performed, but does little to inspire me. It is largely best described as harmless pop music and would sound more at place on the soundtrack of a credible independent movie than through the PA of a stadium gig. Hailing from all around the world, the band themselves sound like thoroughly nice chaps, embarking on a tour of schools and colleges in a bid to inspire young musicians all over the UK. For that reason alone, I hope they do well, but in terms of the music itself, I just couldn't get excited. Cops And Robbers is a much stronger tune with an instantly memorable chorus and hook. I hope the album "Humans Being" is more like this when it is released later in the year.


1. Pigs Do Fly
2. Cops And Robbers

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