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Review - Tangaroa - One Hand For The Throat, One Hand For The Knife

Tangaroa - One Hand For The Throat, One Hand For The Knife

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8 out of 10

For the majority of people I can imagine Tangaroa is a name you won’t have heard of at all really. But for those who have (And people that have been knocking around Leeds for the past 10 years) the news of a debut album finally is pretty good to hear.

In no way an easy listen. Tangaroa have been ploughing a poly-rhythmic, time signature rutting, dissonance slapping furrow of extreme music for most of their career. Astounding and infuriating audiences in equal measure.

So when "Turn Of The TV..." blasts out of the speakers on a guitar run and blastbeat while vocals howl over the top it gives you a pretty good idea of where this is heading. From here on in the tempo picks up and then suddenly drops out from under you at regular intervals. Guitar necks are ascended and descended on a constant basis. Jerky stop/start riffs are employed to break it up.
The biggest change of all is the introduction of more grooves. It makes the whole experience more listenable and makes the dissonance more jarring when it comes back in.

The only respite comes with "Jupiter Sheep Farm" and its melodic, laid back intro. A nice break before jumping back into the chaos for "Do You Hear That Wolf?".

Finally they have a release that shows their skill and is readily available. Fans of Meshuggah, Into The Moat, DEP and any sort of technical music will most defiantly enjoy this. Good work.


1. Turn Off The TV, Shut The Magazine
2. One Hand For The Knife, One Hand For The Throat
3. We’ve Got Them Where We Want Them
4. Swimming In The Sea
5. Tick Tock Tick Tock
6. In The Hive Of Complication
7. Jupiter Sheep Farm
8. Do You Hear That Wolf?

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