Wednesday, 20 August 2008

News - Me vs Hero Search For New Guitar Player

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Me vs Hero are looking for a new lead guitar player. Read their blog about it ( below:

"We’re sure that by now pretty much everyone has heard the tragic news about Alex. We’re still obviously in shock, but dealing with it as best we can.

Obviously we could never really replace Alex - he truly was one of a kind, but he wouldn’t want us to stop doing what we love.

On that basis, we’re looking for someone to take over where he left off (as corny as it sounds, we’d like to think of it as a 6th member).

We have some pretty big shows in the pipeline, and some very exciting plans for the near future. If you meet the following criteria then hit us up...

1. Mad guitar skillz - you’ll have to learn lead parts pretty quickly!

2. Commit to a full-time schedule - we’re on tour a whole lot, and when we’re not touring we try and write/rehearse most evenings.

3. Don’t mind living in a van with 4 other dudes for weeks at a time and living off Pot Noodle.

4. Can get to Blackpool to practice without too much trouble.

5. If you can drive it’s a bonus.

You guys have all been so amazing to us and AMC’s family throughout this whole event. So we really owe it to you guys and to Clubhands to keep Me Vs Hero going strong. If theres anyone you think might fit the shoes, then please feel free to pass this message on to them. We’ll consider everyone who feels up to the challenge, and would love your help and support spreading this message around.

Feel free to reply to this blog, we’d love to speak to all of you .


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