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Review - Chaos Days - Under The Weather

Chaos Days - Under The Weather

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7 out of 10

Chaos Days from the UK are releasing this their new 5 track EP "Under The Weather" through All Aboard Records. This is a pre-cursor to a debut album being launched in early 2009 and this disk was produced by Jason Wilcock at Stake Out Studios (You Me At Six, Fightstar, We Are The Ocean).

Right, that's enough factual information for you for one review. Onto the music and what it's like.

Oddly the band has played with the likes of Gallows, Comeback Kid and Set Your Goals, but that really isn't their sound whatsoever. That brings up connotations of punk rock and/or hardcore right? Well Chaos Days thankfully have their feet plonked down firmly in the more melodic world of pop-punk. Apparently, according to their press release "Chaos Days are breathing new life into the pop punk genre." Well I would take umbrage with that statement as whilst being really good at what they do they are not doing anything original. But as I said, they do do it really well, so we can forgive them.

If you like the likes of Fast Reaction, Paige, Clarkson, Out Of Sight, Fleeing From Finales, The Honeymoon Suite and a number of other promising pop-punk affiliated UK up and coming acts then chances are you'll enjoy Chaos Days. The guitars are nice and choppy, the vocals are distinct and British sounding, the drums roll at a solid pass and the bass gives the low-end the sound needs to keep it cemented and not turn it into a sickly sugary sound.

"The Promise Land" is one of the stand out tracks with the guitar solo adding a much needed break in formula. Nothing ever out stays it's welcome though on this release as at just 15:41 for the whole 5 track EP it all bursts out at you and really does whet your appetite for more. A welcome addition to our already growing superb UK pop-punk scene.

Personal Request Time: Get them on the Ultimate Alliance tour and play Birmingham please.


1. I'm Yours
2. Pretty Cold
3. Under The Weather
4. The Promise Land
5. Fading To Grey

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