Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Review - Smudge - Stayfeelregret EP

Smudge - Stayfeelregret EP

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7 out of 10

Belting out their brand of emo pop-rock, Smudge (Yes, I know - daft name) look set to join the ranks of British contemporaries Funeral for a Friend with their teen friendly radio sing-along tunes. Catchy, quirky and memorable, Smudge's Stayfeelregret EP is a hint at what is to come from the band who recently signed to The Animal Farm in front of a home crowd of 500 people "up North" in Wigan. Heavily influenced by the three minute guitar pop wonders Blink 182 - Smudge offer up a sound that indicates summer has arrived and will go far.

This band tour a lot too - so go and see them for real and make up your own mind - I will be trotting along to The Shed in Leicester late September myself - see you there.


1. Flat-line
2. Stayfeelregret
3. Lock+Load

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