Monday, 25 August 2008

Review - Carla Bruni - Comme Si De Rien N'était (As If Nothing Happened)

Carla Bruni - Comme Si De Rien N'était (As If Nothing Happened)

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8 out of 10

Carla Bruni may be known to many for her modelling career, but in the late 1990s, she embarked on a music career which would offer her some moderate success. Her new album, known in English, as 'As If Nothing Happened' is full of beautifully arranged songs that play background to a beautiful voice and French lyrics. Although I have no idea what she's singing, Carla Bruni still manages to put her emotions across beautifully in her vocal styling! Standout tracks include the string drenched 'L’Amoureuse' and English song 'You Belong To Me'. A departure from the folky blues of previous albums, 'As If Nothing Happened' is much more genre incorporating. There's something here for all sorts of music lovers, and the album is well worth a listen for it's great arrangements and Bruni's beautiful voice.


1. Ma Jeunesse
2. Possibilité d’Une Île
3. Amoureuse
4. Tu Es Ma Came
5. Salut Marin
6. Ta Tienne
7. Péché d’Envie
8. You Belong To Me
9. Temps Perdu
10. Déranger Les Pierres
11. Je Suis une Enfant (Sur Les Motifs du Lied Robert Schumann)
12. Antilope
13. Notre Grand Amour Est Mort
14. Vecchio E il Bambino

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