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Review - Pilgrimz - Boar Riders

Pilgrimz - Boar Riders

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7 out of 10

Oh god, look at that name. I thought we'd left that kind of comedic misspelling behind when Fred Durst graciously buggered off. And that picture. It's nice, but 'weird attractive cartoon girl' practically screams rap-rock at me. Well, let's get it over with. I wonder what kind of moping down-tuned excretions await me on this shiny piece of shi. Hey, wait a minute. This isn't all that bad. Actually, this is quite good. Hallelujah!

Thankfully, instead of being a po-faced nu-metal band, Pilgrimz are more of a decidedly cheeky 'new'-metal band. Mixed in with some heavy-but-melodic thrashing comes a smattering of sludgy doom (The first minute of the title track), a few decidedly hardcore breakdowns (Particularly during Shake-a-feather and The Artillery), and a big dollop of zeitgeist-surfing rock n' roll groove (Pretty much throughout). Basically, you can imagine most of the band spending quite a bit of time at gigs with one foot on a monitor, riffing for all they're worth and doing that V-shape bobble head-banging move.

The only possible stumbling block I can see is frontman Max Vegas (Really? Dear Lord, why?!) who's near-constant throaty roar occasionally grates when trying for higher pitches. The lyrics, however, might be able to save him, with some nonsensical but downright inspired couplets, including my personal favourite "Send in the artillery! The artillery and a rock n' roll rhythm!"

Yes, Max. Whatever you say.


1. Jimmy's Castle
2. Shake-A-Feather
3. Boar Riders
4. The Flick
5. Drama King & Drama Queen
6. King Or A Fool
7. Prima Donnie
8. Paramount
9. The Caravan Was Only Bait
10. The Artillery

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