Friday, 29 August 2008

Review - Little Jackie - The Stoop

Little Jackie - The Stoop

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8 out of 10

The debut album, 'The Stoop' from Little Jackie is drenched with old school R&B and summery pop vibes. 'The Stoop' (As a track) is made for the summer, with it's soulful mix of hip-hop and pop, with a sound like Corrine Bailey Rae dropping some big beats behind her tracks! '28 Butts' delivers fast paced lyrics against a backdrop of full horns, whereas 'Liked You Better Before' brings in strings, still involving that old-school sound and feel. Other standout tracks include the amusingly names 'LOL' and 'The World Should Revolve Around Me', which has the brilliant lyric - 'What came first? The Chicken Nugget or the Egg McMuffin'.

I was really worried about sticking this CD in my computer - it didn't strike me as being 'my thing' but now I'm worried I won't get it out of the computer!


1. The Stoop
2. The World Should Revolve Around Me
3. 28 Butts
4. Guys Like When Girls Kiss
5. Liked You Better Before
6. LOL
7. Cryin' For The Queen
8. Black Barbie
9. One Love
10. The Kitchen
11. Go Hard Or Go Home

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