Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Review - The Chemists - Something For The Weekend (Single)

The Chemists - Something For The Weekend (Single)

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8 out of 10

If you are a fan of Interpol, The Editors or The Doves read on, this may just interest you enough to spare some time for The Chemists.

Something For The Weekend, the new single from The Chemists is a bass driven indie anthem, traditional Interpol note picking, powerful bass all carried off in the style of Editors/ Doves. It's hard to place the vocals in this one, similar to Eddie Vedder with a good range and style that works well in the mix.

With a production crew that lend a hand to Primal Scream and the Foo's after a few listens it's obvious just what they see in these five lads from Bristol, really good songs. The high quality production has a massive impact on their sound, it's refreshing to hear the drums mix so well with rest of the band and not be so in your face which a lot of indie bands are guilty of these days.

The b-side Tasmanian Devil has an intro that'll tear through you just like the Looney Tunes character before settling into a fantastic song with raspy vocals just short of Michael Stipe's depth. It really is one of those songs you will tell your mates about. Both songs fit together nicely, however I'm hooked on the b-side and looking forward to an album. They are out on tour soon with some dates around the UK, a safe bet not to disappoint I'd imagine.

The Chemists are a fresh band, their style is nothing new but they have made a big effort to make something just as intense as any of the bands above. I really do think these guys have something to offer you and deserve a click through MySpace, so why are you still reading this?


1. Something For The Weekend
2. Tasmanian Devil

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