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Review - Kieronononon - Brutaltechnopunk

Kieronononon - Brutaltechnopunk

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8 out of 10

The most unexpected thing to come out of Hull since Dean Windass' promotion winning volley (Sorry, Bristol City fans), Kieronononon couldn't have got it more right by calling their third EP 'Brutaltechnopunk'. They're how you'd imagine the Mighty Boosh's band to sound, except better and a lot less annoying than Noel Fielding.

The three-piece have taken the delirious energy of techno and the ferocity of hardcore and created something quite unique. 'No One Laughed' combines clattering doom, electro, bad rapping and a story about a girl with giant feet ("like, really big, even if she was a guy"), while the erratic, eclectic hardcore of 'Fishes Lay' (Think Rolo Tomassi, Cutting Pink With Knives and elements of aPAtT) is ravaged by beeps and blips (in every sense of the word) and dark spoken word interludes.

Brutaltechnopunk is an even more accurate description of 'Moral Decay' and 'Roulette In Paris'; the twisted offspring of the B52s, Alec Empire and Gallows, not to mention the booming, firecracker Speak & Spell-core of 'Temporal Conflict'. Brilliantly original.


1. No One Laughed
2. Fishes Lay
3. Moral Decay
4. Temporal Conflict
5. Roulette In Paris

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