Thursday, 21 August 2008

Review - Fightstar - Alternate Endings

Fightstar - Alternate Endings

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8 out of 10

Dear Charlie Simpson,

Congratulations on your new album, I am sure you are very happy with it. I have been with you from the start, well, not when you were Charlie out of Busted, but at least since the EP that introduced us to Palahniuk’s Laughter and your awesome appearance as the house band on The Friday Night Project on Channel 4. I paid good money to see your band three times - once on the second stage at Download 2006, then on the Kerrang Tour with Coheed and Cambria and finally on the main stage this year at Download. I even stood next to you at the bar and thought about offering you a beer. "Deathcar" is about as amazing a metal tune as I have ever heard. So with that all said, why, why, why not give us a brand new album - as good as the other two and a half, instead of this collection of bizarrely chosen versions that aren't quite as good as they are in the flesh?

I appreciate you have just finished a big fat sell out tour and a ton of festival appearances, but please don't put out more in this vein - concentrate on what you are good at. The fans will always acquire the B-sides and live tunes by other means anyway - give us more anthems!

Yours sincerely,

Gray Thomas

PS. Close one, I nearly didn't like you anymore. Nearly. ;)


1. Floods
2. Where's The Money Lebowski
3. Waitin' For A Superman
4. Amethyst
5. 99
6. In Between Days
7. Shinji Lkari
8. Dark Star
9. Gracious
10. Fight For Us
11. Hold Out Your Arms
12. Nerv/seele
13. Zihuatanejo
14. Breaking The Law
15. Minerva

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